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GAS PRODUCTION Hydrogen generators by electrolysis We can offer you electrolysers from 5 to 500 Nm3/h, at atmospheric and high pressure. SERTRONIC is involved in various projects of development concerning hydrogen infrastructures, specially in the car industry. More than a agent, SERTRONIC company advices you throughout your project. Chemical oxygen generator SERTRONIC has developed with SNPE (National french Society of Explosive Powder) an oxygen generator which works without any external utilities. For a long time, SERTRONIC supplies gas solutions for its customers. This know how permits...

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General documentation - 3 SERTRONIC line gas purifiers units SERTRONIC line gas purifiers have been developed to satisfy the specific requirements of our customers in the most varied industrial sectors. These purifiers obtain a global impurities level from the ppm to 10ppb, depend on the used technology. Purifying capacity can reach several thousand Nm3/h in flowrate, up to 350 barg. SERTRONIC purifiers are completely automated for a continuous production, and built according to the European safety rules (CE97/23, ATEX..). SUBTRONIC line gas purifiers units At the beginning, SUBTRONIC line gas...

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SERTRONIC regenerable gas purifiers Treated gas : H2, O2, N2, He, Ar, Kr, Xe, Ne, Air Removed impurities : O2, H2O Inlet impurities level : 100 ppm Outlet impurities level : 0.4 ppm Max flow rate : 200 Nm3/h Max pressure : 250 barg Life Time : 1 year between two regenerations These purifiers are regenerable in our workshop SUBTRONIC regenerable gas purifiers Treated gas : Nitrogen, argon, rare gases Removed impurities : CO, CO2, O2,H2, CH4 Inlet impurities level : 100 ppm Outlet impurities level : 100 ppt Max flow rate : 250 Nm3/h Max pressure : 250 barg Life Time : 1 year between two...

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General documentation - 5 Industrial gas vaporizers Water bath vaporizers have been designed and realized by SERTRONIC for Air Liquide filling factories. CARBOTRONIC 400 : 400Kg/h - 110 barg CARBOTRONIC 1000 : 1000Kg/h - 300 barg HELIOTRONIC 600 : 600Kg/h - 10 barg PROTRONIC 400 : 400Kg/h - 300 barg Principle : Water bath heater Main domain of use : Gas industry Use : Gas heating or liquid gas vaporizing Heat Exchangers SERTRONIC manufactures different type of heat exchangers on specific demand according to standard DESP CE 97/23 in stainless steel 304L, 316L, 321L : - Tube in tube heat exchanger -...

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Standards : NF EN 13445, DESP CE97/23, ATEX, 94/9/CE, ASME, SQLO Specific development on demand SERTRONIC team deals with all your R&D projects of gas production, gas purification, gas filling and test equipment. Thanks to business relationships in various type of industries (nuclear, gas industry, health...), SERTRONIC has acquired a large know how you can enjoy. ENGINEERING Turn key project : production, compression and purification of H2 filling plant Test equipment 1400 barg for H2 car Project of containerized production of medical O2 Turn key project : H2 production, compression,...

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Pressure vessels Our realisations are developed to satisfy our customer needs. SERTRONIC designes and manufactures pressure vessels according with the different standard : NF EN 13445, DESP CE 97/23, ASME, CODAP. Construction : Stainless steel 304L, 316L, 321L Maximum pressure : 350 barg. Notified body : DEKRA, VERITAS, APAVE, NORISKO. Automatism and instrumentation integration As it’s done on our purifiers, our technical service is able, according to your specification, to integrate in your project a large scope of instrumentation (temperature, pressure, flowrate...). Automatisation and...

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General documentation - 8 MAIN REFERENCES CONTACT US Address : 9 Place Henri MOISSAN 94460 VALENTON - FRANCE Phone and fax numbers : Phone : 00 33 1 45 10 11 40 Fax : 00 33 1 45 10 11 39 Email :

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