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PRODUCT PORTFOLIO OUR INDUSTRY-LEADING GAS ANALYZER RANGE AND SYSTEMS, M AT C H E D T O Y O U R I N D U S T RY R E Q U I R E M E N T S An intrinsically safe analyzer designed to measure oxygen in potentially flammable gas samples, certified to Zone 0 and Division 1. The only truly portable battery-powered gas analyzer with MCERTS and TUV certification. Single or dual measurements of oxygen and carbon dioxide. A portable gas analyzer designed for measuring common gas mixtures in field locations or light industrial applications. An accurate, stable, and cost-effective Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer designed for hazardous area use. A high-specification hazardous area Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer offering unrivaled performance for optimum process and safety control. A rugged Photometric gas analyzer capable of flexible single and multicomponent gas analysis in corrosive, toxic and flammable gas streams. An advanced flue gas analyzer for high-temperature measurements of both oxygen and combustibles in combustion applications. Laser 3 Plus Environmental ppm Laser 3 Plus Combustion % ppm % Laser 3 Plus Process    A compact Tunable Diode Laser analyzer designed to rapidly and accurately measure ammonia slip in DeNOx applications. A fast, compact, and accurate Tunable Diode Laser analyzer for oxygen, carbonmonoxide, or carbon dioxide + methane measurements. Optimized for process oxygen, this compact Tunable Diode Laser analyzer delivers fast, accurate measurements in hot or hazardous conditions. An explosion-proof in-line hydrogen process analyzer, using a solid-state, non-consumable sensor configured to operate in process gas streams. ALUMINUM OXIDE FLAME IONIZATION DETECTOR Flammable Corrosive Discover our systems solutions: Continuous Quality

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AquaXact 1688 Controller Dew point ppmv A rugged ultra-thin film moisture sensor that delivers fast, accurate, and resilient measurements in a wide range of gas-phase applications. A digital controller built specifically to provide the AquaXact 1688 moisture sensor with color touchscreen display and advanced communications. An oxygen analyzer combining trusted Coulometric sensing technology with a user-friendly platform for general industrial applications. A next-generation digital oxygen analyzer designed specifically for accurate measurements in industrial gas applications. An advanced...

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