DF-745 NanoTrace Instruction Manual - 98 Pages

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DF-745 NanoTrace Instruction Manual

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A DELTA F CORPORATION 4 Constitution Way, Woburn, MA 01801-1087 Telephone: (781) 935-4600 FAX: (781) 938-0531

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The Delta F Difference Your NanoTrace Moisture Analyzer has been designed, manufactured and is supported under the tightest of controls, thus helping to insure the highest possible standards of quality. Every analyzer that Delta F manufactures is tested and operated on a variety of gas concentrations to insure that it functions properly when you receive it. The certificate of calibration assures your analyzer has been calibrated on gases that are traceable to NIST standards. With proper maintenance, your analyzer should remain calibrated for years. For a fast and successful startup, please...

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Read Me First... Unpacking Procedure Follow the procedure below to unpack your NanoTrace Moisture Analyzer 1. Examine the condition of the packaging and its contents. If any damage is apparent, immediately notify the carrier and Delta F. Do not proceed with the installation. 2. Check the contents against the packing slip to make sure the shipment is complete. Unattached equipment may be shipped with the analyzer in supplemental packaging. Shortages should be reported to Delta F immediately. 3. All NanoTrace Moisture Analyzers are shipped with the following: 4. Open the analyzer door, remove...

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Unlike much UHP analytical equipment, NanoTrace Moisture Analyzer does not require constant maintenance. However the maintenance intervals for zero and span calibrations, must be determined and followed carefully. Thank You Thank you for selecting the NanoTrace Moisture Analyzer. Delta F designs, manufactures, exhaustively tests, and supports every analyzer under the tightest quality controls. You should expect every Delta F analyzer to arrive in perfect working order and, with good maintenance, provide years of troublefree service. Please call the Service Phone Line at (781) 935-5808 if...

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2 Cautions There are a number of warnings and cautions that must be observed to avoid damage to the analyzer as well to insure the safety of its users. The analyzer must be operated in a manner specified in this manual. Delta F cannot be responsible for direct or consequential damages that result from installing or operating the analyzer in a manner not described in this manual. Importantly, the analyzer has been designed for use with inert, non-toxic, non-combustible sample gases only. Delta F cannot be responsible for direct or consequential damages that result from using the analyzer...

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CAUTION Do not setup or operate this analyzer without a complete understanding of the instructions in this manual. Do not connect this Analyzer to a power source until all signal and plumbing connections are made. CAUTION This analyzer must be operated in a manner consistent with its intended use and as specified in this manual. EMI DISCLAIMER This Analyzer generates and uses small amounts of radio frequency energy. There is no guarantee that interference to radio or television signals will not occur in a particular installation. If interference is experienced, turn-off the analyzer. If the...

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3.1 Moisture Lowest Detection Level (LDL): 2 ppb @ Constant Conditions Resolution: Analytical (Smallest Detectable Change): .5 ppb Display: 100 ppt Accuracy: Greater of±3% of reading or ±1 ppb @ Constant Conditions Speed of Response: Typically 10 minutes to reach 90 percent of an upward step change Upset Recovery Time: Typically less than 5 minutes from a high ppb upset to within 10 ppb of the previously stable reading. Range: 0-20 ppm Background Gas Compatibility: All inert and passive gases including N2, H2, He, Ar and O2 3.2 General Warranty: One year from ship date on the entire...

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Audible/Visual Alarm Status Indicators: Four Moisture levels, Temperature, Moisture cell Diagnostic, Zero Verification or Calibration in Process, Moisture Analyzer off-line, Analog output freeze during calibration. Alarm Relays: Four non-latching, independently assignable to moisture alarms or to moisture calibration-in-process indicator. SPDT contacts rated at 1 Amp @ 30 VDC. Fail safe action upon loss of power to alarm condition. Not designed to switch AC power. Storage Temperature: Not to exceed 50° C (122° F) Construction: NEMA 1, 19 inch rack mount Dimensions: 19 inch (48.3cm) wide x...

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Figure 1: Overall View

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4 Installation, Start Up and Shut Down Installation of the analyzer requires the following steps be followed: # Connecting the N2/Air supply to the aspirator Connecting an exhaust tube to the aspirator outlet, if needed Connecting the pneumatic pressure service to the pneumatic inlet fitting Connecting the sample gas line to the analyzer inlet fitting Making the power connection to the analyzer POWER SWITCH Figure 2: Major Internal Components Installation, Start Up and Shut Down

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4.1 Analyzer Installation 4.1.1 Vacuum Source Aspirator The standard vacuum source provided with the DF-745 analyzer is a factory installed aspirator as shown in Figure 3. Aspirator installation with the optional gas panel is identical. SAMPLE VENT ASPIRATOR 80 psi IN Figure 3: Aspirator Installation A regulated source of dry compressed gas (either N2 or air) is required at 80psi and a flow rate of approximately 15 slpm. Connection is made to the aspirator by way of a ¼ inch compression fitting labeled “80 psi IN”. It is very important to note that the diameter of the gas supply...

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Be sure to use a backup wrench when making all connections to the aspirator. Vacuum Pump An optional vacuum pump can be purchased for those cases where there is insufficient gas pressure or flow to operate the aspirator, or when the analyzer is installed in a portable cart and connection to a continuous gas supply is inconvenient. See page 25 for information on the installation of the optional vacuum pump. 4.1.2 Pneumatic Pressure Line Connection - Optional The pneumatic gas connection (required for the optional gas panel) is a 1/8 inch compression fitting as shown in Figure 5 and...

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