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SERVOPRO FID Product Brochure

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HIGH PERFORMANCE FID MEASUREMENTS OF TOTAL HYDROCARBONS (THC) AND QUALITY CONTROL IN PURE OXYGEN, NITROGEN, H2, ARGON, HELIUM, AIR AND CARBON DIOXIDE flexible Comprehensive solution for diverse applications requiring the measurement of THC and quality control in pure O2, N2, H2*, Ar, He, Air or CO2 Three measurement ranges in low and high setting modes, with automatic range change and over range functions Comprehensive remote interaction capabilities: Ethernet/Internet and RS232 ASCII Enhanced safety through “flame out" fuel feed shut-off valve Uses high accuracy, gas-selective ■ Unique flow control function FID for maximized device uptime    reduces operational costs Cost-effective and simplified ongoing maintenance The FID is a high specification on line Flame Ionization Detector (FID) based analyzer that provides a robust and high accuracy solution to trace Total Hydrocarbon (THC) measurements, ensuring gas stream levels are closely monitored. In addition, the FID is optimized for quality control in pure O2, N2, H2, Ar, He, Air or CO2. The result is an adaptable solution designed to meet the needs of diverse applications, from cryogenic air separation plants to dry ice manufacturers. The use of highly stable low-noise FID sensing ensures this device delivers an accuracy unsurpassed by many contemporary solutions. easy to use Engineer-friendly, intuitive use and installation Designed to provide the flexibility demanded by a wide array of applications, the FID offers three measurement ranges in low or high setting modes, with automatic range change and over range functions. The FID's ability to enhance safety is delivered through innovative features like its "flame out" integrated fuel alarm shut-off valve, while the FID's unique flow control feature reduced ongoing operational costs. Uses patented, low-noise, high accuracy FID sensing for reliable trace THC measurements Manufactured by Servomex -over 60 years' experience innovating and pioneering gas analysis with thousands of units used in the field every year benchmark compliance Electrical safety to IEC 61010-1    ■ In compliance with Low Voltage, Learn more about the SERVOPRO FID VISIT SERVOMEX.COM SERVOM EX.COM

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the definitive thc measurement analyzer When you work in applications like air separation, product validation or process control, you require an analytical solution that delivers highly reliable, accurate and low-noise measurements of Total Hydrocarbons (THC). Safe, non-flammable conditions must be maintained, so a proven trace measurement sensing technology is a must. The ability to perform quality THC control checks in pure O2, N2, Ar, He, air or CO2 is also important, so a single, adaptable on-site solutionis preferred. No matter your application needs, you'll also want an analyzer that...

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Technology Range Accuracy (intrinsic error) FS <1% of FS Flame Ionization Detection (FID) Repeatability Lower Detection Limit (LDL) Smallest recommended output range <0.5% FS TUNABLE DIODE LASER HeliFuel may be used t On special request

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sample for measurements    | device specification device schematic Certifications: Electrical safety to IEC 61010-1 In compliance with EMC Directives, rated for Overvoltage Category II and Pollution Degree 2 These analyzers are not intended for any form of use on humans and are not medical devices as described in the Medical Devices Directive 93/42EEC. Please note: This document was updated in August 2014. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy no responsibility can be accepted for errors or omissions. Data may change, as well as legislation, and you are strongly advised to...

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