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SERVOPRO NanoChrome Product Brochure

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ULTRA-TRACE MEASUREMENTS OF UHP GASES INCLUDING HYDROGEN, METHANE, CARBON MONOXIDE, CARBON DIOXIDE, ARGON, NITROGEN AND NON-METHANE HYDROCARBONS SERVOPRO NanoChrome Comprehensive solution for ultra-trace H2, CH4, CO, CO2, N2, Ar and NMHC in a wide range of common background gases including He, H2, N2, Ar and O2 A complete stand-alone UHP gas analysis solution when combined with DF-500 and DF-700 analyzers Digital communications for remote access: Internet/Ethernet and RS232 The NanoChrome is a high performance analyzer specifically designed for the semiconductor manufacture industry, offering ultra-trace, highest reliability monitoring of H2, CH4, CO, CO2, N2, Ar and NMHC impurities in a wide range of common background gases including He, H2, N2, Ar and O2. EASY TO USE Comprehensive report monitoring software for full access to chromatograms, process results, statistics and historical values Internal dilution system option No requirement for flammable fuel gas, improving safety and simplifying installation No need for methaniser or consumable fuel gas Cost-effective and simplified ongoing maintenance Using advanced new Plasma Emission Detector (PED) sensing technology and sensitive ProPeak software, both specially developed by Servomex, the NanoChrone provides considerable advantages over traditional Flame Ionization Detector (FID) and Reduction Gas Detector (RGD) sensing technologies in terms of performance, stability, safety and ability to reduce on-going costs. Non-depleting sensor and intelligent software extends calibration intervals Servomex's advanced signal recovery uses patented ProPeak filtering methods to deliver a highly sensitive and selective measurement you can rely on. With no need for a methaniser or requirement flammable fuel gas, the NanoChrome also delivers appreciable cost benefits. When used with the Servomex DF-500 ultra-trace oxygen and DF-700 moisture series analyzers, the NanoChrome fulfils a unique total analysis solution for UHP gas monitoring. Innovative high-sensitivity Plasma Emission Detector (PED) enables ultra-trace measurements of Ar, N2, H2, CH4, CO and CO2, and NMHC ProPeak peak detection technique enables unprecedented measurement sensitivity Direct Analysis Methodology removes uncertainties of FID and RGD measurements BENCHmaRk compliance In compliance with Low Voltage, EMC and applicable Directives Learn more about the SERVOPRO NanoChrome VISIT SERVOMEX.COM SERVOM EX.COM

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KEY APPLICATIONS■ Semiconductor Production -Quality Control Measurements■ Semiconductor Production -Stationary Analytical Systems SERVOMEX "•

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DEVICE SCHEMATIC Size: Notes: 1. Dimensions in square brackets are in inches (Master Chassis) ■ 482mm (18.9") Wide x 117mm (4.6") High x 600mm (23.6") Deep Weight: ■ 11 -27kg (25-60lb) applications dependent Operating temperature: ■ 5°C - 40°C/41 °F - 104°F Certifications: ■ In compliance with EMC Directives, rated for Overvoltage Category II and Pollution Degree 2 Notes: 1. He carrier gas must be free of Ar (<1 ppb) 2. Carrier gas inlet pressure For 02 background gas = 85psig All other background gases = 80psig These analyzers are not intended for any form of use on humans and are not...

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