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PRODUCT OVERVIEW S E R V O P R O MonoExact DF310E SAFE AREA NEXT-GENERATION DIGITAL OXYGEN ANALYZER, COMBINING TRACE-LEVEL MEASUREMENT WITH OPERATIONAL BENEFITS EASY TO USE UNRIVALLED PERFORMANCE PROCESS CONTROL SENSING TECHNOLOGY Tanker transfil Specialty gas blending* Field upgradable relay, alarm and communication protocols Downloadable system file log and diagnostics means we can assess issues and upgrade remotely Compatible with DF-310E platform, including hardware wiring inputs and gas inlets Analog and digital outputs 4-20mA & 0-10 VDC, RS232, RS485 (Modbus) and advanced digital communication including Modbus Ethernet TCP/ IP and PROFIBUS† Product can be upgraded in the field as your operational needs change Minimal training requirements BENCHMARK COMPLIANCE compliance with Low In Voltage, EMC, CE and CSA applicable directives Optional integration of external AquaXact aluminum oxide (Al2O3) moisture sensor probe to allow for two measurements with one analyzer* European and US Pharmacopeia compliant (coulometric and paramagnetic*) Battery and pump options available but, not in same analyzer* * Not for use with H2, CH4, or CO background gases ‡ Certain background gases must be configured   with stainless steel inlet and outlet plumbing,  consult Servomex applications †  Configuration dependent For more information please contact us Visit Intuitive icon driven touchscreen user-interface ALUMINUM OXIDE Non-depleting coulometric and paramagnetic* sensors Large library of compatible gases‡ Up to 5-year coulometric sensor warranty Plug and play sensors Manufactured by Servomex - over 70 years’ experience innovating, and pioneering gas analysis and thousands of units used in the field

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW S E R V O P R O MonoExact DF310E THE DEFINITIVE SOLUTION FOR IG GAS PRODUCTION AND BOTTLING AND BLENDING The MonoExact DF310E has been designed specifically to accurately measure oxygen in various industrial gas (IG) applications including nitrogen, argon and hydrogen production‡, tanker transfil, specialty gas blending and electronic gases production. Combining Servomex’s latest advances in sensing technology and analyzer design into an advanced new platform, the DF310E is easy to operate and integrate into a wide range of systems. SIMPLE MAINTENANCE AND REDUCED ONGOING...

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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET S E R V O P R O MonoExact DF310E SPECIFICATIONS SAMPLE gasES H2, He, CH4, CO, N2, Ar and a host of fluorocarbons and slightly acidic HP gases‡ Coulometric electrochemical cell and paramagnetic* with optional AI2O3 moisture measurement* Sensor technology Range ±3% of the reading ±3% of the reading ±3% of the reading ±3% of the reading or ± 10ppb or ± 50ppb or ± 250ppb or ± 2.5ppm whichever is larger whichever is larger whichever is larger whichever is larger Response time (T90) Zero drift/month LDL 0-100 High Resolution, 0-100, 0-1000 or 10,000ppm High Resolution...

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operating environment Temperature Relative humidity 95% relative humidity, must be a non-condensing environment New electrolyte 60 min, after that only the residence time for sample to reach sensor PHYSICAL Size 2 05mm (8.0”) Wide x 193mm (7.6”) Height x 240mm (9.5”) Deep (without handle and feet) Benchtop, panel mount, 19” rack mount, dual 19” rack mounting Supply voltage Storage temperature Sensor storage conditions We recommend that the analyzer be operated as intended, within 6 months of delivery SAMPLE WETTED MATERIALS ANALYZER FITTED WITH 316L stainless steel, PFA and Acrylic This...

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configuration Standard Variant (SV02) The pre configured standard variant (SV02) covers the most common applications and frequently ordered options. Other analyzer configuration options not covered by the above standard variant, including some communications protocols and corrosion prevention purge options. SV02 Dual rack mount No bench mount Panel mount Single rack mount Bench top unit Measurement Range Transducer Type Coulometric w/SS sample lines Paramagnetic - O2 control Flow driven Flow driven w/flow switch Pressure driven (orifice) Pressure driven (orifice) w/flow switch Pump driven...

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HARDWARE OPTIONS None Required None Standard High purity regulator Stainless steel filter (O2) None Required None Required None Required None Required None Required Extra option board None Required SOFTWARE OPTIONS Serial communications None RS232 communication RS485 communication with Modbus RS232 & RS485 communication combo Profibus Modbus TCP/IP None Required Configurable alarms None Two alarms Four alarms Eight alarms Sixteen alarms Isolated output None Isolated 4-20mA Isolated 2-20mA None Required Relay contacts None 2 relay contacts 4 relay contacts 8 relay contacts w/connectors 16...

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WE’RE READY TO HELP WHATEVER YOUR GAS ANALYSIS REQUIREMENTS, WHEREVER YOU ARE These analyzers are not intended for any form of use on humans and are not medical devices as described in the Medical Devices Directive 93/42EEC. Please note: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, no responsibility can be accepted for errors and omissions. Data may change, as well as legislation, and you are strongly advised to obtain copies of the most recently issued regulations, standards and guidelines. This document is not intended to form the basis of a contract. Servomex has a policy of...

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