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For more than 45 years we develop special lubricants and maintenance products in close cooperation with our customers and partners for almost every application in the industry. Successful in more than 55 countries with satisfied customers Setral® PFPE lubricants generate high performance combinations in the field of special lubricants. They are the first and best choice when it comes to performance, safety, quality and cost efficiency. Setral® PFPE lubricants have high resistances: Setral® PFPE lubricants ensure safety in application: • High pressure resistance • High oxidation stability • High radiation resistance • High vacuum resistance • High temperature stability partially more than +300°C • High chemical resistance even against aggressive media like e.g. acid, lye • Non-inflammable • No labeling according to ordination of hazardous substances (GefStoffV) • Partially with international H1 registration for the food industry • Physiologically harmless • Perfectly suited for life time lubrication • Extremely long re-lubrication intervals compared to conventional lubricants Setral® PFPE lubricants guarantee excellent compatibilities: • Outstanding material compatibility even with diverse material combinations • Compatible with almost every common plastics • Compatible with most sealings (except fluorinated rubber) Setral® PFPE lubricants show optimum physical characteristics: • Low surface tension creates excellent thin and even surface wetting • Low vapor pressure results in very low evaporation losses • Low setting point implies good low temperature characteristics • Excellent lubricity lowers the coefficient of friction and the energy input • Good dielectric characteristics • No flash point Setral® PFPE lubricants display its entire benefits if a good adherence on the lubrication surface is allowed. Therefore a clean and residue-free surface is inevitable. This is achieved by a thorough cleaning. The use of CLEAN-setral-AN/U or CLEAN-setral-FD with mechanical support, followed by CLEAN-setral-INT/648 is recommended. Residues of used lubricants or corrosion protection have to be eliminated because the pure PFPE lubricant is not miscible in any ratio with other lubricants. Thus residues would avoid the surface wetting of the friction point. Further information is available on the material data sheets. Our experts will consult you on request and find the right solution for your application. With more than 800 lubricants besides PFPE lubricants we offer a solution for almost every lubrication application. PFPE-LUBRICANTS America for extreme demands Australia All information in this document is based on our general experience at the date of the publication and thus is merely intended to give general note for possible applications. However, the contents do not guarantee the suitability of a product for an individual case and do not contain any guarantees of characteristics. The variety of possible applications requires to always run corresponding tests by the user before general application. Our products are continuously developed further. Therefore we reserve the right to always change the technical data of our products at any time without prior notice. Misprints and alterations reserved. Copyright: Setral Chemie GmbH (Germany) Pictures:, Cornelius GmbH (Hockenheim, Germany), www.shutterstock. com Layout: setral® = registered trademark. Version: 09/2017 Setral Chemie GmbH Salzsteinstrasse 4 D-82402 Seeshaupt Sétral S.à.r.l. 13, rue Tannmuhle F-67310 Romanswiller Competence in Lubricants Setral Chemie GmbH and Sétral S.à.r.l. are each certified according to DIN EN ISO 9

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PFPE stands for perfl uorpolyether and its chemical composition creates an uttermost inert material with excellent lubricating effect. PFPE base oils are the basis of modern formulations of lubricants for extreme demands like e.g. low or very high temperatures and in contact with aggressive media like e.g. acids and cleaning agents. Furthermore they are used for sensitive materials and friction pairings liable to wear especially if a long term or life time lubrication is required. This is exactly what Setral® PFPE lubricants have been developed for more than decades ago. Friction points for...

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