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SERVOPRO Plasma Operator Manual

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PROCESS ANALYSERS 1 SERVOPRO Plasma (k2001) Trace N2 Analyser Part Number: Revision: Language: SERVOMEX "m A MEASURABLE ADVANTAGE

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8.2.1    Product disposal in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic

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Scope of this manual This manual provides installation, operation and routine maintenance instructions for the SERVOPRO Plasma Trace N2 Analyzer, abbreviated to "analyzer" in the remainder of this manual. Safety information Read this manual and ensure that you fully understand its content before you attempt to install, use or maintain the analyzer. Important safety information is highlighted in this manual as WARNINGs and CAUTIONs, which are used as follows: WARNING Warnings highlight specific hazards which, if not taken into account, may result in personal injury or death. Where the above...

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Description WARNING This analyzer is not a medical device as defined in the medical devices directive 93/42/EEC and is not intended to be used on human beings for the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease, injury or replacement or modification of the anatomy. WARNING The analyzer must not be used as personal protective equipment. The analyzer is designed to meet the needs of the control and product quality applications of industrial gas producers and users, who require fast, accurate and reliable gas analysis. Gas sample measurements are shown on the...

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Keypad LCD display Power inlet Gas connections (Service port) RS-232 port IO Connector

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WARNING The protection, accuracy, operation and condition of the equipment may be impaired if the analyzer is not installed in accordance with the requirements of this and subsequent sections of the manual. WARNING Not suitable for flammable samples. Never pressurise the analyzer. Always remove vent plug before connecting the sample inlet. 2.1 General Dimensions    (Height x Width x Depth): 2.2 Environmental limits Equipment is suitable for indoor use only Ambient temperature range Operation: Storage: Operating ambient pressure range: Operating ambient humidity range: Operating altitude...

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2.3 Electrical data Electrical supply Voltage: Fuse rating / type: Maximum power consumption: Interface signal relay ratings: mA output (active) Maximum load resistance: Isolation voltage (to earth): Normal sample measurement: Fault condition: 100 - 120 Vac / 230 - 240 Vac, 50 to 60 Hz (± 10% maximum fluctuation) (1) Two fuses 1 amp / 250 V, Type "F”, Breaking capacity 1.5kA @ 250 V AC miniature fuses 5 x 20 mm 45W 30 Vrms, 42.4 V peak or 60 Vdc/ 1A 600 Q at 20 mA DC 750 VDC or AC 4mA to 20 mA 4 mA or 20 mA (can be set high or low) (1) The analyzer is supplied configured for operation with...

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2.5 Calibration gas The calibration gases must be clean, non-corrosive, free from oil and condensates and compatible with the materials listed in Appendix 1 High calibration set point    At least 90% FSD N2 in Ar or He Low calibration set point    6N Grade Ar or He 2.6 Performance Detector type: Display Resolution: Plasma Emission Detector (PED). Material: Quartz, single element, vacuum tight to 69 kPa (10 Psig) Choice of one of the following -•    0-1/0-10/0-100 ppm 0-50ppm range: 0.5 ppm 0-100, 250, 500, 1000 ppm ranges: Auto-zero, auto-span calibration system: (optional) Serial...

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3 UNPACK THE ANALYZER WARNING The analyzer is heavy (see Section 2.1). Care must be taken when handling. It is recommended that they are lifted with hands positioned on either side on the base of the chassis. Remove the analyzer and any other equipment from its packaging. Remove any protective caps from the sample gas inlets and outlets on the rear of the analyzer (see Figure 1 - FRONT OF THE ANALYZER and Figure 2 - REAR OF THE ANALY. It is advisable that the protective caps are kept on prior to fitting. Inspect the analyzer and the other items supplied, and check that they are not damaged....

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WARNING The analyzer must be installed by a suitably skilled and competent person. The following procedure must be followed to prevent a hazard. WARNING The analyzer is only suitable for installation in unclassified areas. CAUTION Do not install the analyzer in a frame/rack or on a bench which is subject to high levels of vibration or sudden jolts. If you do, sample measurements may not be accurate, or the analyzer may be damaged. CAUTION Do not install analyzer in an area where a strong electromagnetic field is present. Never use radio transmitters near the analyzer. CAUTION To avoid...

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Plasma Gas Analyzer 4.1 Mechanical installation rack mounting CAUTION The analyzer must not be supported by the front panel alone. You must provide an additional support under the base of the analyzer towards the rear of the enclosure as shown in Figure 5 - INSTALL THE 02001 ANALYZER IN A PANEL. If you do not, the analyzer may be damaged, or may fall and damage other equipment. Refer to Figure 5 and Figure 6 Prepare a cut-out in a suitable panel capable of supporting 15kg. Prepare a suitable base support and secure it in your frame or cabinet capable of supporting 15kg. Fit the analyzer in...

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Electrical Safety WARNING Ensure that the electrical installation of the analyzer conforms with all applicable local and national electrical safety requirements. WARNING Obey the safety instructions given below when you install the analyzer; if you do not, the analyzer warranty may be invalidated, the analyzer may not operate correctly, or it may be damaged. Ensure that your electrical supply can provide the necessary maximum power consumption: refer to Section 10 All signal and electrical supply cables must be rated for temperatures of 70 °C or higher. Ensure that the cables that you...

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