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Sentry API Sampling Suite The widest range of solutions for hydrocarbon liquid sampling from the sampling specialists 966 Blue Ribbon Circle North, Oconomowoc, WI 53066 | +1-262-567-7256 | sales@sentry-equip.com | www.sentry-equip.com

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API Sampling Suite - 2

Hydrocarbon liquid sampling solutions The Sentry® ISOLOK® API (anvil piston instrument) automatic sampler suite offers four distinct solutions to optimize sampling accuracy and repeatability for hydrocarbon liquids such as crude oil, condensates, and oil and water mixtures. Representative samples are needed for quality control, to determine product properties and composition, and for fiscal calculations, allocations and loss control. In addition to complying with custody transfer standards such as API 8.2 and ASTM D 4177, the advantages of representative sampling include: n n n Higher...

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API Sampling Suite - 3

Features & benefits Sentry API samplers offer superior performance and a long life, minimizing maintenance, accessories and service time needed. All provide a consistent fixed volume, employ a scotch yoke design, feature next generation seal design - and are easy and less costly to maintain than other solutions. Features include: ■ Standard rate of 20 samples per minute; faster rates available ■ Optional diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating ■ Available in standard 316 stainless steel wetted materials or super duplex steel for superior performance in demanding sediment or hydrogen sulfide...

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API Sampling Suite - 4

Options & accessories In addition to our four Sentry API four sampling solutions, optional hydrocarbon liquid sampling complements Sentry COS sampler controller ■ Easy to use ATEX rated safe area controller ■ Touchscreen interface and simple menu system ■ Quick access to frequently used parameters ■ Choice of operating modes: time proportional or flow proportional; automatic or manual ■ Up to 20 samples per minute standard ■ Analog or pulse flow meter inputs ■ On-display alarm indicators ■ Atmospheric receivers and optional level gauge ■ High accuracy, integral, independent weigh scales for...

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