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NanoTrace Dual Moisture/Oxygen Analyzer DF-760E Instruction Manual

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Copyright 2016 by Servomex Corporation No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form, or by any means including electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior written permission of Servomex Corporation. NanoTrace Moisture Analyzer is a trademark of Servomex Corporation. VCR is a registered trademark of the Cajon Company. DF-760E Operator Manual Manual Version 08241

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Your NanoTrace Moisture Analyzer has been designed, manufactured and is supported under ISO-9001 controls, thus helping to insure the highest possible standards of quality. Every analyzer that Servomex manufactures is tested and operated on a variety of gas concentrations to insure that it functions properly when you receive it. The certificate of calibration assures your analyzer has been calibrated on gases that are traceable to NIST standards. With proper maintenance, your analyzer should remain calibrated for years. For a fast and successful startup, please read this manual carefully....

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Read Me First… Unpacking Procedure Follow the procedure below to unpack your NanoTrace Dual Analyzer 1. Examine the condition of the packaging and its contents. If any damage is apparent, immediately notify the carrier and Servomex. Do not proceed with the installation. 2. Check the contents against the packing slip to make sure the shipment is complete. Unattached equipment may be shipped with the analyzer in supplemental packaging. Shortages should be reported to Servomex immediately. 3. All NanoTrace Dual analyzers are shipped with the following: Item One bottle of Electrolyte Part...

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Installation and Maintenance The NanoTrace Dual Analyzer provides years of accurate and dependable service if it is set up, operated and maintained properly. It is essential to make a careful and complete installation as outlined in the Installation and Start Up section of this manual. It is assumed that NanoTrace Dual Analyzer users are familiar with the techniques and precautions associated with Ultra-High Purity (UHP) gas, its plumbing, and devices such as UHP regulators and gas purifiers, and that the analyzer is used as designed and intended. Unlike much UHP analytical equipment,...

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2 Cautions 2.1 Symbols and Explanations The following symbols are used on the analyzer labels and throughout this manual. CAUTION CONSULT MANUAL - ATTENTION CONSULTER LE MANUEL This symbol alerts the user to the presence of hazardous conditions that may be dangerous to individuals or equipment. To maintain safety consult the manual when this symbol is marked on a label, and read sections of the manual marked with this symbol. Ce symbole informe l'utilisateur de la présence de conditions dangereuses qui peuvent être dommageables aux personnes ou à l'équipement. Pour assurer la sécurité,...

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2.2 Important Warnings CAUTION: READ THE MANUAL ATTENTION: LIRE LE MANUEL Do not setup or operate this analyzer without a complete understanding of the instructions in this manual. This analyzer must be operated in a manner consistent with its intended use and as specified in this manual. Servomex cannot be responsible for direct or consequential damages that result from installing or operating the analyzer in a manner not described in this manual. Ne pas installer ou utiliser cet analyseur sans une compréhension complète des instructions de ce manuel. Cet analyseur doit être utilisé de...

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CAUTION: POWER CORD SAFETY ATTENTION : SÉCURITÉ DU CORDON D’ALIMENTATION The power cord provides the protective earth connection. Ensure that the power cord is plugged into a properly grounded outlet that conforms to national and local electrical codes. Avoid damaging the power cord. Do not bend it excessively, step on it, or place heavy objects on it. A damaged cord can be a shock or fire hazard. Never use a power cord if it is damaged. Do not use a power cord with inadequate specifications (less than 120 VAC, 10 Amps) or without a protective earth wire. Le cordon d'alimentation assure la...

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CAUTION: CHECK AC OPERATING VOLTAGE ATTENTION : VÉRIFICATION DE LA TENSION CA The analyzer has been factory set to operate on either 110 or 220 VAC. Check the voltage setting marked near the AC inlet. The analyzer may be damaged if operated on a different voltage than marked. Changing the operating voltage requires the analyzer to be returned to the factory. L'analyseur a été réglé en usine pour fonctionner sur un courant ca de 110 ou 220 V. Vérifiez la tension indiquée sur l'appareil à l'entrée du courant. L'analyseur peut être endommagé s'il fonctionne sur une tension différente que celle...

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CAUTION: FOR INDOOR USE, ONLY ATTENTION : UTILISATION À L'INTÉRIEUR SEULEMENT The DF-760 is for indoor use only. It should not be located in an area where it will be subjected to particulate, condensed moisture, caustic atmosphere, temperature extremes, or operation outside of any limits listed in section 3, Specifications. Le DF-760 ne s'utilise qu'à l'intérieur. Il ne doit pas être placé dans un endroit où il peut être soumis à de la matière particulaire, à de l'eau de condensation, à un milieu caustique, à des températures extrêmes ou à un fonctionnement dépassant les limites énumérées à...

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CAUTION: OXYGEN SENSOR USE WITH PURE OXYGEN ATTENTION : UTILISATION DU CAPTEUR D'OXYGÈNE AVEC DE L’OXYGÈNE PUR The DF-760 should not be used with pure oxygen. The oxygen sensor can be permanently damaged by operation with a pure oxygen sample gas. Le DF-760 ne doit pas être utilisé avec de l'oxygène pur. Le capteur d'oxygène peut être endommagé de façon permanente s'il est utilisé avec un échantillon gazeux d'oxygène pur. CAUTION: INERT, TOXIC AND COMBUSTIBLE GASES ATTENTION : GAZ INERTES, TOXIQUES ET COMBUSTIBLES The DF-760, DF-750 and DF-745 analyzers have been designed for use with...

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