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Gas production, purification and filling

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Our first purification reactors were developed with the american company previously named ENGELHARD now BASF, a noble metal catalysts producer until 2006. In order to meet the increasing global demand of purification units, the company Sertgas industries® was created in 1985 and became Sertronic® in 2001. Our first complete hydrogen production, purification and filling installation was installed in 1988 for a well known french gas company. The installation is still in operation, attesting the reliability of our equipment. Sertronic® offers a complete range of gas purifiers with capacities...

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Thanks to many years of business relationships in various industries, our engineering department takes in charge all kind of projects relating to gas production, purification and filling. Our main domains of expertise include gas purification for industries and research laboratories, hydrogen production by electrolysis and hydrogen fueling stations for mobility through our strong partnership with Nel hydrogen. Cryogenic Hydrogen purifier 700 Nm3/h – 100 Barg Cryogenic Helium purifier 500 Nm3/h – 385 Barg Oxygen purifier 10 Nm3/h – 8 Barg Standardization : we have developed dedicated range...

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H2 Production H2 Purification H2 fueling station SERTRONIC & NEL Complete solutions to fit your needs ALSTOM S SAFRAN Zone Industrielle de Torcy -Batiment 3 - Rue des ebenistes-77200 TORCY - France Phone: +33 1 64 30 48 60 - Fax: +33 1 64 30 48 61 - @:

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