SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan 2400 - User Manual - 76 Pages

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan 2400 - User Manual

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SERVOMEX PROCESS ANALYZERS SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan (2400)Gas Analyzer isive User Manual Part Number: Revision: Language: SERVOMEX "m A MEASURABLE ADVANTAGE

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The SpectraScan Analyzer is manufactured by Precisive LLC of Boston , MA, USA who assume responsibility for the product performance with regard to software and set up using appropriate gas mixtures for calibration. The methodology is patent protected and is the Intellectual Property of Precisive LLC.

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual This page intentionally left blank.

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual 1 ABOUT THIS MANUAL 1.0 Introduction This manual provides information about the Servomex SpectraScan Gas Analyzer. TCP/IP enabled, the Servomex SpectraScan Gas Analyzer can monitor process gases remotely, unattended for extended periods of time. This manual presents all safety considerations of the Servomex SpectraScan Gas Analyzer first, and then provides instructions for unpacking, mounting and connecting the unit. An installation checklist ensures all the required tasks are performed. The verification test confirms span accuracy upon installation, and...

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual 1.1 Symbols and Notices Used in this Manual This manual contains attention symbols and notices which should be observed to ensure personal safety, as well as to protect the product and the connected equipment. Hazard notices are accompanied with text that identifies the hazard, advises you to avoid the hazard, and/or the probable consequences of NOT avoiding the hazard. Where applicable, within the notice box or near the paragraph text, the appropriate IEC or ISO symbol is used. Attention notices provide useful information pertinent to the operation of the...

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual The following symbols may be found on the Servomex SpectraScan Gas Analyzer and in the documentation: Definition of Symbols Found on the Analyzer and in this Manual Protective Earth (Ground) Protective Conductor Terminal Frame or Chassis Terminal Double or Reinforced Insulation IEC 6041, No. 5172 Direct Current Alternating Current Both Direct and Alternating Current Three-phase Alternating Current Caution, refer to Caution, risk of electric shock ISO 3864, No.B.3.6 accompanying documents Out position of a bistable push control In position of a bistable...

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual 2 SYSTEM OVERVIEW This chapter introduces the Servomex SpectraScan Gas Analyzer and explains its basic principle of operation. 2.0 Introduction to the Analyzer The Servomex SpectraScan Gas Analyzer is a non-contact, light absorption based gas analyzer capable of ppm to percent level concentration monitoring of multiple gas compounds. The system consists of a light spectrometer, a flow-through sample cell, a single-element photo-detector and the supporting electronics. The spectrometer uses a unique tunable Fabry-Perot assembly that provides wavelength...

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual This page intentionally left blank.

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual 3 SYSTEM SAFETY A primary concern of Servomex is to ensure a safe working environment for all users of our system. The Servomex SpectraScan Gas Analyzer meets the following classifications; Hazardous Location Classification: Classification and Rating Class 1, Division 2, Groups A,B,C and D, T4 Class 1, Zone 2, AEx nA nC nL IIC T4 Gc Class 1, Zone 2, Ex nA nC nL IIC T4 Gc II 3G Ex ic nA nC IIC T4 Gc IP66 ITS12ATEX Ambient Temperature Rating: -20 < Tamb < 50°C (-4 to 122°F) Table 2 - Hazardous Location Ratings It is essential that all users become aware of...

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual 3.0 General Precautions DO NOT SUBSTITUTE PARTS OR MODIFY THIS ANALYZER Do not install substitute parts or perform any unauthorized modification to the analyzer. Return the analyzer to Servomex for service and repair to ensure that all safety features are maintained. SERVICE BY QUALIFIED PERSONNEL ONLY There are no user serviceable components in the analyzer. Component replacement and internal adjustments must be made by qualified Servomex representatives only. GROUNDING THE PRODUCT This product is grounded through the grounding conductor of the power...

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual USE THE PROPER FUSE Use only a fuse of the correct type, voltage rating, and current rating, as specified for your product. See Table 13 - Electrical Specifications on page 72 and Figure 6 - SpectraScan Interior Diagram on page 33 for more information. DO NOT OPERATE IN EXPLOSIVE ATMOSPHERES To avoid explosion, do not operate this product in an explosive environment unless it has been specifically certified for such operation. If it has been certified for such operation, carefully follow the guidelines set forth in the Material Safety Data Sheets for the...

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual ALLOW PROPER WARM-UP TIME The unit’s gas cell is temperature-controlled and will only meet measurement accuracy specifications when sufficient time is allowed for the unit to meet and stabilize to the designed operating temperature. Warm-up time for the unit is approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours depending o on the ambient temperature. The analyzer temperature shall be stable (default value is 60 C) prior to performing any measurement. The red “Warm-up” LED on the display extinguishes and the green “Run” LED lights when the unit has reached operating...

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SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan User Manual WARNING EXPLOSION HAZARD: Do not disconnect while the circuit is live unless the area is known to be free of ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapours. WARNING EXPLOSION HAZARD: Substitution of components may impair suitability for class 1, division 2 and class 1, zone 2 installations. WARNING EXPLOSION HAZARD: Do not use screws that exceed the maximum screw penetration depth in any threaded holes.

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