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Copyright 2011 by Servomex Corporation No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form, or by any means including electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior written permission of Servomex Corporation. Stab-El and Bi-Strata are trademarks of Servomex Corporation

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DF-150E Operator Manual Version 102213 Your Process Oxygen Analyzer has been designed, manufactured and is supported under ISO-9001 controls, thus helping to insure the highest possible standards of quality. Every analyzer that Servomex manufactures is tested and operated on a variety of gas concentrations to insure that it functions properly when you receive it. The certificate of calibration assures your analyzer has been calibrated on gases that are traceable to NIST standards. With proper maintenance, your analyzer should remain calibrated for years. For a fast and successful startup,...

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Unpacking -Follow the steps below to unpack your Servomex analyzer. 1. Examine the condition of the packaging and its contents. If any damage is apparent, immediately notify the carrier and Servomex. Do not proceed with the installation. 2. Check the contents against the packing slip to make sure the shipment is complete. Unattached equipment may be shipped with the analyzer in supplemental packaging. Shortages should be reported to Servomex immediately. All analyzers are shipped with the following: 3. Open the analyzer door, remove any shipping materials, and verify that nothing has come...

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3 CAUTIONS There are a number of warnings and cautions that must be observed to avoid damage to the analyzer as well as insuring the safety of its users. The analyzer must be operated in a manner specified in this manual. Servomex cannot be responsible for direct or consequential damages that result from installing and/or operating the analyzer in a manner not described in this manual. Importantly, the analyzer has been designed for use with inert, non-toxic, noncombustible sample gases only. Servomex cannot be responsible for direct or consequential damages that result from using the...

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Do not set-up or operate this Oxygen Analyzer without a M    complete understanding of the instructions in this manual. Do not M T    connect this Analyzer to a power source until all signal and ^^■^^Aplumbing connections are made. ~    CAUTION MThis analyzer must be operated in a manner consistent with its M T intended use and as specified in this manual.

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DF-130E Single Range Analyzer

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Response Time Responds instantaneously to O2 change. Equilibrium time depends on specific conditions. Typically less than 10 seconds to read 90% of a step change. Accuracy At constant conditions, the greater of +/- 5% of reading or 0.5% of measurement range, but not lower than 0.05% of full analyzer range for three range analyzers. Sample Gas Compatibility Standard Sensor All inert and passive gases including N2, H2, CO, freons, light hydrocarbons, etc. Sensor with Stab-El™ Neutralizes contaminants including acids such as CO2, H2S, Cl2, NOX, SOX, etc. (See page 19 for concentration...

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Figure 1: DF Series Oxygen Analyzer

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5 Analyzer Start-Up Procedure Your analyzer has been thoroughly tested and calibrated however, it is necessary to make proper gas connections and to “charge” the sensor prior to turning the analyzer on. Analyzer start-up requires the following procedures: B. Making Sample Gas Connections C. Making Output Signal Connections D. Powering up the Analyzer CAUTION To avoid damage to your analyzer: • Do not operate without electrolyte M f    • Do not use more than one bottle of E-Lectrolyte Blue • Do not operate without gas flow • Do not operate a trace level analyzer for more than a few minutes...

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5.1 Charging the Sensor For sensors mounted remotely skip directly to the section on Adding Electrolyte on page 13. 5.1.1 Remove the Sensor 1. Open the front door. 2. Turn power off. 3. Disconnect the electrical cable that runs to the sensor. 4. Loosen the two, knurled thumb screws in front of the sensor. 5. Remove the bulkhead nut from the inlet gas connection on the rear of the analyzer. 6. If the analyzer is equipped with the stainless steel outlet tubing option, remove the nut from the outlet bulkhead fitting. 7. Carefully slide the sensor out of the analyzer a few inches. 8. Remove the...

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PULL PUSH Figure 3: Quick Disconnect 5.1.2 Add Electrolyte 1. Un-screw the lid from the sensor. 2. Add the entire contents of one bottle of Hummingbird Brand E-Lectrolyte Blue to the sensor. 3. Replace the lid securely. 5.1.3 Re-install the Sensor 1. Attach the quick disconnect at the top of the flowmeter. (Skip this step if the analyzer is equipped with the stainless steel outlet tubing option.) 2. Carefully slide the sensor into the analyzer. 3. Tighten the thumbscrews. 4. Re-connect the electrical cable to the sensor. 5. Replace the bulkhead nut on the inlet gas connection on the rear of...

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regulator to set the flow rate. NOTE For best results, after putting electrolyte in the sensor, allow the sensor to sit for 60 minutes before starting gas flow. 5.2.1 Gas Connection Connect the gas line to the Vs inch compression fitting marked sample inlet on the rear of the analyzer. Open the door and slowly adjust the flow rate to 1.0 scfh as indicated on the flowmeter using the flow control valve or pressure regulator. Do not control the flow with the valve mounted in the flowmeter on positive pressure installations. If you are using a gas other than nitrogen, you must set the...

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The analog output is proportional to the oxygen reading of the instrument. If you have a Three Range Analyzer the output will be scaled to the “selected” range. The minimum impedance of the load is 10K Ohm. 5.4 Powering Up the Analyzer 1. Verify the analyzer is set to the desired 110 VAC or 220 VAC selection by checking the voltage indication on the rear panel. NOTE: A power cord is not included with analyzers ordered for 220 VAC operation. The power is supplied through a standard IEC 60320 C13 connector. 2. For concentrations below 100 ppm, it is useful to let the analyzer “purge” by...

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