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EXPERT SOLUTIONS ENSURE PURITY With our comprehensive gas analysis solutions CONTROL THE PROCESS Find out how gas analysis works in ASUs MEET THE EXPERTS Discover how our P&S team can help improve your product quality

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IN THIS ISSUE P04-05 Meet the experts of our Purity & Specialty team Product compression CRUDE ARGON COLUMN Local pipeline users A BREATH OF FRESH AIR FOR YOUR ASU PLANT PURE ARGON COLUMN MAIN HEAT EXCHANGERS DISTILLATION COLUMN PURITY MADE SIMPLE Welcome to the latest edition of Expert Solutions magazine, which focuses on our comprehensive solutions for Air Separation Unit (ASU) gas analysis. THE NEW ULTRA SERIES FOR YOUR ULTRA-HIGH-PURITY GAS ANALYSIS Gas concentration measurements are essential to ensure high product quality to control the ASU process, and are made at various points....

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Solutions for Air Separation Unit (ASU) applications are provided by our Purity and Specialty (P&S) team. These experts deliver the products, knowledge and service support that maintain and enhance your process. Delivering application-based expertise to customers around the world, our global network of P&S specialists offers hassle-free access to accurate and cost-effective products that keep your processes running smoothly and efficiently. Our experienced group of product managers are fully focused on delivering analytical solutions to meet the requirements of today's and tomorrow's ASU...

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THE CRYOGENIC AIR SEPARATION PROCESS Atmospheric air can be separated into its primary components, resulting in the production of three main pure gaseous elements – nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), and argon (Ar). Beyond this, it is possible to further separate the air to Product compression produce noble gases such as neon, krypton, and xenon, but demand for these products is lower than that for the first three. At an industrial level, the process is carried out at an Air Separation Unit (ASU). The most significant method for this, in terms of production value and volume, is cryogenic...

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Cryogenic air separation begins with the ambient air being filtered to remove dust and any other particulates. It then passes through a compressor and is cooled, which condenses and removes much of the water vapor content present. It then goes through a series of filters - including molecular sieve absorbers - to remove as much of the carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons, and moisture (H2O) as possible. Installed after the compressor, a SERVOPRO FID analyzer using Flame Ionization Detector technology will monitor the total hydrocarbon (THC) levels down to parts-per-billion (ppb) levels. This...

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SOLUTIONS FOR OXYGEN ANALYSIS Oxygen (O2) concentration is an essential measurement throughout the Air Separation Unit (ASU) process. O2 forms approximately 21% of atmospheric air, so is often found as an impurity in nitrogen and argon streams. In addition, O2 gas product quality is another critical measurement for ASUs, and our Paramagnetic sensor confirms this measurement for both medical and industrial applications. SOLUTIONS FOR MOISTURE ANALYSIS Moisture is regarded as an impurity in the ASU process, albeit on a very small scale. Like O2, because it is so prevalent in the atmosphere,...

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THE DISTILLATION COLUMN AND ARGON COLUMNS The distillation column is the heart of an air separation unit plant, and consists of a highpressure and low-pressure column where the purified, compressed air is separated into its pure components. CRUDE ARGON COLUMN First, the air is cooled by heat exchangers and the refrigeration processes contained in the cold box, reaching a cryogenic temperature of around -180oC. The resulting mixture of liquid and vapor air is fed into the high-pressure column, where it separates into nitrogen (at the top), and oxygen (O2) enriched air (at the bottom). The...

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ESSENTIAL GAS ANALYSIS SOLUTIONS SERVOPRO Chroma Oxygen (O2) and moisture (see pages 10-11) are far from the only gases that need to be measured during Air Separation Unit (ASU) processes. Nitrogen (N2), for example, makes up around 78% of atmospheric air, so is likely to be present as an impurity after separation, as well as a pure product in its own right. N2 analysis also enables tight process control in argon production. Carbon dioxide (CO2) must be removed from the ambient air feed, and analysis is required to verify this for safety and quality purposes. It is also monitored as an...

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STAGE THREE As each of the Air Separation Unit (ASU) products are separated out and purified, they are brought back to ambient temperatures, then output in liquefied or gaseous form, and either stored or transferred directly to customers. Some large plants, particularly in the semiconductor industry, operate on-site ASUs, producing high-purity gases for use elsewhere in the plant. Product compression MonoExact DF310E LAR = Liquid Argon LOX = Liquid Oxygen LIN = Liquid Nitrogen GAR = Gaseous Argon GAN = Gaseous Nitrogen GOX = Gaseous Oxygen KEY MEASUREMENTS OXYGEN (O2) STREAMS Liquefied O2...

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CONSULT. DESIGN. DELIVER. SERVOMEX SERVICE NETWORK With the array of gas analysis measurements that must be made during cryogenic air separation, plants will need a number of accurate instruments installed throughout the process. For reasons of space, efficiency, and performance, it makes sense for these gas analyzers to be integrated into complete systems where possible. Servomex has an expert systems team which works with you to design and deliver the most accurate and reliable Air Separation Unit (ASU) systems solutions available. Each scalable system is tailored to meet your exact...

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