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THE GOLD STANDARD FOR SUSTAINABILITY Servomex awarded EcoVadis accreditation EMPOWERING CHANGE FOR INDUSTRY How we’re helping to improve the future COMMITTED TO CARBON NET-ZERO Our efforts in meeting sustainability goals

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SUSTAINABLE GAS ANALYSIS FOR A CLEANER FUTURE… Welcome to Issue 39 of Expert Solutions. In this edition, we look at Servomex’s commitment to sustainability, and the gas analysis expertise that supports customer goals. Sustainability is now a key consideration for many industries, and we know that operating in a responsible way helps our customers achieve their own sustainability aims. We explain how Servomex operates as a sustainable business, as shown by our recent gold accreditation from independent assessor EcoVadis. We also outline our commitment to reaching carbon net-zero in our...

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A SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS Sustainable development and the move towards carbon net-zero are among the most important challenges for the future. Every day, Servomex is delivering the innovative technological solutions that help our customers reduce their global resource consumption and decrease the emissions of atmospheric pollution. Our research and development program is supporting clean air and hydrogen initiatives, which will be a key component in the reduction of global carbon footprints and emissions. Our sensors will play an ever-increasing role in the technologies used to support...

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SUSTAINABILITY YOU CAN MEASURE AND PROVE Servomex’s gold rating from EcoVadis proves that our commitment to sustainability is not just talk – it’s a measurable fact. EcoVadis is based on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards, using a variety of corporate performance evaluation criteria to measure a business's impact on society, the environment, and the economy. It also determines how transparent and accountable it is, including how you measure and demonstrate this with documents, data, and audited policies. Robust criteria have given EcoVadis global acceptance and...

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SUSTAINABILITY ACROSS THE ORGANIZATION Servomex is committed to sustainability, not just as a company, but as part of the wider Spectris group. This commitment is supported at the corporate level, ensuring our local-level activities have the full weight of the Spectris leadership team behind them. Our focus is not just on reducing emissions – with a commitment to reach net-zero carbon across our organization by 2030, and across our value chain by 2040 – but on introducing a sustainable approach to our people and operations. We partner with leading expert organizations such as EcoAct and...

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EMPOWERING CHANGE AROUND THE WORLD HOW WE DRIVE DECARBONIZATION Three-phase strategy for clean air: • Combustion efficiency • Gas cleaning Servomex helps to create a better world by enabling industries to meet their goals, from cleaner power generation and higher-quality chemical products, to better healthcare and faster, more cutting-edge technology. We make industrial processes clean, and clean applications pure, delivering industry-changing gas analysis measurements that enable more efficient use of resources and safer processes. • Emissions monitoring Efficient processes are cleaner,...

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HELPING TO BUILD A SUSTAINABLE WORLD Servomex takes a ‘whole company’ approach to sustainability. Our entire focus is on powering and enabling industrial change, principally by helping customers to make their industrial processes cleaner and more efficient. Our efforts are focused on four key UN Sustainable Development Goals: affordable and clean energy; industry, innovation, and infrastructure; responsible consumption and production; and climate action. We also have an impact in wider areas, including good health and wellbeing, and clean water and sanitation, while our ethical business...

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BUILDING A CLEANER FUTURE WITH DECARBONIZATION STRATEGIES Over many years there has been a growing awareness of the damage that dirty, inefficient industrial processes can do to our planet. These gas analyzers are designed to meet the most stringent global regulations covering carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions, focusing on the key process areas, working to reduce emissions and mitigate the damage caused by pollutants. For decades, Servomex gas analysis systems have always provided operators with the measurements to make applications more efficient, reducing fuel consumption and...

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KEY SOLUTIONS FOR CARBON CAPTURE GAS ANALYSIS The SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas is an extractive analyzer that can measure up to four flue gas components in a single chassis, meeting most continuous emissions monitoring gas analysis requirements. CARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGE Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies are key to many decarbonization strategies. They are used to collect carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from power plants and heavy industry, transporting them by pipeline or ship for underground storage. Empty oil and gas fields are often used to store CO2. Carbon capture and usage...

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WORLD-CLASS SUPPORT AROUND THE WORLD One of the areas where Servomex has grown fastest in recent years is the level of service support that we now provide to customers. LISTEN TO OUR EXPERTS Find out more about our solutions for sustainability and clean air with Servomex podcasts. Our global network of regional service centers provides expert remote and on-site assistance, wherever you are in the world, with customizable service plans tailored to your needs. From factory acceptance testing and commissioning, through to regular maintenance and emergency repairs, we’ve got you covered. We...

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