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GAS ANALYS I S AP P L ICAT IONS GUIDE MEETING P&S CHALLENGES Solutions for medical, industrial and semiconductor gases OUR EXPERT TEAMS Get all the application knowledge you need SOLUTIONS FOR IP&E PROCESSES Solving challenges for power, HP and emissions

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COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR GAS ANALYSIS APPLICATIONS IN THIS ISSUE P04 The work of our P&S division Welcome to the latest edition of Expert Solutions magazine, which looks at our gas analysis solutions for industrial applications. Servomex delivers scalable gas analysis solutions for hundreds of processes in many different industrial sectors, ranging from single analyzers to turnkey application solutions in off-the-shelf and customized designs. P08 Case study: Our systems solution for Gasunie In this issue, we’ve selected just 13 of the key processes that illustrate how our gas...

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Servomex's Purity & Specialty (P&S) division delivers gas analysis products, knowledge and service support to market sectors including industrial and medical gases, UHP gases, and semiconductor manufacture. These are just three of the many applications for which we supply accurate, reliable and stable gas analysis solutions: UNIT APPLICATIONS COMPLETE GAS HIGH-PURITY TRACE ANALYSIS FOR INDUSTRIAL GASES We set the standard for accurate, reliable gas analysis in the industrial gas (IG) market, delivering groundbreaking technologies and solutions for unparalleled performance and reduced cost...

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MEDICAL GASES ULTRA-HIGH PURITY GASES AND SEMICONDUCTORS Ultra-high purity (UHP) gases are essential for semiconductor manufacturing and the production of electronics such as LED and LCD displays. Gases used for medical treatment are regulated under the same rules as medicinal drugs. These regulations – typically covered in a publication called a Pharmacopeia – specify how each gas should be produced and validated, the acceptable purity level, and official measurement records. For example, under European Pharmacopeia (EP) rules, medical oxygen (O2) requires an assay measurement to ensure O2...

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Servomex's industrial process and emissions (IP&E) division handles gas analysis solutions for applications in the power generation, hydrocarbon processing and emissions monitoring markets. COMPLETE GAS ANALYSIS FOR POWER PROCESSES Our expert solutions help optimize and control your combustion applications, and increase safety and efficiency in power generation operations, while lowering harmful emissions. RELIABLE HP APPLICATION MEASUREMENTS We provide effective solutions for accurate, reliable gas analysis, process control, safety and quality for a range of midstream and downstream...

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direct REDUCTION IRON ETHYLENE PRODUCTION Rapid, accurate gas analysis supports the safe, efficient operation of ethylene plants, bringing control and confidence to every process point. In ethylene production plants, it is essential to reliably monitor process gases, while feed gas quality is also critical to the overall process. Additionally, it is vital to monitor gas quality throughout the process in order to ensure a high product yield. Failure to monitor the gas feed throughout the process can significantly reduce the efficiency of the process. A less pure gas results in a lower...

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ETHYLENE DICHLORIDE PRODUCTION ETHYLENE OXIDE PRODUCTION Ethylene dichloride (EDC) is a key intermediate for the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). We deliver the industry-leading gas analysis solutions that overcome process problems including condensation and corrosion. The ethylene-based route to PVC production, using EDC as an intermediate, is the predominant method globally. Gas analysis is required at several points throughout EDC production, for process control and quality monitoring. A variety of technologies are required to measure the range of gas components within the...

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PROCESS HEATERS MARINE VAPOR CONTROL ■ Servomex has more than 30 years of experience in this sector, providing fixed and portable gas analysis products to marine terminals and tanker vessels involved in the transfer and transportation of crude oil and refined products. Strict regulations are in place to control the systems used to monitor marine vapors. These govern the performance levels of the analyzer and its suitability to the hazardous environment. Analyzers used in these systems must be approved by the relevant regulatory body. The vapors produced during loading are either returned to...

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PROPYLENE OXIDE PRODUCTION PURIFIED TEREPHTHALIC ACID PRODUCTION Propylene oxide (PO) is an important intermediate for the manufacture of propylene glycol, which can be used as an antifreeze agent or to create polyurethane plastics. It can be manufactured through hydrochlorination - converting propene to propylene chlorohydrin and then dechlorinating - or, more commonly, through oxidation of propylene with an organic peroxide. Both methods require gas analysis for safety and quality control. Manufacturing propylene oxide through the oxidation process requires oxygen levels to be monitored...

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VINYL CHLORIDE MONOMER PRODUCTION In coal-fired power generation, pre-heated air and pulverized coal are fed into the boiler where combustion takes place. This demanding industry requires operators to deliver the most efficient process while maintaining safe operation, controlling fuel costs and meeting stringent targets for emissions. Excess air is needed to ensure complete combustion, but if this excess is too high, combustion efficiency will fall through heat loss. However, if the process is run with excess fuel, not all the fuel will be burnt. Precise monitoring and control of flue gas...

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