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HAZARDOUS AREA PARAMAGNETIC DIGITAL O2 ANALYZER DESIGNED FOR HAZARDOUS AREA USE UNRIVALLED PERFORMANCE Uses industry-leading patented Paramagnetic technology for stable, non-depleting measurement GAS PROCESS CONTROL SAFETY Manufactured by Servomex over 60 years’ experience innovating and pioneering gas analysis, and thousands of units used in the field every year SENSING TECHNOLOGY FLEXIBLE Can be used in Safe Area to Zone 1/Division 1 hazard rated locations Intelligent diagnostics and flow sensing Optimized for hazardous applications for example; safety critical oxidation, feedstock clean up, blanket inerting and flare stack analysis LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP KEY APPLICATIONS Process control Safety-critical oxidation, such as ethylene oxide and propylene oxide purity Flare stack analysis Vapor recovery need for reference No gases/purge gases during operation including use with flammable samples Long calibration intervals and cell life Auto-validation reduces hands-on maintenance needs Learn more about the SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900 EASY TO USE Intuitive, engineer-friendly use and interaction Reduced requirement for a gas conditioning system for samples with a dew point of <50°C/122°F when sample heated option is used Unique FlowCube sensor technology provides unrivalled reliability and accuracy Intelligent pressure compensation for barometric and sample vent back pressure variations BENCHMARK COMPLIANCE IECEx / ATEX: for Zone 1, and cCSAus C1, D1 SIL2 hardware compliance (functional safety manual available) CE marked to meet: EU EMC Directive EU RoHS 2 Directiv

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW S E R V O T O U G H Oxy 1900 TOTAL SAFETY IN THE MOST DANGEROUS LOCATIONS When you work with potentially dangerous, hazardous area applications, you need an O2 analytical solution that delivers benchmark safety compliance and complete reliability without question; product quality and plant safety depend on the equipment you integrate. HAZARDOUS AREA USEFUL LINKS The Oxy has ATEX Cat. 2, IECEx Zone 1 and cCSAus Class 1, Div. 1 certification and is SIL2 hardware compliant, ensuring it offers solid, trusted reliablity in hazardous areas. LOW MAINTENANCE, LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP...

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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET S E R V O T O U G H Oxy 1900 SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900 SPECIFICATIONS Gas measured PERFORMANCE Measurement range Lower detection limit Linearity error Repeatability error Intrinsic error (accuracy) <±0.05% O2 (based on ±95% confidence limits) Zero drift per week Span drift per week Sample vent pressure effects Pressure compensation not fitted: 1% change in sample vent pressure corresponds to a 1% change in reading Pressure compensation fitted: 1% change in sample vent pressure corresponds to a 0.05% change in reading Sample flow variations A change in flow from 50-250ml/min...

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FLOW SENSOR Accuracy Minimum detectable change Response time Ambient temperature coefficient span Calibration interval sample CONDITION The sample gas must be clean, non-corrosive and free from oil and condensates Particulate size +5°C (+9°F) below minimum ambient temperature or +50°C (+122°F) (with optional sample heater fitted) Flow rates* Standard: Optional high flow internal bypass: Sample connection 1/4" NPT female, 6mm tube or 1/4" tube Maximum sample vent pressure* Maximum inlet pressure* 0.2kPa (0.03psi) relative to sample vent pressure‡ * The pressure and flow of sample gases must...

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SAMPLE WETTED MATERIALS STANDARD TRANSDUCER SOLVENT RESISTANT TRANSDUCER PRESSURE COMPENSATION OPTION INTERNAL FLOW ALARM OPTION (in addition) Aluminia silicate glass Borosilicate glass Electroless nickel Platinum/iridium alloy Yttria stabilised zirconia COMPLIANCE hazardous area approvals ATEX Class I, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D T4 Class II, Div 1, Groups E, F, G Class III Ex ia d IIC T4, Ex tD T90°C AEx ia d IIC T4, AEx tD T90°C This product complies with the EMC Directive, RoHS 2 Di

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OPTIONS DESCRIPTION Analyzer certification 4 certified versions of the Oxy analyzer are available: European, International, North American & Japanese Supply voltage 2 versions of supply voltage are available: 100-120 and 220-240V ac Stainless Steel pipework with Viton® seals Stainless Steel pipework with Chemraz® and PTFE seals allowing enhanced solvent resistance Sample flow Standard flow option of 250ml/min An internal bypass allows inlet flows of up to 1.2l/min Sample heating The measurement transducer in the Oxy and the full sample pipework including the sample inlet and outlet...

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We have developed Oxy Packs A to E covering all the main applications to enable a quick turnaround from specification to delivery. Suitable for general oxygen applications Entry pack, plus fully heated sample pipework for higher dewpoint samples Hot pack, plus autovalidation and autocalibration functions for highest levels of confidence and lowest levels of field support D. Pressure and Flow Pack Hot pack, plus internal pressure compensation and internal flow sensor for peace of mind and optimum measurement performance The optimum package for all your measurement needs Other configurations...

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DIMENSIONAL DRAWINGS Dimensions shown in millimetres Weight: 26kg nominal

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WE’RE READY TO HELP WHATEVER YOUR GAS ANALYSIS REQUIREMENTS, WHEREVER YOU ARE These analyzers are not intended for any form of use on humans and are not medical devices as described in the Medical Devices Directive 93/42EEC. Please note: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, no responsibility can be accepted for errors and omissions. Data may change, as well as legislation, and you are strongly advised to obtain copies of the most recently issued regulations, standards and guidelines. This document is not intended to form the basis of a contract. Servomex has a policy of...

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