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Special lubricants - 1

Special lubricants for mechanical engineering

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Special lubricants - 2

Setral® special lubricants for mechanical engineering BEARINGS SYN-setral-CA/C2 FD (article number 030337) Versatile high-temperature grease without solid lubricants, with extremely high wear and corrosion protection. Application Characteristics Technical data Colour: light beige  Food, beverage and  H1 registered Base: semi synthetic/calcium sulfonate pharmaceutical industry  Resistant to cold and hot  Slide and roller bearings water, alkaline solutions etc. Base oil viscosity @ 40°C: ≈ 100 mm²/s  Joints and guide ways  Very high wear and NLGI: 2 corrosion protection, high  Other...

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Special lubricants - 3

SYN-setral-INT/250 FD-2 (article number 030397) High-temperature grease for long-term lubrication in food and pharmaceutical industries, particularly at hightemperatures and aggressive ambience. Application Characteristics Technical data Colour: white  Long-term or life-time  H1 registered Base: PFPE/PTFE lubrication of slide and roller  High load carrying ability bearings  Excellent wear properties Density: ≈ 1.9 g/cm³  All sliding pairs susceptible  Extended relubrication Base oil viscosity @ 40°C: ≈ 500 mm²/s to wear under extreme intervals NLGI: 2 conditions  Resistant against...

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Special lubricants - 4

CHAINS FLUID-setral-CH 100 (article number 070705) Semi synthetic chain oil for highest demands and for long term lubrication Application Characteristics Technical data Colour: light brown  Especially developed for  Reduces wear and tear Base: semi synthetic chains in escalators and  Excellent wear properties speed walks  Excellent corrosion Oil viscosity @ 40°C: ≈ 100 mm²/s protection  Extended relubrication Temperature range: -10 up to +100°C cycles  Miscible with standard mineral oils  Substantial improvement of the surface quality By Stig Nygaard from Copenhagen, Denmark...

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Special lubricants - 5

GEAR BOXES MI-setral-GEAR 220, 320, 460 (article numbers 070712, 070713, 070714) Mineral oil based high-performance gear oils with selected EPL additive system Application Characteristics Technical data  Highly loaded spur, bevel  Outstanding wear protection Colour: brown Base: mineral oil and worm gears by EPL additive system  Heavy operating conditions  Re-smoothens damaged Oil viscosity @ 40°C: like shock loads, vibrations, surfaces 215, 320 or 460 mm²/s oscillation  Lowers the coefficient of Load level; FZG test A/8,3/90: >12  Also for slide and roller friction and power losses...

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Special lubricants - 6

MULTI PURPOSE / FRICTION REDUCTION GLIS-setral-FD (article numbers 070763, Spray: 050552) Fully synthetic lubricating and penetrating oil for the food and pharmaceutical industry Application Characteristics Technical data Colour: light yellow  Lubricate, release,  H1 registered Base: synthetic oil preserve/protect and clean  Ideal temporary corrosion  Food, beverage and protection of metallic Oil viscosity @ 20°C: 3,1 mm²/s pharmaceutical industry surfaces  Suitable for high-grade  Excellent lubricating and Temperature range: -20 up to +80°C steels and as corrosion passable making of...

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Special lubricants - 7

setral MULTI SILI (article numbers 070736, Spray: 050512) Fast-drying lubricant fluid on silicone base Application Characteristics  Rubber and plastic parts in  H1 conform various applications  Clean application  Food, beverage and  Protects from humidity pharmaceutical industry  Separating and lubricating  E.g. packaging and labelling agent for plastics machines, components in  For all moving parts metal the automotive industry like on rubber safety belts, rubber seals  Lubricates without greasing etc.  Avoids electrostatic charging  Good for friction reduction  Transparent on...

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Special lubricants - 8

CLEAN-setral-FD (article numbers 090925, Spray: 050554) High-performance cleaner and degreaser, also suited for high temperatures. Application Characteristics Technical data Colour: colourless  Residue-free cleaning and  H1 registered degreasing pharmaceutical  Evaporates fast and without Base: solvent industry residues Evaporation number: 19 (Ether = 1)  Use on hot surfaces possible  Suited for high up to approx. 80°C temperatures Temperature range: -30 up to +80°C  Food, beverage and  Compatible with common pharmaceutical industry plastic materials  E.g. bearings, machine parts, ...

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