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£r#0I«i , ft SgStfiSl (fgfe, ffr&fe. , zKffl, ®3l. PS 1I25S , &?RnDn,;£JI, SJimBttfis mmW' itt^iis#±saitjijs^, jk£&«%& f&aw?s». immmnm. in?Mi . mmm. Hsgmm. mwumnm. ( tin) , ««a(Tio . m itm ( CrN) , (TiAIN) If MM , MMH^fS^Jt , fSiSJt, fSltJett RTAC series coating equipment mainly used to deposite various metal and metal alloy coatings, multiple-layer films . 1. Applications: functional coatings on mechanical tools; glass, crystal and ceramic products; watch and clock metal parts; electronic products, bathroom fittings and house appliance, spectacles, tableware etc. 2. Structure: deposition...

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