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FOR THE ONLINE SIMULTANEOUS MEASUREMENT OF HYDROCARBONS, THE SPECTRASCAN IS A LOW MAINTENANCE AND FAST RESPONSE TUNABLE FILTER INFRARED ABSORPTION CONTINUOUS GAS ANALYZER, SUITABLE FOR MANY LIGHT HYDROCARBON SPECIATION APPLICATIONS applications ■ Light hydrocarbon fractionation, C1-C6 optimization ■ Cracked gas monitoring ■ Process feed stock monitoring ■ Flare stack analysis flexible ■ C1 to C6 analysis ■ Continuous, real time analysis ■ BTU,CV and Wobbe index Acid gas, sour gas and tail gas analysis Refinery fuel gas analysis LPG analysis Natural gas pipeline analysis Permanent span calibration CO, CO2, H2S SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan 2400 The SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan is a real-time Tunable Filter Infra-Red analyzer capable of accurately speciating light hydrocarbon components. easy to use ■ Remote, unattended continuous operation Pre-configured for optimum performance Using a unique wavelength scanning tunable filter spectrometer, fast analysis is performed for light hydrocarbons, as well as CO, CO2 and H2S. Sampling is continuous flow-through type, suitable for, on-line, unattended operation, while the analyzer does not require carrier gas or high maintenance. low cost of ownership ■ Eliminates carrier gases ■ Fixed hardware configuration ensures low maintenance costs ■ No columns or microvalves to maintain ■ Very low zero drift ■ Permanent span calibration The SpectraScan utilizes an optical bench which is used extensively in the field. configurable to meet specific needs of the various application. The SpectraScan is available ATEX, CSA, IECEx hazardous rated. Standard data interface MODBUS TCP/IP. unrivalled performance ■ Low cross-sensitivity ■ Fast response <4s T90 ■ High resolution ■ Low maintenance benchmark compliance ■ North American Cat 1, Div 2 ATEX Cat 3 IECEx Zone2 Learn more about the SpectraScan 2400 VISIT SERVOMEX.COM SERVOM EX.COM

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW: SpectraScan 2400 Unrivalled performance for the most demanding O2 process monitoring A real time optical analyzer utilizing the SpectraScan offers a breakthrough capability in the continuous analysis of light hydrocarbons C1-C6. A faster, less complex and more reliable technology than the gas chromatograph techniques traditionally used in light hydrocarbon applications, the SpectraScan is a genuine game-changer in gas analysis. With innovative infra red absorption spectroscopy using state of the art spectral scanning coupled with chemometric based data processing, the...

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