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Sensata Technologies INTERCONNECTION BUSINESS A Network of Burn-in Solutions Wireless Communications Reliable, innovative. Versatile.

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Delivering World Class Solutions What Do We Do? Sensata Technologies Interconnection is your partner in developing the solution. Moore’s Law continues to be validated as semiconductor companies drive more function in smaller form factors. The back-end packaging and assembly teams support this drive with the development of new package formats for SIP, stacked die and stacked packages. Suppliers of burn-in sockets are challenged to develop sockets for these new packages with higher I/O. Sensata Technologies Interconnection team eliminates the burn-in socket selection process by partnering...

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It’s All About the Contact Product Features Sensata Technologies Interconnection burn-in sockets are designed for best performance and flexibility to accommodate several sized ICs. Our competitive advantage lies in key burn-in socket elements: Contact Technology > Platform Socket Design > Small Socket Outline Contact Technology: Three primary BGA contact designs have been developed to satisfy customer requirements for reliable electrical and mechanical interconnect. These contacts leave small “witness marks” on the solder ball and do not touch the bottom of the ball. These contacts are...

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FEATURED PRODUCT 1.0 mm AND 0.8 mm BGA BURN-IN SOCKETS Providing customers with solutions, Sensata Technologies Interconnection creates burn-in sockets for the semiconductor electronics industry to ensure the quality and reliability of the packaged device. Our engineers work with customers to provide a burn-in socket which maximizes the customers' burn-in system capacity for the lowest overall cost of ownership. Specific features of a Sensata Technologies socket are described below: In addition to other sockets, Sensata Technologies offers the following small socket outline platforms to...

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Accommodating package sizes from 15x15to4x4 mm, the Sensata Technologies Interconnection burn-in socket portfolio for 0.5 mm and 0.4 mm pitch BGA packages is available in both compression mount and through-hole. FEATURED PRODUCT > Assembled in controlled environment > Available for range of package thicknesses > Through-hole and compression mount > Proven contact > Small socket outline > Interchangeable adapter Buckling Beam Contact Sensata Technologies Interconnection 0.5 mm and 0.4 mm pitch burn-in sockets employ a vertically actuated “compression” style contact that interfaces with...

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•• Sensata Technologies Interconnection Business Global Marketing and Sales Contacts China Cecilia Xue No. 18 Chuangxin Avenue Xinbei District Changzhou, Jiangsu Province China 213031 +86.519.85161119 Europe Teresa Jucha 529 Pleasant St. MS B-51 Attleboro, MA 02703 USA +1.508.236.5238 Europe Andrea Zampieri Viale colleoni 15 20041 Agrate Brianza Milano, Italy +39.039.6568.315 SensataTechnologies Shanghai, Changzhou, Suzhou, China Chinchon S. Korea Tokyo Japan Seoul S. Korea Japan Toyokazu Ezura Sumitomo Fudosan Bldg...

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