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HVAC HEATING, VENTILATION & AIRCONDITIONING WHAT’S IN A NAME? A QUICK LOOK AT SENSATA AND ITS ORGANIZATION The name Sensata comes from the Latin sensata, meaning “those gifted with sense”. On average, Sensata manufactures over 16,000 different products and ships over 1 billion units a year under the familiar brand names Klixon®, Airpax®, Dimensions™, Qinex™ and Sensor-NITE. Our devices are used in automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial, military, heavy vehicle, heating, air conditioning, data, telecommunications, recreational vehicle and marine applications. THE SENSATA FAMILY OF...

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isata Technologies ABOUT SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES A BRIEF COMPANY HISTORY Sensata Technologies is a world leader and early innovator in mission-critical sensors and controls. Peopleandproductsthatmakeadi fference. Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. (NYSE: ST), a global industrial technology company, is a leader in the development, manufacture and sale of sensors and controls. We produce a wide range of customized, innovative sensors and controls for mission critical applications such as thermal circuit breakers in aircraft, pressure sensors in automotive systems, and bimetal current and...

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Sensata Technologies HOW OUR BUSINESS IS ORGANIZED Overall, we have two main global business units (Controls and Sensors) and worldwide global operations supported by business and product development centers and sales offices. Sensors Business Unit The Controls business designs and manufactures: • Pressure sensors • Pressure switchesTemperature sensors • Controls • Protectors • Thermostats • Circuit breakers • Switches • Test devices • Battery disconnects for... • Compressors • Appliances • Heating, ventilation and A/C • Industrial and lighting • Cars, boats, work trucks, RVs •...

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Business centers, manufacturing sites, and Sales offices. Business Centers • Belgium: Olen • Brazil: Campinas • Bulgaria:Sofia • China: Shanghai • Germany: Berlin • Japan: Shin-Yokohama • Korea: Pango • The Netherlands: Almelo • United States: Attleboro, MA, Cambridge, MD, Everett, WA, Huntington, IN, Phoenix, AZ, Shakopee, MN, White Bear Lake, MN Manufacturing Sites ^ ^ Bulgaria: Botevgrad China: Baoying, Changzhou, Shanghai • Dominican Republic: Haina • Malaysia:SubangJaya, Selangor • Mexico: Aguascalientes, Mexicali, Matamoros • Poland: Bydgoszcz Sales Offices Throughoutthe world ;•...

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PRESSURE SENSORS PRESSURE SENSORSA wide portfolio of pressure sensors with the configurability and high performance needed for demanding industrial applications. • Ceramic Capacitive (CPT): Highly configurable and best value pressure sensing for low to medium pressure applications * Oil Filled MEMS (OFM): Hermetic and case isolated pressure sensing with best accuracy at extreme temperatures * Microfused Strain Gauge (MSG): High pressure (up to 30,000psi) hermetic pressure sensing

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PRESSURE SENSORS 2CP5 & 2CP50 SERIES HVAC/REFRIGERATION PRESSURE SENSOR DESCRIPTION PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS DIMENSIONAL DRAWINGS The 2CP series is ideal for demanding air conditioning and refrigeration applications where long-term reliability and accuracy is a must. The 2CP series provides proven reliability at a competitive price. Sensata Technologies has been a leading global supplier of pressure sensors and switches for over 50 years. The 2CP has many options, consult the factory to customize a 2CP to meet your application's needs. FEATURES • UL recognizead • Ceramic capacitive...

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PRESSURE SENSORS 112CP SERIES COMBINED PRESSURE & TEMPERATURE SENSOR DESCRIPTION PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS DIMENSIONAL DRAWINGS The 112CP series combined pressure and temperature sensors delivers the benefit of both pressure and instream temperature sensing in a single, robust integrated package. Sensata Technologies has been a leading global supplier of pressure sensors and switches for over 50 years. FEATURES • Pressure and temperature measurement in one package • Fast, in-stream temperature measurement • Precise superheat measurement APPLICATIONS • Air conditioning & refrigeration •...

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PRESSURE SENSORS HVAC/REFRIGERATION PRESSURE SENSOR 81CP52-01, 82CP59-01, 82CP60-01 and 82CP61-01 WORLD CLASS PERFORMANCE The 81/82CP Series is ideal for demanding Air Conditioning and Refrigeration applications where long-term reliability & accuracy is a must. This series provides proven reliability at a competitive price. Sensata Technologies has been a leading global supplier of pressure sensors and switches for over 50 years. Features & Benefits ■ ULfecognired * Ceramic capacitive sensor • Durable, compact design ■ Low cost ■ Accurate performance ever wide temperatures ■ Overvoltage and...

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PRESSURE SENSORS 2HMP SERIES HVAC & REFRIGERATION PRESSURE SENSOR FEATURES APPLICATIONS standard configurations (mm) • Rugged seal ideal for outdoor environments • Industry leading accuracy over bro ad tem peratur e ra nge • Electrical isola tion helps protec:t against electrical shocks or equipment damage • Media isolation prevents abnormal operation during thermal shock • Media an d electrical isolation protects against thermal and electrical shock • Outstanding EMC/ESD perfor mance • Low cost design for OEM applications • MEMS sensing technology • Integrated connector or flying leads •...

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70CP SERIES CERAMIC CAPACITIVE PRESSURE SENSOR 6 to 30 VDC Supply, 4 to 20 mA or Voltage Output PRESSURE SENSORS PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS DIMENSIONAL DRAWINGS (71CP03 & 77CP02) The 70CP series pressure sensors are ideally suited for environmentally demanding OEM industrial applications. This series accommodates a wide range of input voltages (6 to 30 VDC) and provides several output options, including 4 to 20 mA. Housed in stainless steel, plated steel or brass, the 70CP series offers performance and economy. Sensata Technologies has been a leading global supplier of pressure sensors and...

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