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PROCESS ANALYSERS SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact (Model 2940) Part Number: Revision: Language: SERVOMEX "m A MEASURABLE ADVANTAGE

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SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor, Operator Manual 02940001A_1 INTRODUCTION Safety Information Read this manual and ensure that you fully understand its content before you attempt to install, use or maintain the Laser monitor. Important safety information is highlighted in this manual as WARNINGs and CAUTIONs, which are used as follows: WARNING Warnings highlight specific hazards which, if not taken into account, may result in personal injury or death. CAUTION Cautions highlight hazards which, if not taken into account, can result in damage to the Laser monitor or to other equipment or...

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SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact 2940 Manual - 7

SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor, Operator Manual 02940001A_1 Please read entire manual carefully before using the SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor. It is a sophisticated instrument utilising state-of-theart electronic and laser technology. Installation and maintenance of the instrument require care and preparation and should only be attempted by competent personnel. Failure to do so may damage the instrument and void the warranty.  There are no user serviceable parts in the SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact. WARNING The Laser monitor must not be used as personal protective equipment. WARNING The Safe...

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SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact 2940 Manual - 8

The SERVOTOUGH Laser Monitor is an optical instrument designed for continuous in-situ gas monitoring in stack, pipes, process chambers and similar applications and is based on tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS). The SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor utilises a transmitter/receiver configuration (mounted diametrically opposite each other) to measure the average gas concentration along the line-of-sight path. ^ SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor is suitable for use in industrial environments or environments where it may be connected to a mains electrical network. The measuring...

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SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact 2940 Manual - 9

SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor, Operator Manual 02940001A_1 NOTE: The SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor measures the concentration of only the FREE molecules of the specific gas, thus not being sensitive to the molecules bound with some other molecules into complexes and to the molecules attached to or dissolved in particles and droplets. Care should be taken when comparing the measurements with the results from other measurement techniques. The SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact monitor is specifically designed for: a) Measurement across pipes (diameter typically 10 – 20 cm) in dirty or dusty gases...

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SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact 2940 Manual - 10

SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor, Operator Manual 02940001A_1 Figure 1-2: General view of SERVOTOUGH Laser Monitor A block diagram of SERVOTOUGH Laser Monitor is shown in Figure 1-3. The receiver electronics are connected with the transmitter electronics with a multi-core cable. The detected absorption signal from the photo-detector is amplified and transferred to the transmitter unit through this cable. The same cable transfers the required power from the transmitter unit to the receiver unit. The transmitter enclosure contains the main CPU board, power supply, Aux PCB, optional Ethernet...

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SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact 2940 Manual - 11

SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor, Operator Manual 02940001A_1 Transmitter electronics box Auxiliary board 4 – 20 mA in Ethernet board (optional) RS-232 Main board LCD display Figure 1-3: Block diagram of instrument electronics Software for the SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor consists of 2 programs: 1. A program hidden to the user and integrated in the CPU electronics, running the micro controller on the CPU card. The program performs all necessary calculations and self-monitoring tasks. A Windows based program running on a standard PC connected through the RS-232 connection. The program...

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SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact 2940 Manual - 12

The diode lasers used in the SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor operate in the near infrared (NIR) range between 700 and 2400 nm depending on the gas to be measured. The lasers have an output power and optical arrangement, which according to IEC 60825-1:2007 classifies the LaserCompact Monitor as a Class 3R Laser Product. Accordingly, the product bears the following markings: CAUTION - CLASS 3R LASER RADIATION WHEN OPEN, AVOID EXPOSURE TO BEAM WARNING CLASS 3R LASER PRODUCT NON VISIBLE LASER RADIATION - AVOID DIRECT EYE CONTACT WARNING The laser beam is switched on when any indication is shown...

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SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact 2940 Manual - 13

SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor, Operator Manual 02940001A_1 The following figures show the locations of the Laser Warning labels on the LaserCompact Monitor. Laser Aperture Label Laser Explanatory Label Laser Hazard Label Figure 1-4: Transmitter Warning Labels Laser Panel Label Laser Hazard Label Figure 1-5: Receiver Warning Labels

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SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact 2940 Manual - 14

SERVOMEX \ SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor, Operator Manual 02940001A_1 1.7    Product data Model: Dimensions (L x H x W): Mass: Environmental conditions: Operating temperature: 100 - 240 VAC 20 - 30 VDC Storage temperature: Apparatus is suitable for outdoor use Operating ambient pressure range: SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Transmitter: 284 x 263 x 198 mm Receiver: 255 x 127 x 90 mm Transmitter: 12 kg Receiver: 4.4 kg Maximum operating altitude:    2000 m Maximum process pressures: Safe area version:    150kPa absolute (1.5bar absolute) Non-Flammable 110kPa absolute (1.1bar absolute) Flammable...

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SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact 2940 Manual - 15

The following equipment is necessary to install and calibrate the equipment: •    2    pcs open-end spanners for M16 bolts •    1    pcs Allen key 5 mm for the locking screws on flanges    and Tx lid    screws •    1    pcs Allen key 3 mm for the RS-232 cover screws •    1 pcs PC (386 or higher). Used during installation and calibration •    1    pcs flat screwdriver 2.5 mm for electrical connections •    1    pcs flat (6 mm) or cross head (No 2) screwdriver for Rx lid screws When deciding the placement of the SERVOTOUGH LaserCompact Monitor in the process, we recommend a minimum of 5 stack...

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