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SERVOPRO NANO Trace DF-745/DF-749 Analyzer Installation and Operator Manual Part Number: Revision: Language:

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION Continued safe and reliable operation of this equipment is conditional on all installation, operation and maintenance procedures being carried out in accordance with the appropriate manuals, by personnel having appropriate qualifications, experience, and training. Failure to observe the requirements of the manual may result in the user being held responsible for the consequences and may invalidate any warranty. Servomex will accept no liability for unauthorized modifications to Servomex supplied equipment. Servomex has paid particular attention to Health and Safety...

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DF-745 Operator Manual - 7

About this manual About this manual Safety information The following icons are used throughout this manual to iden�fy any poten�al hazards that could cause serious injury to people or damage to the equipment: This symbol warns of specific hazards which, if not considered, may result in personal injury or death. This symbol warns of specific hazards from laser radia�on. This symbol warns of specific hazards from the presence of electrical voltage and current. . Other information provided by the manual This symbol highlights where you must take special care to ensure the Analyser or other...

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DF-745 Operator Manual - 8

About this manual Getting Started Thank you for selecting the NanoTrace DF-745/749Analyzer. Servomex designs, manufactures, exhaustively tests, and supports every analyzer under the tightest quality controls. You can expect every Servomex analyzer to arrive in perfect condition and provide years of trouble-free service if maintained properly. Please call your nearest Servomex Business Center if you need assistance. Quality The NanoTrace DF-745/749 Analyzer has been designed and manufactured under ISO-9001 controls, thus helping to ensure the highest possible standards of quality. Every...

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DF-745 Operator Manual - 9

Safety Summary Safety Summary General Warnings and Cautions Hazardous AC voltages are present within this instrument. Do not remove the top or left side covers — no user-serviceable parts are located under the covers. Do not connect this analyzer to AC power until all signal cables and plumbing have been connected. Disconnect the analyzer from AC power before installing or removing external connections, the sensor, the electronics, or when charging or draining electrolyte. Disconnect the analyzer from AC power before moving the analyzer. WARNING: AC POWER GROUND REQUIRED Ensure that power...

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DF-745 Operator Manual - 10

Safety Summary DANGER Potentially hazardous AC voltages are present within this instrument. Leave all servicing to qualified personnel. Disconnect the AC power source when installing or removing external connections, the sensor, or electronic components. CAUTION Do not set up or operate the analyzer without a complete understanding of the instructions in this manual. Do not connect this analyzer to a power source until all signal and plumbing connections are made. CAUTION This analyzer must be operated in a manner consistent with its intended use and as specified in this manual. WARNING:...

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DF-745 Operator Manual - 11

Safety Summary The DF-745 analyzer is a Class 1 laser device (per BS EN 60825-1:2014 and 21CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 56, 5 May 2019). It contains a laser emitter inside the moisture sensor, which is sealed and not user serviceable. Do not disassemble or modify the moisture sensor. Exposure to laser emissions may result in injury, including damage to the eyes. © Servomex Group Limited. 2021

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DF-745 Operator Manual - 12

Safety Summary Safety Labelling and General Marking Loca�on of Informa�onal product marking and safety labelling on the DF-745/749 is shown in Figure 1, Figure 2, and Figure 3. Figure 1: Analyzer Markings Shown in Rear Area View Figure 2: Sensor Markings – Side © Servomex Group Limited. 2021

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DF-745 Operator Manual - 13

Safety Summary Figure 3: Sensor Marking – Front © Servomex Group Limited. 2021

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DF-745 Operator Manual - 14

Product Description The NanoTrace DF-745 and DF-749 moisture analyzers are designed for con�nuous UHP (Ultra High Purity) analysis of moisture content in process gases. These instruments have a similar design that includes the following external features: a steel chassis enclosure that accommodates rack moun�ng, 6 x 9-inch LCD screen, push-buton keys for user-interface, gas panel containing ports for input and output of gasses (process and pneuma�c), flowmeter (op�onal), connectors for digital and analog data output, and an IEC 60320 C-13 receptacle for connec�on to electrical power....

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DF-745 Operator Manual - 15

Figure 5: DF-745/749 Analyzer (rear) © Servomex Group Limited. 2021

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DF-745 Operator Manual - 16

Internal Components The DF-745/749 Analyzer’s major internal components are depicted in Figure 7, below. Figure 7: Major Internal Components Specifications Summary A summary of DF-745/749 characteris�cs is provided in the paragraphs below. Complete specifica�ons are provided in Chapter Error! Reference source not found. Specifica�ons. Moisture Detection Lowest Detection Level (LDL): 1 ppb @ Constant Conditions Resolution: Analytical (Smallest Detectable Change): 100 ppt Display: .01 ppb Accuracy: Greater of ±3% of reading or ±1 ppb @ Constant Conditions Background Gas Compatibility: N2, H2,...

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DF-745 Operator Manual - 17

Laser Specifications Max Power: 50mW/30mW Beam Divergence: 436 mrad Pulse Pattern: Continuous Wave Classifica�on: Laser Device- Class 3, Analyzer-Class 1 (per BS EN 60825-1:2014 and 21CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for devia�ons pursuant to Laser No�ce No. 56, 5 May 2019) Environmental Operating Conditions Altitude: 2000 meters (6500 feet), max Ambient Operating Temperature: 10° C to 40° C (50° F to 105° F) Humidity: 80% humidity for temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C Exposure to Weather: Indoor use only in a clean and dry, non-hazardous area of...

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DF-745 Operator Manual - 18

Installa�on, Start-up, and Shutdown 3 Installation, start-up, and Shut Down 3.1 Unpacking Procedure Follow the procedure below to unpack your DF-745/749 NanoTrace Analyzer: 1. Examine the condition of the packaging and its contents. If any damage is apparent, immediately notify the carrier and Servomex. Do not proceed with the installation. 2. Check the contents against the packing slip to make sure the shipment is complete. Unattached equipment may be shipped with the analyzer in supplemental packaging. Shortages should be reported to Servomex immediately. 3. All standard NanoTrace...

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