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INDUSTRIAL SENSING TECHNOLOGIES The World Depends on Sensors and Controls

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Sensata Technologies: About us. Sensata Technologies provides leaders in the global automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial, and HVAC markets with sensing and protection solutions. Our mission is to improve safety, efficiency, and environmental protection for millions of people. Although Sensata Technologies is headquartered in Attleboro, Massachusetts, our European customers are supported by the best application and quality engineering, sales and customer support team out of Sensata’s European business and technology development center located in the Netherlands. Supply flexibility...

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With more than 30 Sensata sensor and control devices in a typical home, Sensata Technologies is the world's leading supplier of sensors and controls. By listening to our customers, we understand their business. A few of the features that make us our customers' first choice - worldwide: • Our rugged designs and in-house testing facilities ensure consistent quality. • We are customer focused and globally deployed to satisfy your specific needs. • Our Business Centers are close to your markets. • We insist on the highest manufacturing standards -while offering scale benefits. • We comply with...

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Sensata Technologies has already produced over 500 million pressure sensors. PRESSURE Sensors and switches that are as rugged as they are sensitive. Sensata Technologies offers a wide choice of switching and sensing solutions for pressure applications of every kind. Whether you need only one or two switching points for a safety application or whether you prefer to have control over a complete pressure range with more functions, Sensata Technologies carries the right product in its portfolio. By focusing our unparalleled engineering and manufacturing expertise on your needs, we will meet the...

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Sensata Technologies' pressure product portfolio serves many industrial applications - covering all sensing principles from absolute to relative and differential, as well as pressures ranges even over 2500 bar. Sensata's pressure products are essential elements in HVAC/Refrigeration designs - they have become an integral element of control systems designed to provide compressor protection against excessive stress caused by anomalies such as loss of charge. Sensata Klixon® pressure switches are designed to meet the needs in a variety of industrial applications requiring precise repeatable...

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A single hydraulic pump or air compressor can provide power and control for numerous machines or machine functions. Since compressed air systems consume considerable amounts of energy, improvements are being made to increase pressure, flow, reliability and efficiency. Sensata’s pressure sensors support these market trends. Sensata Technologies’ Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Transducer (CPT) with its proven ceramic capacitive technology has been on the market for many years. Key application requirements like high accuracy over wide temperature range, good repeatability, multiple packaging,...

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Sensata Technologies’ Microfused Strain Gauge pressure sensor (MSG) allows for the best control in an industrial system. A piezo-resistive technology has been selected, whereby the strain gauges are glass fused onto a metal membrane and hermetically sealed. The package is designed cost-effectively and allows easy adaptation of the hydraulic and electric interfaces such as small and large port fittings and a wide variety of connectors. The sensing element can easily be adapted for different pressures, and signal conditioning can be Sensors for mobile hydraulics need to offered with various...

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Initially Sensata Technologies manufactured exclusively Klixons ®. TEMPERATURE Technology that heats it up and cools it down. Sensata Technologies’ combined pressure and temperature sensors deliver the benefit of both pressure and in-stream temperature measurement in a single robust package. This integrated solution provides not only high performance and easy single mounting to your system but is also more cost-effective than two discrete sensors. This product combines a ceramic capacitive sensing element with a fast and accurate NTC thermistor. A temperature output capability can be also...

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ACCELERATION Technology that helps products get ahead. Sensata Technologies’ Capacitive Acceleration Sensor (CAS) is a very reliable solid state device. It is backed by years of production experience and designed to measure acceleration or tilt angles. CAS shares its packaging design, its sensing technology and its signal conditioning electronics with the ceramic capacitive pressure transducer, whereas acceleration or tilt changes the capacitance of the capacitive sensing element. CAS is tailored for assembly concepts that employ low-cost, high-quality assembly approaches. The sensor...

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Since 1987 Sensata Technologies has manufactured sensors for multiple automotive applications. MASS AIRFLOW Technology that lets engines breathe easier. Sensata Technologies’ mass airflow sensors are designed for critical measurement applications that require high accuracy of the net mass airflow and a fast response. Thanks to the transducer element’s robust design, contamination caused by dust particles and water droplets can be easily avoided. Superb signal conditioning, combined with cost-effective manufacturing and component sourcing, result in a sensor with an outstanding...

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HUMIDITY AND GAS Technology with a “nose” for success. Sensata Technologies’ air quality and humidity sensors provide advanced sensing solutions for tomorrow’s building automation market. The climate control industry is driven by the need for fast, reliable and affordable sensors for monitoring thermal, gas and humidity levels. These sensors can control the entire atmosphere of a building while creating the highest degree of environmental comfort and safety. Accurate gas detection is what Sensata’s air quality sensor is all about. It contains electrochemical sensing cells that detect...

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