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DF370E Product Brochure

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PROCESS ANALYSERS DF-370E The DF-370E is a Coulometric sensor based oxygen analyser designed for installation in area classified as hazardous and is designed to measure trace and percent level oxygen in a variety of background gases. The DF-370E is microprocessor driven for easy configuration and maintenance, and improved accuracy. FEATURES Non-depleting sensor with 5 year sensor warranty Factory calibrated Minimum maintenance Fast response time and recovery from upset condition Suitable for multiple background gases with a single unit Low detection limit and high accuracy NEMA 7 Enclosure for control unit and remote sensor APPLICATIONS Hydrogen production Polypropylene production Polyethylene production Oil refining and petrochemical applications

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DF-370E KEY FEATURES Low Cost of Ownership Sensor is highly stable and requires annual SPAN calibration only. No programmed cell replacement required. Sensor warranty of 5 years as standard. Highly Sensitive Lower detection limit (LDL) of 10 ppb when operating on 0-1 ppm or lower range. ELECTRICAL SAFETY Electrical safety to IEC 61010-1: Ed 2. The product is rated for “Installation Category II” in accordance with IEC 60664-1. The product is rated for “Pollution Degree 2” in accordance with IEC 60664-1. EC DIRECTIVE COMPLIANCE The DF-370E is in compliance with: Low Voltage Directive...

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Operating ranges: Smallest recommended output range: Intrinsic error (accuracy) at sample flow rate Zero drift/month: Span drift/month: Remote mount sensor mounted Coulometric non-depleting electrochemical sensor 0-0.5ppm up to 0-25% * Any range between these ranges +/- 3% of reading or +/- 0.5% FSD for standard models +/- 3% of reading or +/- 0.02% FSD for high resolution models +/- 3% of reading or 50ppb for 0-100ppm high resolution mode +/- 3% of reading or 10ppb for 0-50ppm high resolution mode Mounted up to 300 meters from the control unit Output range Stab-El sensor system: Any range...

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DF-370E SPECIFICATION CONT. UTILITIES REQUIRED Ambient Conditions Power Temperature: +0°C to +45°C (Stable) Relative humidity: 0 to 95% RH non-condensing Altitude: 2000 meters above sea level 22-28V dc, 1Amp (max) 110V ac or 220V ac 50/60Hz, 35 Watt maximum consumption ZERO Gas Not required SPAN Gas Any blend of O2 in N2 within the operating range of the sensor SAMPLE WETTED MATERIALS SERVICE & SUPPORT Analyser fitted with: Stainless steel G10 Epoxy Polypropylene Tygon For new installations and replacement of older Servomex and competitor products, we will work with you to develop a bespoke...

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