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The Powerful and Professional Filtration Support High Sediment and Suspended Solid Removal Efficiency Universally Capable of Various Water Types RELIABLE Maintenance-Free Operation Ensured by Innovative Design GFK Series Scanning Self-cleaning Filter Shanghai LIVIC Filtration System Co., Ltd.

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GFK Series Scanning Self-cleaning Filter The More Efficient, Universal and Reliable Water Filtration Solution GFK series Scanning Self-cleaning Filter is the high performance back-washing filter specially designed by LIVIC for the water fine filtration. It can efficiently remove the suspended solids, sediment and plankton from the water. It cleans and regenerates the filter screen with the most efficient and stable suction nozzle back-flushing principle. It can keep efficient self-cleaning performance and continuously work with one single filter. Water filtration process will not be...

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GFK Series Scanning Self-cleaning Filter Efficient | Universal | Reliable Series Scanning Self-cleaning Filter Note: the auxiliary back-flushing pump is only required only when inlet pressure lower than 0.2Mpa in order to improve the back-flushing performance. Shanghai LIVIC Filtration System Co., Ltd.

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GFK Series Scanning Self-cleaning Filter Back-flushing by Scanning Suction Nozzles Efficient and Uniform Screen Cleaning Performance GFK Series self-cleaning filter cleans and regenerates the screen by the suction nozzle scanning back-flushing working principle. Only less than 0.1% minimum filter area will be back-flushed at the same time during cleaning. So the screen can be completely cleaned by the extremely high velocity reverse flow and 100% surface area can be efficiently and uniformly cleaned. The outlet pressure fluctuation is very low and the waste water discharges is less when...

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GFK Series Scanning Self-cleaning Filter Innovative Dual-Channel Back-flushing Function Ensure the Long-term Malfunction-free Operation A The filtration degree of suction strainer in front of the pump can’t be too fine, usually 4-8 mm. Otherwise it will get clogged frequently and requires manual cleaning. The large particles such as the water plants, shells and sands will flow into the GFK series selfcleaning filter screen. The contact suction nozzle can efficiently clean the screen. But particles larger than the gap between the nozzle and the screen can not flow into the nozzle channel and...

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GFK Series Scanning Self-cleaning Filter GFK800, GRP Housing, Super Duplex SS 2506 Internals

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GFK Series Scanning Self-cleaning Filter Typical Filtration Application Oil & Gas Petrol-chemical Fine Chemical Water Treatment Marine Power Generation Metal Working Pulp and Paper Auto Industry Electronics Typical Applicable Liquids Groundwater, seawater, lake water, reservoir water, cooling circulating water , sewage, process water, cleaning water, emulsion, amine Typical Applications pre-filtration in watertreatment, circulating cooling system, heat exchanger protection, spraying nozzle protection, ballast water system, ultrafiltration membrane protection, pre-filtration before UV...

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LIVIC GFK Series Scanning Self-cleaning Filter

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GFK Series Scanning Self-cleaning Filter Smart Filter Control System LIVIC has developed the particular control system for GFK series self-cleaning filter. The basic version is based on Siemens LOGO! controller, while the advanced version is based on Siemens PLC S7-200. They run LIVIC proprietary programs, efficiently control the filter and meet various automatic control requirements. The control system integrates the differential pressure (D.P. for short) mode and time mode. The D.P. indicates impurity accumulation and screen clogging. When it reaches the preset D.P. value under D.P. mode,...

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GFK Series Scanning Self-cleaning Filter Main Structure Types GFK50/100/150 Various Inlet and Outlet Layouts Convenient Installation GFK series self-cleaning filter is fabricated according to the modular design concept and can be installed horizontally or vertically. The inlet and outlet direction can rotated and adjusted, which makes the water treatment system skid more compact. We can also offer custom-made pipeline direction and support frame according to the pipeline arrangement convenience.

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CHINA_ A Shanghai Headquarter / Manufacture Base B Jingjiang Manufacture Base C Beijing Branch D Guangzhou Branch E Chengdu Branch F Xi'an Branch 2 Jakarta, Indonesia 4 Bangkok, Thailand 6 Norway 8 Barcelona, Spain 10 Toronto, Canada 12 Dubai, The United Arab Emirates 14 Melbourne, Australia GLOBAL SALES AND SERVICE NETWORK 1 Korea 3 Mumbai, India 5 Belgium 7 Kaunas, Lithuania 9 USA 11 Antalya, Turkey 13 Durban, South Africa Authorized Distributor Shanghai LIVIC Filtration System Co., Ltd. Add: No. 8, Hehua Rd., Pudong New District, Shanghai, China Tel: ++86.21.68173577 Fax:++86.21.68173570

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