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SENSING TECHNOLOGY ISSUE: 26 the gas analysis magazine SENSORS TO SUIT EACH APPLICATION See which technology provides the best results KEY BENEFITS Discover the advantages of each sensor type LOOKING TO THE FUTURE How we're investing in new = 5 gas analysis developments A-Z GUIDE TO SERVOMEX SENSING

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Welcome to the latest issue of Expert Solutions magazine, which focuses on our sensor technologies for a range of gas analysis applications. These sensors, manufactured in our cutting-edge technical facilities in the UK and USA, are key to the highly accurate and reliable measurements provided ULTRA -SERIES- PURITY MADE SIMPLEYOUR A-Z SENSOR GUIDE by our comprehensive range of gas analyzers. The variety of sensors to which Servomex has access is one of our major advantages as a supplier of gas analysis solutions. Instead of choosing from just two or three sensing technologies to resolve an...

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ALUMINUM OXIDE MOISTURE AND DEW POINT ANALYSIS LIGHT-BASED MEASUREMENTS FOR NOx ANALYSIS Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) sensors work by measuring the capacitance between the aluminum core and a gold film deposited on the oxide layer. The capacitance varies according to the water vapor content in the pores of the oxide layer. Chemiluminescence detectors take advantage of nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) chemical reactions that emit light as part of that process. This is different from fluorescence or phosphorescence, in that the light produced stems from a chemical reaction rather than...

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CALORIMETRY COULOMETRIC ACCURATE COMBUSTIBLES MEASUREMENTS HIGH-SENSITIVITY MEASUREMENTS OF OXYGEN The sensor measures combustibles (COe) from its exothermic reaction with oxygen (O2) over a catalytic platinum surface, which produces carbon dioxide (CO2) and the heat generated is used to determine the COe concentration. A four quadrant bridge track is over-glazed to shield the circuit from the sample gas and two quadrants are then coated in platinum catalyst. These quadrants form a Wheatstone bridge circuit, with the disc mounted in a cell heated to 300oC (572oF) or 400oC (752oF). When the...

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MEASURING HYDROCARBONS HIGH-PURITY ANALYSISDOWN TO ULTRA-TRACE LEVELS FOR A RANGE OF GASES KEY APPLICATIONS • Air separation units • Product pipelines • Cylinder filling stations KEY BENEFITS 3 Decreased drift and thermal noise 3 Accurate, non-depleting measurement 3 Resolution of 100ppb IDEAL FOR Industrial processes where THC contamination is possible, such as air separation units, product pipelines, and cylinder filling stations. KEY APPLICATIONS • Semiconductors • Medical gases • Air separation units KEY BENEFITS 3 Measures multiple components down to ppb levels 3 Highly reliable...

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STABLE, ULTRA-ACCURATE REAL-TIME MEASUREMENTSPHOTOMETRIC GAS ANALYSIS OF GASES IN A MIXTURE The Gfx Transducer KEY APPLICATIONS • Continuous emissions monitoring • Ethylene, chlorine and TDI production processes • HyCO process control KEY BENEFITS 3 Low cross interference by background gases 3 Immune to obscuration of the optics 3 Low sensor drift, reducing calibration frequency IDEAL FOR Providing a lower-cost alternative to more complex technologies when dealing with applications that require the measurement of low-level gases with high levels of interfering background gases. Gas Filter...

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Servomex has a rich history of fundamental research into gas measurement principles. We have been awarded many patents in this field, and were awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise (Innovation) in 2016. Some of the patents awarded include innovations in Paramagnetic sensing, solid electrolyte (Zirconia), infrared source techniques, thick film sensing technologies, signal processing, and Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) absorption measurements. These innovations have had a direct benefit to many customers in a wide variety of applications, including process control and safety improvements in the...

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LASER MOISTURE SIMPLE, SENSITIVE MOISTURE ANALYSIS AN INNOVATIVE SOLUTION FOR PERCENTAGE OXYGEN components made from very robust materials. It works according to the fundamental principle of Beer's law; therefore the reading is stable over time and never requires calibration. To provide a more sensitive measurement, our sensors use a Herriott cell to reflect the laser back and forth numerous times, using mirrors inside the measuring cell. This increases Semiconductor manufacture relies on ultra-high-purity gases KEY APPLICATIONS • Semiconductors • Ultra-high purity gases • Specialty gases...

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A HIGHLY SPECIFIC AND REVOLUTIONARY SENSINGSTABLE GAS MEASUREMENT FOR LIGHT HYDROCARBONS A discharge process occurs when sufficient energy is provided to ionize a gas stream. The resulting plasma consists of free electrons, ions, neutral molecules, and high-energy photons in a continuous state of ionization and recombination. When energized by an external alternating high voltage field, gases flowing in a Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) glow plasma produce intense emission spectra which relate directly to their unique molecular bonds. The optical emission spectroscopy (OES) method...

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THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY TUNABLE DIODE LASER MEASURING INERT GASES IN A BINARY MIXTURE FAST IN-SITU CROSS-STACK MEASUREMENTS The Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) consists of an electrically heated Wheatstone bridge in a temperaturecontrolled cell. For GC-TCD applications, the carrier gas (helium) is passed over the reference arm of the bridge and the column effluent passes over the analyte arm under the same conditions for flow rate and temperature. When no impurities are eluting from the column, the heat loss from the analyte arm matches that from the reference arm. When an analyte elutes...

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A TRUSTED AND ACCURATE OXYGEN MEASUREMENT SERVOMEX SYSTEMS CONSULT. DESIGN. DELIVER. Our Zirconia sensor consists of a cell made of ceramic zirconium oxide, stabilized with an oxide of yttrium to form a lattice structure. The measure and reference sections of the cell are covered with catalytic, porous, electrically conductive coatings that serve as electrodes on both sides of the lattice barrier between sample and reference gas volumes. At elevated temperatures, the lattice permits the passage of negatively charged oxygen ions, formed at the catalytic electrodes at a rate determined by...

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