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DEDICATED TO IG GAS ANALYSIS Discover the MonoExact DF150E and DF310E PROVEN EXPERTISE IN THE ASU PROCESS Our solutions for essential gas measurements ACCURATE TRACE OXYGEN SENSING How Coulometric sensor technology works

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PRECISION AND RELIABILITY FOR INDUSTRIAL GAS ANALYSIS SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL AND MEDICAL GAS APPLICATIONS Welcome to Issue 41 of our Expert Solutions (ES) magazine, which focuses on our innovative, industryleading gas analysis solutions for the industrial gas market. IN THIS ISSUE P04-05: Application focus: our solutions for ASUs P06-07: Product focus: the MonoExact DF150E and DF310E analyzers P08-09: Learn more about Coulometric sensing P10-11: Gas analysis solutions for medical gases Among the key applications in this market are air separation units and medical gases, and in this...

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APPLICATION FOCUS PROVEN EXPERTISE IN A IR SEPARATION UNIT APPLICATIONS Air separation is used to divide atmospheric air into its primary components – nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), and argon (Ar). The predominant method for this is the cryogenic distillation process, invented in 1910, which results in high-quality, high-volume liquid and gaseous N2, O2, and Ar products. This method is also the only process capable of producing the ultra-high-purity gases needed for semiconductor device fabrication, as well as the gases required for applications such as metal production, healthcare, industrial...

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PRODUCT FOCUS ACCURATE ANALYSIS DESIGNED FOR INDUSTRIAL GAS APPLICATIONS Our SERVOPRO MonoExact range delivers precision and reliability to industrial gas analysis. The DF150E and DF310E analyzers provide trusted and accurate measurements of oxygen and moisture, a range of communications options, and low maintenance needs. Designed to meet the needs of the general industrial gas market, the MonoExact DF150E combines tried-and-tested Coulometric oxygen analysis with a digital design and user-friendly platform. Developed specifically to provide accurate measurements of oxygen and moisture in...

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TECHNOLOGY FOCUS SENSITIVE, NON-DEPLETING OXYGEN MEASUREMENTS Servomex’s Coulometric technology enables the measurement of oxygen (O2) at parts-per-million (ppm) and parts-per-billion (ppb) levels. It is non-depleting, so there is no requirement for periodic cell replacement, and it avoids the false low readings associated with standard electrochemical sensors. Because the non-depleting sensor is not consumed when exposed to O2, it has a long lifespan and does not require a purge gas to protect it when not in use. KEY APPLICATIONS Semiconductors Solder reflow ovens Reactor process control...

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PRODUCT FOCUS HIGH-PERFORMANCE VERSATILE ANALYSIS ALUMINUM OXIDE The MultiExact 4100 is a highly adaptable multi-gas analyzer specifically designed to address the needs of industrial and medical gas manufacturers. It can be fitted with a wide range of sensing technologies – Paramagnetic, Zirconia, Gas Filter Correlation (GFC), Infrared, and Aluminum Oxide. These proven, digital sensors not only provide highly accurate measurements but also offer operational flexibility in a range of industries and applications. Using these sensing technologies, the MultiExact 4100 can provide up to four...

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APPLICATION FOCUS ADVANCED SOLUTIONS FOR MEDICAL GAS MONITORING Servomex expertise leads the way in medical gas analysis, with analytical solutions that assure gas purity and monitor the levels of impurities. Gases used for medical treatment are regulated under the same rules as medicinal drugs. Typically, these regulations are set out in a publication called a Pharmacopeia, which specifies how each medical gas should be produced and validated, the acceptable purity level, and official measurement records. For example, oxygen purity measurements must be performed using Paramagnetic sensing,...

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CASE STUDY “It’s easy to work with Servomex when it comes to selecting the instruments we need, because they have a very large selection of analyzers that meet every necessity for air separation unit activity. Without the level of control and certification this system provides, it is impossible for the end user to supply the products, so these analyzers are mandatory.” Roberto Agazzi, Pentatec SRL A COMPLETE AUTOMATED GAS ANALYSIS SYSTEM FOR ASU APPLICATIONS Servomex has provided Italy-based channel partner Pentatec SRL with a comprehensive range of gas analysis solutions to support its...

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PURE PROCESSES FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Servomex takes a ‘whole company’ approach to sustainability, with a firm commitment to powering and enabling industrial change. This is principally achieved by helping customers to make their industrial processes cleaner and more efficient. Our efforts are focused on four key UN Sustainable Development Goals: affordable and clean energy; industry, innovation, and infrastructure; responsible consumption and production; and climate action. Our impact also extends to wider areas including good health and wellbeing, and clean water and sanitation, while...

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GLOBAL SERVICE SUPPORT Servomex support doesn’t end with the supply of your analyzer or system. Our service team delivers expertise directly to your plant, with service plans that deliver protection, peace of mind, and partnership for your gas analysis. Global coverage is provided by service centers and mobile engineers worldwide, allowing the Servomex Service Network to ensure that your processes run efficiently, safely and profitably. Support offered includes service plans, spares, on-site support, commissioning, health checks, training, and equipment rental. We also provide expert...

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