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PRODUCT OVERVIEW S E R V O T O U G H Laser 3 Plus Combustion HAZARDOUS AREA COMPACT COMBUSTION ANALYZER OPTIMIZED FOR CO, O2, OR CO + CH4 MEASUREMENTS UNRIVALLED PERFORMANCE Intuitive alignment for easy installation and maintenance Negligable zero drift Calibration 12 months GAS PROCESS CONTROL CARBON MONOXIDE SENSING TECHNOLOGY Performs in high particulate environments Path lengths from 0.5m to 25m (1.6-82ft) * Minimal cross interference Diverse mounting: ideal for ducts, stacks and reactor installations Wide range of applications EASY TO USE Simple to install and operate Robust and reliable Space saving KEY APPLICATIONS Process heaters Incinerators Power stations Digital communications Modbus over Ethernet User friendly interface and rapid disconnect for easy calibration Furnaces Thermal crackers Coal mills ESP protection Thermal oxidizers For more information please contact us Visit No sample conditioning system reduced maintenance costs FLEXIBLE Compact design CARBON MONOXIDE + METHANE No moving parts, no consumables * Application and measurement dependent BENCHMARK COMPLIANCE ATEX, IECEx and North American hazardous area approvals Certified for gases and dust Hardware safety integrity certification supports use in SIL 2 safety instrumented systems IP66 CE approved LEADING ANALYSIS Dual line oxygen monitoring for continuous oxygen readings from ambient to 1300°C (2370°F) Process temperature from 700°C (1292°F) up to 1300°C (2370°F) “hot oxygen analysis” Purge with instrument air, not nitrogen, due to the application of advanced spectroscopy techniques “hot oxyge

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW S E R V O T O U G H Laser 3 Plus Combustion A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH TO TDL GAS ANALYSIS By combining the latest advances in hardware with leading-edge software processing, the SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus is a revolutionary step forward for TDL gas analysis. Servomex has approached TDL analysis afresh, creating an analyzer a fraction of the size without compromising performance. The result is TDL analysis that is easier and faster to install - saving valuable space while enabling much greater installation flexibility. HAZARDOUS AREA USEFUL LINKS LOW MAINTENANCE, LOW...

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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET S E R V O T O U G H Laser 3 Plus Combustion SPECIFICATIONS GASes MEASURED Single Line Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy Optical path length ‡ Measurement update rate Response Time T90 Drift (zero) Negligible, <2% Full Scale Range (FSR) between calibrations Drift (span) Repeatability Calibration ± detection limit or ± 1% of reading, whichever is the greater Recommended every 12 months (up to 36 months, application dependent, consult Servomex) Maintenance Measurement availability Recommended every 12 months Optimal measurement availability via sealed reference cuvette and...

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signal outputs/inputs Analog output 1 isolated 4-20mA: 500Ω maximum as standard 1 x additional output (specification as above) may be fitted as an option Output range Analog output parameters freely selectable over measurement range Alarms & relays 1 x status relay 1A at 30V dc/ac as standard 2 x additional outputs (specification as above) may be fitted as an option Analog input (optional) 2 x 4-20mA inputs, maximum current 22mA; input impedence 50Ω Digital communications Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet (10 or 100 base) UTILITIES Supply voltage Rated power Dry and oil-free air (ISO 8573.1 Class 2-3)...

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CONFIGURATION ANALYZER FEATURES The SERVOTOUGH Laser 3 Plus measurement arrangement is configured to suit a specific application (see the supplementary configuration sheet), the following features may be configured independently Outputs and alarm options Standard: 1 x 4–20mA output and 1 x status relay Additional option card: 1 x 4–20mA output, 2 x status relays, 2 x 4–20mA inputs Safe area/general purpose Gas: ATEX Cat 3 / IEC Ex zone 2 Dust: ATEX Cat 21 / IEC Ex zone 21 North American Class 1 Division 2 (gas and dust) Functional safety manual Demonstrates analyzer hardware compliance to...

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WE’RE READY TO HELP WHATEVER YOUR GAS ANALYSIS REQUIREMENTS, WHEREVER YOU ARE These analyzers are not intended for any form of use on humans and are not medical devices as described in the Medical Devices Directive 93/42EEC. Please note: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, no responsibility can be accepted for errors and omissions. Data may change, as well as legislation, and you are strongly advised to obtain copies of the most recently issued regulations, standards and guidelines. This document is not intended to form the basis of a contract. Servomex has a policy of...

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