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SERVOPRO MonoExact - Operator Manual

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SERVOPRO MonoExact Gas Analyser Part Number: Revision: Language: SERVOMEX \ A MEASUREABLE ADVANTAGE

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Scope of this manual This manual provides installation, operation and routine maintenance instructions for the SERVOPRO MonoExact Gas Purity Analyser (5512 standard version and 5522 flammable sample version), abbreviated to "analyser" in the remainder of this manual. Safety information Read this manual and ensure that you fully understand its content before you attempt to install, use or maintain the analyser. Important safety information is highlighted in this manual as WARNINGs and CAUTIONs, which are used as follows: WARNING Warnings highlight specific hazards which, if not taken into...

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The analyser is designed to meet the needs of the control and product quality applications of industrial gas producers and users, who require fast, accurate and reliable gas analysis. Gas sample measurements are shown on the analyser display, and can also be output to a serial device connected to the analyser, or as milliAmp (mA) / voltage outputs, or over a selection of digital communications (Modbus RS485 or TCP and Profibus). The analyser conforms to the requirements of the NAMUR (Normenarbeitsgemeinschaft für Mess Und Regeltechnik in der Chemischen Industrie) standards NE43 (4 – 20 mA...

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Analyser with blank panel Analyser with filter Analyser with flowmeter Display Sample gas label Soft key 1 Alarm LED Soft key 2 Fault LED Soft key 3 Soft key 4 Blank panel Sample filter Sample flowmeter Note items 1 to 8 are common for all layouts Figure 1 – Front of the analyser

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CE Compliance symbol WEEE compliance symbol AC supply symbol Electrical supply plug and on/off switch 5. Earth (ground) terminals for cable screening 6. mA output/voltage output connector 7. Auto val/cal connector (option) Ethernet or Profibus connector (option) RS485 connector (option) RS232 connector "Caution – refer to manual" symbol Sample gas outlet Sample gas inlet Figure 2 – Rear of the analyser

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WARNING The protection, accuracy, operation and condition of the equipment may be impaired if the analyser is not installed in accordance with the requirements of this and subsequent sections of the manual. Dimensions: length x height x width Front Panel and Rack mountable analyser 478 x 133 x 230 mm (18.8 x 5.2 x 9 in.) (L x H x W) Bench mounted analyser    478 x 146 x 230 mm (18.8 x 5.7 x 9 in.) # Electrical supply requirements See Section 2.3 Ambient temperature range Operation Storage Operating ambient pressure range Operating ambient humidity range Operating altitude range Ingress...

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* The relay output signals are volt-free signals. t User selectable: see Sections 5.6.2 and 5.6.3

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2.4 Sample gas 5512 standard version: The analyser is plumbed in Viton + The sample gases must be non-flammable, clean, non-corrosive, free from oil and condensates and compatible with the materials listed in Appendix A6. 5522 Flammable sample version: The analyser is plumbed fully in stainless steel + The sample gases must be clean, non-corrosive, free from oil and condensates and compatible with the materials listed in Appendix A6. TCD transducer calibration gases High calibration    90 - 110% of range** setpoint Minimum calibration    85% of range** difference between low and span Low...

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CAUTION It is recommended that sample/calibration gas flow is monitored to ensure a representative sample is being measured for control systems. CAUTION To retain the CE mark, do not operate above 70 kPa (10 psig) 3 UNPACK THE ANALYSER WARNING The analyser is heavy (see Section 2.1). Care must be taken when handling. It is recommended that they are lifted with hands positioned on either side on the base of the chassis. 1. Remove the analyser and any other equipment from its packaging. 2. Remove any protective plastic covers from the sample gas inlets and outlets on the rear of the analyser...

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4 - Analyser user interface 4 ANALYSER USER INTERFACE Throughout this manual, reference is made to product options (such as "auto validate") which must be specified at the time of ordering. Associated menus and menu options will not be available if your analyser does not have the corresponding product options. Introduction The analyser user interface comprises the following (shown on Figure 1): Display Soft keys The function of each of the soft keys depends on the screen currently being shown on the display: see Section 4.2 On when an alarm condition exists: see Section 5.8 Shows various...

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4 - Analyser user interface During normal analyser operation, the software health indicator continuously moves from left to right and then back again, below the status icon bar. If the indicator stops moving, this means that the analyser is not operating correctly, and you must refer to Section 9. If no soft key is pressed for 10 minutes, the measurement screen will be automatically displayed. (You will also then have to enter the password again to access any password-protected screens: refer to Figure 4 and to Section 4.6.) 4.3 Soft key legends The four soft key legends at the bottom of...

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4 - Analyser user interface Other soft key legends which are used on the various screens are as follows: Legend Meaning Function (when soft key pressed) Back Accept Edit Up Left Right Stop Cancels the current screen and displays the previous screen in the menu structure Accepts the currently selected option or data. (A new screen may be displayed accordingly) Allows the highlighted data to be edited Moves the cursor up a list (or increases a digit during editing) Moves the cursor down a list (or decreases a digit during editing) Moves the cursor left Moves the cursor right Stops an...

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