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ES 38 Korea Special - 1

OUR NEW KOREA SERVICE CENTER MEET OUR TEAM OF EXPERTS See how we can help keep your process operating Get to know the experts supporting your industry Discover how we solve the challenges you face

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ES 38 Korea Special - 2

THE NEW SERVOPRO DF-700 NanoTrace SERIES NEXT-GENERATION RELIABILITY OUR GROWING SUPPORT FOR THE KOREAN MARKETPLACE This issue also introduces you to some of the key experts working in the region, including their roles and responsibilities. We divide our support for customer markets into two key areas. Our Industrial Process & Emissions (IP&E) team handles power generation, hydrocarbon processing, and emissions monitoring applications, while the Purity & Specialty (P&S) team deals with industrial, medical, ultra-high purity, and semiconductor gas processes. Take advantage of improved...

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ES 38 Korea Special - 3

THE EXPERTS SUPPORTING YOUR APPLICATIONS Servomex has been supplying analyzers to the Korean petrochemical and refinery oil and gas market for approximately 30 years. For much of that time, this was through collaboration with distributors; however, in 2011, Servomex Korea was established. Much of the reason behind this was that the Korean semiconductor market had grown significantly, making the region ever more important, with Servomex supplying UHP gas analysis solutions to major manufacturers in the country. Today, Korea is one of Servomex’s largest markets, and is one of the...

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ES 38 Korea Special - 4

SUPPORT FOR THE MARKET BENEFITS INCLUDE: Proactive maintenance to help ensure improved reliability and optimum performance from your gas analyzers. Priority response and call-out, improving the response time and in-house support for our Koreabased customers. Locally based support which not only delivers a faster response but also covers all your service needs to minimize downtime. The new service center will hold demonstration analyzers that will be available to customers as “hot swap” units, ensuring that the end-user does not suffer any unnecessary downtime, and enabling them to keep...

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ES 38 Korea Special - 5

PURITY & SPECIALTY DELIVERING TRACE AND ULTRA-TRACE GAS MEASUREMENTS Our Purity and Specialty (P&S) team in Korea provide the essential products, application knowledge, and service support to market sectors including industrial and medical gases, UHP gases, and semiconductor manufacture. Accurate, stable gas analysis is essential for purity and quality assurance processes, particularly with increasing demands on the semiconductor market. We deliver expert knowledge and optimum solutions for your operations. COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS FOR INDUSTRIAL GASES HIGH-PURITY TRACE ANALYSIS FOR MEDICAL...

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ES 38 Korea Special - 6

PURITY & SPECIALTY APPLICATION ULTRA-HIGH PURITY GASES AND SEMICONDUCTORS Ultra-high purity (UHP) gases play an essential role in semiconductor manufacturing and the production of electronics such as LED and LCD displays. that ultra-high-purity gases are delivered to the manufacturing process. This requires accurate gas monitoring at very low levels of concentration. Manufacturing silicon wafers requires the use of ultra-pure gases to avoid contamination. Strict procedures, including multiple gas purification techniques, are used to ensure Even the smallest impurities can cause major...

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ES 38 Korea Special - 7

PRODUCT FOCUS NEXT-GENERATION MOISTURE ANALYSIS INTRODUCING THE GEN-7 SERVOPRO DF-700 RANGE The SERVOPRO DF-750 NanoTrace ULTRA and DF-760E NanoTrace ULTRA Gen-7 benefits are designed to meet the needs of the Korean market: • No vacuum source required • Simple push-button calibration • Low-cost maintenance • Larger display – recognize the concentration from a distance • Current delivery times are • Lower price point than • TDLAS measurement sensitivity faster than competitors remains unaffected even if the laser falls below 90 percent – unlike CRDS techniques competitor analyzers oxygen and...

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ES 38 Korea Special - 8

oss the full moisture peak curve thereby removing any laser source/detector changes or losses in or reflectivity. These traditional sources of drift are eliminated, so no zero calibration is required. TECHNOLOGY FOCUS hors: Will Forster, Douglas Barth, Paul Mazzoni and Dr. Te Liu TDLAS – A SUPERIOR MOISTURE SENSING SOLUTION Servomex’s moisture analysis technology uses Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) to measure trace moisture in pure gases. Using a simple, robust design, it has a single laser source and single detector to measure the sample and reference gases. Working...

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ES 38 Korea Special - 9

PURITY & SPECIALTY APPLICATION AIR SEPARATION UNIT APPLICATIONS Air separation unit (ASU) applications require accurate gas analysis to improve process control, safety, and product quality. Continuous, reliable analysis throughout the process is essential to meet these goals. An ASU separates atmospheric air into three pure gaseous elements – nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. Further separation is required for quantities of noble gases such as neon and krypton. Accurate gas compositional analysis is essential to ensure purity across the air separation process. It is vital to maintain the purity...

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ES 38 Korea Special - 10

SpectraExact 2500 photometric gas analyzer Built for corrosive, toxic, and flammable gas streams, it leads the way for application solutions in a range of industries. BENEFITS: ■ Ethylene production ■ Carbon capture and storage ■ Ethylene dichloride ■ Direct reduction iron production Laser 3 Plus Series EPA PS18 compliant NH3 CEMS analyzer A range of fast, compact and accurate Tunable Diode Laser analyzers for combustion, process, and environmental applications. BENEFITS: ■ Low lifetime cost of ownership ■ Carbon capture and storage ■ Ethylene dichloride ■ Direct reduction iron production

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ES 38 Korea Special - 11

TECHNOLOGY FOCUS PARAMAGNETIC SENSING – FOR RELIABLE PERCENTAGE OXYGEN MEASUREMENT Servomex’s ground-breaking magnetodynamic Paramagnetic technology provides fast, accurate and sensitive measurements of percentage levels of oxygen (O2), and is ideal for measurements in flammable or corrosive gas mixtures. Paramagnetic sensing Magnetic field • Oxidation control reactions Unlike electrochemical sensing technologies and other types of paramagnetic implementation, a Servomex Paramagnetic cell is non-depleting, so it never needs changing and its performance never deteriorates over time, and no...

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