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Royal Technology/DC/MF sputtering/Ceramic Direct Copper Plating/Copper conductive film

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DPC-RTAS1215" Sputtering System ROYAL TECHNOLOGY CncreMa Hanbi/ieHnn noicpbiTiM DPC-RTAS1215 Description Mutti-950 Deposition chamber (mm) Diameter x Heigh Deposition Sources Linear Ion Source Plasma Uniformity Zone (mm) Carousel Gas Control System Heating System High Vacuum Gate Valve Turbomolecular pump Roots Pump Rotary Vanes Pump Footprint (L x W x H ) mm Total Power (KW) 1 napa pacnbijifltOLAnx KaTOAOB MF 1 napa PECVD 8 KOMn/ieKTOB flyroBbix KaTOAOB Large Capacity Flexible Modules Design Precised Manufacturing EO/lbllia51 BMeCTMMOCTb m6Kafl KoHcrpyKL^Mfl MOfly/ieM TOHHOe flpOM3BOACTBO Royal Technology's service and engineering team provide customer support on-site. Contact us for your applications! CepBMCii KOMaHfla nHweHepoBKOMnaHnn Royal Technology o6ecneHMBaer noflflepwKy k/imchtob nepe3 Be6-canT. CB5l>KMTeCb C HaMM fl/151 BaiilMX 3351BOK! 45

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Applications of DPC •HBLED • Substrates for solar concentrator cells • Power semiconductor packaging including automotive motor control • Hybrid and electric automobile power management electronics * Packages for RF * Microwave devices The DPC process- Direct Plating Copper is an advanced coating technology applied with LED and semiconductors in electronic industries. One typical application is Ceramic Radiating Substrate. Copper conductive film deposition on Aluminum Oxide (AkO^ AIN substrates by PVD vacuum sputtering technology, has above all one big advantage compared to traditional...

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LayoutCxeMa Description DPC-RTAS1215* OnncaHkie DPC-RTAS1215* Chamber Height (mm) Chamber diameter (mm) Sputtering Cathodes Mounting Flange Ion Source Mounting Flange Arc Cathodes Mounting Flange Satellites (mm) Pulsed Bias Power (KW) Sputtering Power (KW) Arc Power(KW) Ion Source Power (KW) Heating Power (KW) Effective Coating Height (mm) Magnetic Suspension Molecular Pump Roots Pump Rotary Vane Pump Holding Pump Capacity Installation Area (L x W x H) mm MoHTawHbin 0/iaHefl pacnbmme/ibHbix KaTOflOB n/iomaflb MOHTaxra ycraHOBKM (fl x ill x B) MM

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