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Servomex Product Guide - Issue 8 - 1

Product Guide Our industry-leading gas analyzers and systems, matched to your requirements. Analysis that empowers

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Servomex Product Guide - Issue 8 - 2

Welcome to Servomex Gas analysis products that empower change At Servomex, we understand the need to build a world that is cleaner, healthier, and more productive. Our gas analyzer products are hand-built to empower that change, supporting industries and applications to make a real difference. Developed and manufactured in our UK and Americas Technical Centres, Servomex products help you act with precision, delivering performance that is optimized to the needs of your process. Our world-leading Hummingbird sensing technologies provide the measurements that enable you to make smarter...

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Servomex Product Guide - Issue 8 - 3

Want to view our products online? Visit SERVOTOUGH Measurement type key: Percent % | Parts Per Million ppm | Per Billion /b | Per Trillion /1 | By volume v | Dew Point dp P4

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Servomex Product Guide - Issue 8 - 4

See the difference the Gen-7 DF-500 Series can make to quality control. These NanoTrace oxygen analyzers offer the lowest production detection limits for ultra-high-purity (UHP) gases, powered by our industry-leading coulometric sensor. You can monitor readings with a new larger display. Plus, troubleshoot faster with multi-coloured status indicators, run chart, and data download capabilities. Find out more at: COMING Industry-leading sensor Larger display and keypad New software features Backward compatibility SERVOTOUGH Hazardous area P6 P7

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Servomex Product Guide - Issue 8 - 5

Hazardous area SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact 2700 Hazardous area PARAMAGNETIC DIGITAL O2 ANALYZER DESIGNED FOR HAZARDOUS AREA USE Offering industry-standard features alongside revolutionary, value-added options, the Oxy 1900 O2 gas analyzer sets new standards of flexibility, measurement stability and reliability from a single, cost-effective unit. Available in standard variant and user-configured options. FEATURES AND BENEFITS ■ Certified to Zone 1/Division 1 hazard-rated locations, to ATEX Cat 2, I EC Ex, CML (Japan) and FM/CSA Class 1 Division 1 ■ Allows sampling of flammable and non-flammable...

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Servomex Product Guide - Issue 8 - 6

COMPACT TDL GAS ANALYZER, OPTIMIZED FOR PROCESS O2 MEASUREMENTS All the benefits of Servomex's Tunable Diode Laser technology in a small, light unit offering unparalleled installation flexibility plus cost and performance benefits. Optimized for the fast, accurate and responsive measurement of process oxygen in hot or hazardous conditions. FEATURES AND BENEFITS ■ High safety integrity utilizing Servomex's own line lock cuvette technology ■ ATEX, IECEx and North American hazardous area approvals. Approved for process Zone 2. SIL 2 assessed and CE marked ■ Quick and easy installation by one...

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Servomex Product Guide - Issue 8 - 7

Safe area SERVOPRO MultiExact 4100 Safe area A FAST, ACCURATE AND RESILIENT MOISTURE MEASUREMENT SOLUTION The AquaXact 1688 is a rugged ultra-thin film Aluminum Oxide moisture sensor that enables the measurement of moisture in a wide variety of gas phase process applications, such as glove boxes, air separation units, regenerative skid dryers, combustion, and instrument air, with no calibration required. FEATURES AND BENEFITS ■ Functions as a standalone 4-20 mA transmitter or remotely interfaces with our digital controller, MonoExact DF310E and MultiExact 4100 ■ NIST-traceable...

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Servomex Product Guide - Issue 8 - 8

servopro Plasma Safe area servopro NanoChrome Safe area RELIABLE MONITORING OF N2 IN Ar AND He, OPTIMIZED FOR AIR SEPARATION UNIT (ASU) PLANT OPERATIONS Specifically designed for the continuous monitoring of N2 in Ar, the Plasma's non-depleting Plasma Emission Detector provides an accurate, highly stable and reliable measurement ideal for the requirements of ASU plant operators. SERVOPRO FID TRACE HYDROCARBON ANALYZER IDEAL FOR AIR SEPARATION UNIT (ASU) SAFETY AND QUALITY CONTROL APPLICATIONS A Flame Ionization Detector analyzer designed to assure safe operation for cryogenic ASU, the FID...

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Servomex Product Guide - Issue 8 - 9

Safe area SERVOPRO NanoTrace DF-760E ULTRA Safe area THE NUMBER ONE CHOICE FOR ULTRA-TRACE PURITY MEASUREMENTS IN THE SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRY Delivering superior ultra-trace measurements of UHP gases in a wide range of background gases, the revolutionary NanoChrome ULTRA incorporates the latest advances in sensing and signal processing methodology, for exceptional performance. FEATURES AND BENEFITS ■ Innovative high-sensitivity Plasma Emission Detector (PED) enables ultra-trace measurements of Ar, N2, H2, CH4, CO, CO2 and NMHC ■ ProPeak peak detection technique enables unprecedented...

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Servomex Product Guide - Issue 8 - 10

INTRINSICALLY SAFE ANALYZER MEASURES O2 Designed for the measurement of oxygen in potentially flammable gas samples, the intrinsically safe Micro i.s. 5100 is a unique analyzer certified to Zone 0 and Division 1 and suitable for measuring percent levels of O2. FEATURES AND BENEFITS ■ Intrinsically safe design (Zone 0) to ATEX and IECEx standards, Division 1 to FM and CSA standards, ensures safety operation in hazardous environments ■ IP65 rugged design and optional carry case allows for use in the most demanding environments ■ Powered by integral rechargeable battery with up to 18-hour run...

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Servomex Product Guide - Issue 8 - 11

We analyze change, so you can make it happen Servomex helps businesses worldwide to achieve a new level of accuracy in their operations. Our expertise empowers them to make more informed decisions, transform their processes, and make a meaningful impact. Our global mission is to enable change through advanced gas analysis. We want to help you build a better world: one that’s cleaner, healthier, and more productive. Creating a cleaner world… Ensuring a healthier world… Innovating a more productive world… • Low-emission power generation • Safer processes, plants, and workplaces • Faster,...

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Servomex Product Guide - Issue 8 - 12

Global service network Whatever your service needs, Servomex Service Network has the solution. Through our network of mobile engineers and service centres, we deliver Servomex expertise directly to your plant, with a range of products customized to meet your precise process uptime requirements. Wherever you are in the world, we can support your applications, for maximum peace of mind. Uptime+ Service Plan A MODULAR SOLUTION FOR YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS Get complete support for your system and process from start-up to decommissioning. Our service plan helps to ensure optimum performance for the...

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