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ES 34 70th Anniversary - 1

SHAPING THE FUTURE What lies ahead for our gas analysis solutions? COMMITTED TO A BETTER WORLD Our solutions for clean air and sustainability A HISTORY OF SERVOMEX Our achievements through the years

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ES 34 70th Anniversary - 2

CELEBRATING 70 YEARS OF GAS ANALYSIS EXPERTISE Welcome to the latest issue of Expert Solutions. In this issue, we celebrate 70 years since the beginning of Servomex. In 1952, three partners set up Servomex as a manufacturer of electronic products. It’s unlikely they could have foreseen our transformation over the next seven decades to our current position as the global expert in gas analysis. In this issue, we look back at where we started, and how we came to be where we are today. However, while we celebrate the achievements of the past, our primary focus is on the future. Clean air and...

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ES 34 70th Anniversary - 3

CELEBRATING THE PAST BY LOOKING TO THE FUTURE In this year, 2022, we celebrate 70 years as providers of precise, reliable, and renowned solutions and products to our customers. As we reflect on our many years in this industry, we are taking huge steps forward in helping to shape it for the future. Our expertise in gas analysis and well-earned reputation allow us to help others to become more sustainable and efficient. Founded in 1952 by Richard Steel, John Crockett, and Ronald Mudie, we have grown to become the global experts in gas analysis, employing more than 400 people, operating across...

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ES 34 70th Anniversary - 4

BUILDING A CLEANER FUTURE THROUGH DECARBONIZATION One of the biggest changes to our industry over the past 70 years has been the growing awareness of the damage that dirty, inefficient processes can do to our planet. Now, we have developed a complete portfolio of solutions to support a comprehensive three-stage strategy for clean air and decarbonization. Throughout the decades, we have provided operators with the measurements to make applications more efficient, reducing fuel consumption and lowering waste emissions. These gas analyzers are designed to meet the most stringent global...

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ES 34 70th Anniversary - 5

EXPERT PURITY AND SPECIALTY SOLUTIONS HIGH-PURITY TRACE ANALYSIS FOR MEDICAL GASES High-performance Servomex analyzer solutions, combined with our Hummingbird sensing technologies, meet pharmacopeia standards for measuring medical gases. Versatile, industry-leading analysis delivers the purity monitoring you need. Servomex’s solutions for industrial, medical, and UHP gas applications are delivered through our Purity & Specialty (P&S) division. The P&S team provides customers with products, knowledge, and service support, supplying optimum solutions for a range of applications including air...

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ES 34 70th Anniversary - 6

INDUSTRIAL PROCESS ENGINEERING INNOVATIVE ANSWERS FOR POWER, HP, AND EMISSIONS RELIABLE HP APPLICATION MEASUREMENTS Accurate, reliable gas analysis is essential for hydrocarbon processing. We deliver effective solutions for process control, safety, and quality in a wide range of applications. The experts in our Industrial Process & Emissions (IP&E) division are responsible for our gas analysis solutions for power generation, hydrocarbon processing, and emissions monitoring applications. With a range of gas analyzers and systems for midstream and downstream applications, our depth of...

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ES 34 70th Anniversary - 7

SUSTAINABILITY ACROSS THE ORGANIZATION AN ETHICAL APPROACH TO BUSINESS Servomex is committed to sustainability, not just as a company, but as part of the wider Spectris group. This commitment is supported at the corporate level, ensuring our local-level activities have the full weight of the Spectris leadership team behind them. Servomex strives for a positive business culture that empowers our staff across the world to engage with our stakeholders in a manner that is honest, transparent, and trusted. We encourage and expect our customers, suppliers and other business partners to share this...

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ES 34 70th Anniversary - 8

Q&A: AN EXPERT VIEW OF OUR PAST AND FUTURE We asked our experts around the globe about Servomex’s past achievements and some of the key issues facing gas analysis in the future. Here’s what they said… WHAT, IN YOUR VIEW, HAS BEEN SERVOMEX’S MOST REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENT IN THE PAST 70 YEARS? HOW WOULD YOU SUM UP SERVOMEX’S DEVELOPMENT OVER THE LAST 70 YEARS? "It’s been a story of continuous evolution. Servomex started off as a small UK company selling voltage stabilizers, and has grown to become a world leader in analyzer technology, developing the people and the skills to compete on a world...

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ES 34 70th Anniversary - 9

SEVENTY YEARS OF SERVOMEX Servomex was founded in the United Kingdom in 1952 by three partners: Richard Steel, John Crockett, and Ronald Mudie. Taking its name from ‘Servomechanism', the company originally manufactured electronic products including capacitor boxes, waveform generators and a successful range of mains (AC) voltage stabilizers/controllers. When managing director Richard Steel met Charles Munday, who was developing an advanced version of the paramagnetic oxygen sensor using a platinum feedback loop, the company began its journey to today’s global business. Working together, the...

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ES 34 70th Anniversary - 10

SERVOMEX MILESTONES WORLD EVENTS SOME OF OUR PRODUCTS FROM THE 2000s Microsoft launches Windows 2.0. Following the purchase and restructure of Sybron the previous year, Servomex managing director John Burton leads a management buyout. Servomex is listed on the stock exchange. With companies already established in France, the Netherlands, and USA, Servomex Asia Pacific is launched in Taiwan. Roger Harrop is appointed chief executive and a new logo is introduced. The first Simpsons cartoon is shown as part of The Tracy Ullman Show. Servomex acquires Contrôle Analytique. Product range...

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ES 34 70th Anniversary - 11

HUMMINGBIRD: TWO-TIME QUEEN’S AWARD WINNERS WE ARE DELIGHTED THAT SERVOMEX’S 70TH YEAR HAS ALSO SEEN OUR HUMMINGBIRD SENSING TECHNOLOGY BRAND WIN THE QUEEN'S AWARD FOR ENTERPRISE: INTERNATIONAL TRADE 2022. This accolade has been awarded to Hummingbird – the expert manufacturer of gas sensors for medical and industrial applications – as it has demonstrated significant growth in international trade over the past six years. Part of this growth is attributed to the ways in which Hummingbird responded to the Covid-19 pandemic in order to meet a surge in demand for its sensors as the global need...

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