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ROYAL TECHNOLOGY Factory: Shanghai Royal Technology Inc. Address: No.819,Songwei North Road, Songjiang Industrial Park, 201613 Shanghai City, China Phone: +86-21-37635838 Fax: +86-21-67740022 E-mail: India: J K MACHINES Address: B-245, Ground Floor, Back Side, Phase-1, Naraina Industrial Area, New Delhi, 110028 Phone: +91-9810038777 E-mail: Iran: ROBOCIS Office address: unit 8,No.40,mobini Ave,Beheshti street,Tehran,Iran Factory address: No.30, Third Street,Kaveh industrial city,Saveh,Iran Phone: +98-9029090774 Email: EU: Headquarters: Piata Avram lancu 8, apt 2/3, Cluj-Napoca ATTN: Mr. Christian Serrano Email: PVD Protects The Environment, Saves Our Blue Planet For details, visit our website (E-shop) (E-shop)

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ROYAL'S Vision To be the worldwide famous brand supplier of providing total solutions to customers requirement Hauie BwfleHMe EbiTb BceMkipHO M3BecTHbiM 6peHflOM nocTBBiqMKa, npeflocTaB/inroinero KOMnnexcHoe peuieHue p/m yflOB/ierBopeHnn Tpe6oBaHMM 3aKa34HKa. ROYAL'S Mission Protects the environment, saves our blue planet; to improve labors tough working environment, enhance work efficiency, completely help owners to reduce production cost Hama Mmccim 3ai4Mi4aTb oxpyxcaiou^yio cpepy, coxpaHMTb Haiuy rony6yio nnaHeiy; ynyHiumb ycnoBMsr Tpyfla pa6oHnx, noBbicMTb artxjjeKTMBHOCTb, Bceqeno...

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14-78 Vacuum Coating Machines 51-57 FCEV1213 _Bipolar Plates Coating Machine For Hydrogen FCEV Industry 58-62 Csl950 & Csl950+ _Ultray High Spatial Resolution of X-Ray Imaging Application 63-78 RTEP Machines 63-70 _Plastic High Vacuum Metallizers 71-78 _PMMA Automotive LOGO Board Metallizers 79-83 _Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC) Machine 84-85 _Robot Cell Grinding Machine 86-89 _Automatic Polishing Machine

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KOMnAHMfl Shanghai Royal Technology Inc. was established in 2006, a worldwide supplier of high quality vacuum equipment, Research and Development technology are supported by specialized engineers in the United States and China. High-tech machine manufacturing facilities are located in Shanghai and our global network of service centers ensure fast customer service response in key locations. Shanghai Royal Technology has a strong drive for innovative design and high quality components selection, combined with an extra careful assembly process and a topnotch team of talented technicians and...

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Welding: TIG and MIG welding methods figg /hSHR ROYAL TECHNOLOGY 1. Advanced production machineries (milling, welding, cutting, vacuum leak testing) combined with standardized production procedures and strict tests enable Royal Technology to produce high quality, reliable and low cost coating systems 2. Quality, service and on-time delivery are the core principles of Royal Technology's business. A strategy of openly outsourcing simple components to professional manufactures allows us to focus attention to key parts and components R&D, manufacturing. 3. Strict quality control policies and...

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ROYAL TECHNOLOGY ^ mSHK Standardization, Precision, Stabilization ^ royaltkhnoiogy Assemble Plant- Cleaning Room EnvironmentC6op«a o6opyppBaHM5i-y6opKa m micno noMeujeHiin Machinery ■Vacuum Coating Machine ■Automatic Polishing Machine ■Automatic Lacquering Machine ■Automatic Ultrasonicwave Cleaning Machine ■Automatic UV Coating Line Consumables • Everything For Machine Operation ■Spare Parts Components ■Standard Vacuum Fittings ■ Customized Vacuum Products Maintenance and Upgrades Machine Relocation: Disassembly/ Reassembly Technical Training: Know4low Transfer Market Consulting and...

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1. What is PVD Coating? FVD coating, or Physical Vapor Deposition coating, defines a variety of vacuum coating methods. These coating techniques are used to apply an extremely thin film to objects that require protective barriers, decorative colors, or various other functional benefits. It is a type of vacuum deposition process where a material is vaporized in a vacuum chamber, transported atom by atom across the chamber to the substrate, and condensed into a film at the substrate's surface. 2. How Does PVD Coating Work? The solid metal is vaporized or ionized in a high vacuum environment...

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callout PVD Coating Machine Parts Evaporation PVDklcnapeHMe b npoqecce PVD Thermal Evaporation TepMHHecKoe ucnapeHne ARC PVDAyroBOM motoa PVD Royal Technology provides: resistive evaporation, inductive evaporation and arc evaporation PVD coating machines. KoMnaHMn Royal Technology npe/yiaraer ycraHOBKM p\nn HarteceHivi noKpbrmM MeroflOM pe3MCTMBHoro McnapeHMfi, mhaykthbhoto McnapeHMA h flyroBoro McnapeHMfi. 4. Howto define a PVD Coating Machine? The PVD coating machine contains these key modules: vacuum chamber, pumping system, power supplies that drive the deposition process, measurement &...

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Sputtering MechanismMexaHii3M Hanbi/ieHMB Basics •Voltage is applied across rarified gas. • Breakdown of the gas forms a glow discharge plasma • Positive ions from the plasma strike the negative electrode * Energy from the ions is transferred to target atoms •A few of these may escape from the target surface (they are sputtered) • The sputtered atoms condense on the substrate forming a film Magnetron A device in which a magnet system on the back of the cathode deflects the electrons, thus lengthening the ionization path. The accelerated ions transfer their momentum to particles of the...

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Royal Technology PVD-G1600 iSgSf ament Chrome Electroplating Replacement by PVD process royaltkhnoudgy Royal Technology PVD-Crl600 3aMeHa ranbBaHMHecKoro xpoMMpoBaHi/ia PVD npoLieccoM Key ReferencesK/llOHeBbie CCbl/lKM •ASM Handbook: Surface Engineering, by Faith Reidenback, ASM-International, Metals Park, OH, 1994 • Surface Engineering: Fundamentals of Coatings by P. K. Datta and J. S. Gray, Royal Society of Chemistry, 1993 • Chemical Vapor Deposition (Surface Engineering Series, V. 2)by J.-H. Park and T. S. Sudarshan, ASM-International, Metals Park OH, 2001. • Chemical vapour deposition...

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