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Specialty Lubricants for demanding applications

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Setral®-special greases for demanding applications Setral®-special greases are being developed in own laboratories since 1969 and have to pass numerous trials on test rigs before they are finally ready for the market. Setral®-special greases are based on innovative and modern formulations and are being produced in an own manufacture. Our products are globally available in consistent and high quality. Setral®-special greases are approved by many OEM's worldwide and are recommended and successfully used by many notable companies. Setral®-special greases are being used in almost every industry...

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Selected special lubricating greases according to application ff Before the application of special lubricating grease we recommend to contact our lubrication experts. They like to visit you at your site to get an all-embracing image of the performance requirements of the lubricant. This is the only way to make a targeted and individual selection with maximum benefit for our customers. High temperature^ Low temperature f( SYN-setral-INT/90 M-2 (ariticle number: 3354) Fully synthetic lifetime lubricant with excellent low-temperature properties Especially developed for the lubrication of...

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High speed Jf SYN-setral-LI/C 400 PD (article number: 3090) SYN-setral-HSP/N (article number: 0348) Fully synthetic high-temperature grease with EPL additive technology for applications under heavy loads For long-term or lifetime lubrication of extremely loaded slide and roller bearings at slow or medium speed, even at high temperatures. Ideal suited for the lubrication of rotation ovens, sledgehammers, gantry crane wheels, shovels, agricultural and construction vehicles, conveyor transport belts etc. Synthetic high speed and spindle grease Especially designed for the lubrication of rolling...

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Aggressive media (water, acid, alkali etc.) Jf SYN-setral-INT/250 FD 2 (article number: 0397) High-temperature grease for long-term lubrication in food and pharmaceutical industry, particularly at high temperatures and aggressive ambience For long-term or lifetime lubrication of rolling and plain bearings and all sliding pairs susceptible to wear under extreme conditions, especially in food and pharmaceutical industries. Typical applications: baking ovens, baking lines, guide pulleys of conveyor chains, kiln cars, calenders and other applications e.g. in dairies and beverage filling....

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-40 - + 140 Recommended for small gears -20 - + 180 High load stability -40 - + 160 Compatible with plastics/elastomers -40 - + 160 Compatible with plastics/elastomers -40 - + 160 Compatible with plastics/elastomers -40 - + 160 Compatible with plastics/elastomers -25 - + 160 -5 - + 150 -50 - + 150 For electrical contacts -30 - + 150 For electrical contacts -50 - + 130 -38- + 180 SYN-setral-43 B/N SYN-setral-53 B/0 SYN-setral-53 B/3 SYN-setral-54 N SYN-setral-AL/C 00 FD SYN-setral-AL/C 0 FD SYN-setral-AL/C 1 FD SYN-setral-AL/C 2 FD SYN-setral-CA/C2 FD SYN-setral-DG 313 SYN-setral-EK 339...

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Successfully in the following countries with satisfied customers Europe Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia , Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary America Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Mexico, United States Africa Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa Asia China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Saudi...

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