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PMMA Automotive Logo Vacuum Metallizing Machine - 1

Technical Specifications Car logo and symbols billboard, bumpers, bezels and other plastic large pads for vacuum metallizing. Cr / NiCr / Al metallizing from see-through to minor finishing effect, programmable control coating process. Deposition Chamber Cubic Cubic Cylindrical Cylindrical Cylindrical Benefit 1. Durable, lifetime is up to 5~8 years, even for outdoor use 2. Easy to assemble and maintain. With screws mounting or hang-up method. 3. Safe and reliable. The PMMA material makes it much lighter in weight than metal logos and highly reduces the risk of injuries from falling down. 4. Outstanding aesthetic finishings: During day time, the car sign symbols look like solid metal (stainless steel effect); while at night, they are illuminated (internal LED light is installed) from front, rear and side views. npeMMymecTBa 1. flnmenbHbiPi cpoK uiy>x6bi flo 5 ~ 8 ner, flax<e npn Mcno/ib30BaHMM Ha y/ikiije 2. npocrora c6opKM ia o6aiy>KHBaHMn. C noMomwo bmhtob vuwt Merofla noflBewMBaHMfl. 3. Ee3onacHO m Haflexono. Marepkian PMMA fle/iaer norarkin HaMHoro neme no Becy, neM Meran/iMHecKHe /lonoTMnbi, m 3HaHmenbHO CHM>KaeT pmck nonyneHMn TpaBM npn nafleHMM. 4. Heo6biHHan acrerMHecKaB or^e/ixa: b flHeBHoe BpeM$r CMMBonbi noroTvina BbimnflBT KaK penbHbiM Meran/i (acjxjreKr HepxraBeioii^M ctb/im); b HOHHoe BpeMB ohm noflCBeHMBarorcn (ycraHOBneH BHyrpeHHMM CBeroflMOflHbiM cbot) cnepeflM, C3afln m c6oKy. Project Location and Built Time Average Power Consumption (KW) Cycle Time (minutes) Royal Technology provides cubic and cylindrical models of PVD vacuum metallizing machines to satisfy various of car logo patterns to generate the high homogeneity metal films. ONE of them will be suitable for you, please contact us for more specifications.

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PMMA Automotive Logo Vacuum Metallizing Machine - 2

RTEP2200RTEP2200 /loroTkinbi m cHMBo/ibi aBTOMo6nneM, pexnaMHbie mu™, GaMnepbi, oSoflxu u flpyrue nnacruxoBbie peraiw CraHflapTHoe ftna BaKyyMHOu Meran/iM3aL|MM. npuMeHeHMe Merannn3ai4na Cr / NiCr / Al, or nprapaHHoro flp 3epKanbHoro acpcpeKcra, nporpaMMupyeMbiu npoqecc HaHeceHMfl noKpbnm KoMnaHua Royal Technology npeflnaraer Ky6uHecKue m nn/iMHflpuHecKne MOflenu BaKyyMHbix PVD yaaHOBOK ppst noKpbrrua paa/iMHHbix TvinoB /loromnoB aero u 003flaHMB Mera/innHecKnx nneHOK bwcokom oflHopoflHocm Ecnu KaKaa-TO m3 yaaHOBOK BaM noflxoflm, noxca/iyMCTa, CBamuecb c hbmm p/m no/iyHeHua 6o/iee...

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PMMA Automotive Logo Vacuum Metallizing Machine - 3

RTEP6600/4500 |^j*BHR ROYAL TECHNOLOGY Advantages •The door located in the railway track, which is controlled by motor, sliding automatically, easy to operate and very convenient for loading/unloading • Max. product size: 3000mm • Suitable for see-through finishing coating • The unique rotary rack and evaporation system design to guarantee a high uniformity A: The height from substrate to evaporation source can be adjusted flexiblely B: Evaporation sources distance can be adjusted C: 3 groups evaporation sources for a perfect foil area coating npenMymecTBa • fleepb, KOTopaa pacno/io>KeHHafl...

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PMMA Automotive Logo Vacuum Metallizing Machine - 4

We offer PVD coating solutions for the automotive industry. Please contact us with your request Hydrogen Fuel Cell Head and Tail lighting Reflectors r— Automotive Bezel and Bumper Advantages •Plasma cleaning, argon gas bombardment device, glow discharge system • PECVD process for top coating after Aluminum layer deposition ■ Robust structure design and high quality configurations • PLC + Touch Screen Operation System, fully automatically /Manually control • Fast Vacuum Evacuation System • Exclusively designed rotating Carousel structure for high uniformity film deposition • Easy access to...

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