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SUPPORTING YOUR IP&E PROCESSES GLOBALLY IN THIS ISSUE P04-05. How our IP&E team supports your process P06-07. Change is in the air with our emissions reduction products Welcome to the latest issue of our Expert Solutions (ES) magazine, which focuses on the varied applications and processes supported by our Industrial Process and Emissions (IP&E) team. Our IP&E division provides expert solutions for the power generation and hydrocarbon processing industries, including the monitoring and reduction of harmful emissions. Reducing the amount of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide,...

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THE IP&E TEAM – READY TO IMPROVE YOUR PROCESS GET THE EXPERT VIEWPOINT WITH OUR NEW PODCAST SERIES Our Industrial Process & Emissions (IP&E) division is responsible for our gas analysis solutions in the power generation, hydrocarbon processing and emissions monitoring markets. With an extensive team based in our technical centers and business centers around the world, we have the comprehensive technologies and expert knowledge to deliver the optimum solution for your operation. Our IP&E team has launched a new range of podcasts, providing expert advice on a range of topics and processes...

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OUR THREE-PHASE STRATEGY FOR CLEANER AIR PHASE ONE Find out more about our comprehensive solutions for clean air: Controlling this important process reaction reduces emissions of key pollutants, including NOx, SOx, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, lowers fuel consumption, and improves safety. Accurate measurements of oxygen (O2) and combustibles allows optimization of the ratio between fuel and air, for the most efficient reaction. Harmful substances can be safely removed from process gases instead of being emitted by the plant. Examples include DeNOx treatments,...

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Ethylene oxide GAS ANALYSIS SOLUTIONS FOR ETHYLENE OXIDE PRODUCTION ^ , THE PRODUCTION PROCESS (1) The O2 and EO are heated, mixed, and reacted using a silver oxide-based catalyst and inhibitors. Thorough mixing is critical to ensure the O2 concentration does not go above the explosive limit. A mixing nozzle ensures the gas mixture changes direction several times, creating turbulence that better mixes the gases. OXYGEN FEED ETHYLENE FEED a. The reaction temperature is controlled by heat exchanger tubes built into the reactor, keeping it at around 200 to 300°C - 390 to S70°F - under moderate...

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PROCESS STUDY Ethylene oxide Any unreacted ethylene is passed into a recycle loop, where the stream is purified and measured for quality by a SERVOTOUGH SpectraExact 2500 analyzer, then compressed and fed back into the process. THE SERVOMEX SOLUTION Servomex provides expert oxygen O2 analysis systems for this application to EO plants around the world. Designed specifically for the measurement of high-purity O2 environments, the SERVOTOUGH OxyExact 2200 is built around our industry-leading patented Paramagnetic sensing technology. Its rugged, resilient design provides the reliable and...

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APPLICATION STUDY Marine vapor control THE IMPORTANCE OF GAS ANALYSIS IN MARINE VAPOR CONTROL SERVOMEX'S PROVEN SOLUTIONS MVC systems have become well developed, and the technology is long-proven. Servomex has provided fixed and portable gas analysis solutions to the global MVC industry for more than 30 years. This has placed us at the forefront of MVC gas analysis, as a turnkey solutions provider for OEMs. Our Paramagnetic sensors offer excellent response times and meet the necessary certifications for use in hazardous areas. While initially more expensive than electrochemical cells, they...

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TECHNOLOGY FOCUS Paramagnetic sensing PARAMAGNETIC SENSING -FOR RELIABLE PERCENTAGE OXYGEN MEASUREMENT Servomex's ground-breaking magnetodynamic Paramagnetic technology provides fast, accurate and sensitive measurements of percentage levels of oxygen (O2), and is ideal for measurements in flammable or corrosive gas mixtures. The Paramagnetic cell consists of two nitrogen-filled glass spheres, mounted within a magnetic field, on a rotating suspension, with a centrally-placed mirror. Light shines on the mirror and is reflected onto a pair of photocells. 02 is naturally Paramagnetic, so is...

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PRODUCT FOCUS UNRIVALED PERFORMANCE IN HAZARDOUS AREA OXYGEN (O2) ANALYSIS FEATURES AND BENEFITS: • Transmitter three-enclosure systems allow sampling of any flammable gas up to 100% O2 and pressures of up to 45 psia • Up to six transmitters can be connected to one control unit • Control units use an option card-based I/O system to allow expansion of I/O to suit system requirements • SIL 2 hardware compliant • High-temperature transmitter eliminates the need to condense hot wet samples prior to analysis • Zone 1 certified to ATEX Cat 2, IECEx, CML (Japan) and FM/CSA Class 1 Div 1 The...

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SERVOMEX SERVICE NETWORK Servomex support doesn't end with the supply of your analyzer or system. Our service team delivers expertise directly to your plant, with service plans that deliver protection, peace of mind, and partnership for your gas analysis. Global coverage is provided by service centers and mobile engineers worldwide, allowing the Servomex Service Network to ensure that your processes run efficiently, safely and profitably. Support offered includes service plans, spares, on-site support, commissioning, health checks, training, and equipment rental. We also provide expert...

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