SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1800 Manual - 27 Pages

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SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1800 Manual

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Warnings, Cautions and Notes This publication includes WARNINGS, CAUTIONS and NOTES which provide information relating to the following: WARNINGS Hazards which could result in personal injury or death. CAUTIONS Hazards which could result in equipment or property damage. NOTES Alert the user to pertinent facts and conditions. 1.2 Scope of this manual This manual covers installation, normal operation and routine maintenance on xendos 1800 Series analysers.    For the latest technical specification refer to the Technical Data Sheet. Addresses for technical assistance and spares are given on...

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Figure A    Mounting details 1. M6 bolt (4 off) 5mm alien key 7. Purge outlet (if used) 2. LH cover (hinged)    8. Sample outlet 3. Display window    9. Sample inlet 6. Purge inlet (if used)    12. Breather Port (Sample, Purge Inlet / Outlet and Breather Port - %”NPT.INT) Figure B    Electrical connections 1. Range contacts    7. Electrical supply terminals 2. Flow Fail alarm contacts    8. Output cable entry 3. Alarm 2 contacts    9. Supply cable entry 4. Alarm 1 contacts    10. Alarm cable entry 5. Linear non isolated Output signals(Cable entries - %”NPT, M20 or Pg13.5) 6. Linear isolated...

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WARNING The xendos 1800 weighs approximately 26kg (57lbs) and care must be taken when handling. It is recommended that it is lifted with the fingers positioned underneath the rear casting. • Remove the xendos 1800 from its packing and inspect it for damage. • If damage has occurred, inform Servomex or its agent immediately. • Please retain all packing and shipping information for future use. 2    INSTALLATION Select a location which allows convenient access for installation and maintenance and will minimise ambient temperature fluctuations and vibration. The analyser must be mounted...

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Ambient Operating Conditions: Operating Temperature:    -10°C to +50°C (+14°F to +122°F) A panel mounting option is available, please consult Servomex for further details. 2.3    Conditions for Safe Use WARNINGS • The xendos 1800 is only suitable for installation in a safe non-hazardous area. If the application requires the oxygen analyser to be installed in a hazardous area, then a xendos 1900 Series analyser must be used. • The xendos 1800 is not suitable for use with flammable sample gases. If your sample is flammable, then a xendos 1900 Series analyser must be used. • Personal injury or...

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Electrical installation WARNINGS • The installer must be satisfied that the xendos 1800 installation conforms to the relevant safety requirements, National Electrical Code and any other local regulations, and that the installation is safe for any extremes of conditions which may be experienced in the operating environment of the analyser. • This appliance must be connected to a protective earth. • The electrical installation must include a means of isolating electrical power by a switch or circuit breaker external to the analyser and within easy reach of the operator. It must be marked as...

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3    Do not exceed the maximum current output load impedance of 600 Ohms. 4    Electrical power should be supplied at 100V to 240Vac ± 10% - 50/60Hz. (Note: The optional internal sample pumps are AC voltage dependant. Ensure that the correct AC input voltage is connected to analysers fitted with a sample pump. A power on LED is illuminated when power is present at the analyser). 5    For compliance with the EMC standards, the external earth / ground connection must always be connected to a local earth / ground. Refer to Figure (A). In addition, the connections to TB2, TB3 and TB4...

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CAUTION • The sample gas must not be admitted to the analyser until a period of 4 hours has been allowed for warm up, this will prevent condensation of the sample in the measuring cell. • The inlet pressure and flow rate for the sample or calibration gas must not exceed the limits specified in the following table or damage could occur. If necessary, an external pressure reducing device must be used to reduce the pressure to the stated limits. • When pressurising the sample system for the purpose of leak testing ensure that pressure is increased and decreased slowly. High internal flow rates...

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If the automatic flow control device option is fitted no external flow control is necessary, the sample pressure must be between the limits specified in the previous table and/or the latest Technical Data Sheet. If the optional automatic flow control device option is not fitted it will be necessary to regulate the sample pressure / flow within the limits specified in the previous table to ensure stable operation and to prevent damage to the measuring cell. If an external sample pump is used it may be necessary to reduce pressure pulsing with a reservoir. The sample exhaust from the analyser...

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the analyser sample pipework with dry nitrogen or good quality instrument air for 10 minutes. 3    SETTING UP The analyser is supplied with a digital display which is always ranged 0 - 100% Oxygen, an isolated current and non-isolated voltage outputs. These outputs may be used simultaneously. The push button Range switch on the front panel and/or the settings of Link 3/4 selects the full scale range of both outputs. The default analyser configuration is as follows: Link    Parameter    Setting    Link    Parameter    Setting LK 2    Alarm 2    High = 21.0% O2    LK    5    Flow...

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