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TCU Air-Cooled

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Air-cooled Temperature Control Unit SENQA Series Provides controlled temperature coolant for secondary coolers Cooling water at a precisely-controlled temperature with ± 1° F (0.5° C) accuracy. A temperature control unit (TCU) provides controlled temperature water (coolant) to a group of secondary sample coolers in order to ensure closely controlled sample temperatures. Self-contained with all necessary controls, pumping and refrigeration systems. Sentry temperature control unit (TCU) systems are pre-designed, pre-piped packages available in sizes from 3 to 15 tons, air or water-cooled. All components are easily accessible for service. Each Sentry TCU system undergoes a factory “run-in” under a range of heat loads. Measurements are taken of critical parameters and recorded for future reference. The air-cooled TCU uses a fan type aircooled condenser to reject heat from the refrigeration cycle. Optional heater for additional warming capacity for subcooled samples. Local display provides quick operational snapshot. Model: SENQA Chilled Water Flowrate gpm (lpm) Std Heating Capacity BTU/hr (kw) Cooling Capacity¹ ¹Cooling capacity based upon 110°F (43°C) ambient air and 76°F (24°C) coolant setpoint, 60 Hz power. ²MCA = Minimum Circuit Ampacity; used for main power wire sizing (not including Aux. Heater). ³Cooling and heating capacity is reduced about 17% for 50 Hz power.

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AIR-COOLED TCU TECHNICAL DATA Size Chilled Water chiller THERMAL CARE Control Power Set Point Autostart Signal Pump Hot Gas Bypass Compressor # 1 Compressor # 2 Display/ Program Electrical Phase Error Low Flow Freezestat Comp Hours Pump Test Pump Hours Reservoir Level Compressor Recycle High Refrig Pressure Alarm Reset Low Refrig Pressure Program Mode Stop FRONT VIEW REAR VIEW SPECIFICATIONS Controller • Hermetically-sealed scroll compressor • Full factory refrigerant charge of HFC‑410A • Copper brazed 316L stainless steel evaporator • Hot gas bypass control valve for temperature control •...

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