V606e series


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V606e series - 1

V6 Series Touch Panels are Designed a Wide Variety of Applications Popular Around the World! Low Cost and Powerful. specialist with over Specifications •Display: STN color LCD •Resolution 320X240 (pixels) Color: 16 colors + blink •Dimensions: 181.8X138.8X44 (mm) Monochrome 8 Hues White Mode Display Specifications • Display: STN monochrome LCD •Resolution 320 X 240 (pixels) •Color: 8 hues + blink •Dimensions: 181.6X138.8X44 O Onboard 128KB SRAM Memory on V606eC20 and V606eM20 models (V606eM10 does not have onboard 128KB SRAM.) Built-in real time clock O D-sub25 serial port interfaces over 100 kinds of PLCs. O MJ serial port interfaces barcode readers, temperature controllers, inverters, etc O Four step brightness adjustment O44.0 mm thickness slim design to fit in the narrowest of spaces

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V606e series - 2

Multifunctional High Luminance Color Specifications •Display: TFT color LCD •Resolution 320X240 (pixels) •Color: 16 colors + blink •Dimensions: 182.5X138.8X57.3 (mm) Cost-effective 5.7 inch Color Display with High Luminance Specifications •Display: STN color LCD •Resolution 320X240 (pixels) •Color: 16 colors + blink •Dimensions: 182.5X138.8X57.3 (mm) High Visibility Blue Monochrome Display Specifications • Display: STN monochrome LCD •Resolution 320X 240 (pixels) •Color: 8 hues + blink* Dimensions: 182.5X138.8X57.3 Clear and User-friendly Display Specifications •Display: STN color LCD...

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V606e series - 3

Superb Connectivity and High User Friendliness System Configuration Screen Data Transfer Memory Manager, Data Logging Screen Data Transfer Link Communication Serial Communication CREC-CP CREC Memory card V6-CP I-"scrap J \{ (CREC is inoperative with V608CH. Use CF card.) (Cables compatible with the PLC) Link unit, multi-vendor PLC 6 MJ1, 2: Screen data transmission: Bar code/ CREC (option) ® Extension memory (option) a Communication interlace unit (option) ® Battery holder (V606eX20 only) This is a cable to connect a V6 and a printer. This memory expansion board increases screen data V-MDD...

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V606e series - 4

Functionality Offer Unprecedented General Specifications Rated voltage Permissble range Permissible momentary power failure_ Ambient temperature Storage ambient Ambient humidity Vibration resistance Shock resistance Noise resistance Installation method Cooling system 85%RH or less (without dew condensation) No corrosive gas or conductive dust Vibration frequency: 10~150Hz,Acceleration:9.8m/s£(1.0G)XY,Z: one hour in three directions Pulse shape: half-sine wave, Peak acceleration :147m/s*(15G),X,Y,z:six times in three directions 1500Vp-p (Pulse width 1/is) 1000Vp-p (Pulse width 1#s) 1500Vp-p...

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