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OTHER SENSATA CATALOGS THAT MAY INTEREST YOU: Klixon™ Thermal Circuit Breakers Literature PN 2455009001 Klixon™ Aircraft Circuit Breakers Literature PN 2455009002 Klixon™ Precision Products Literature PN 2455009004 Important Notice: Sensata Technologies reserves the right to make changes to, or to discontinue, any product or service identified in this publication without notice. Before placing orders, users should obtain the latest version of the relevant information to verify that the information being relied upon is current. Sensata Technologies assumes no responsibility for customers’ product designs or applications. Users must determine the suitability of the Sensata device described in this publication for their application, including the level of reliability required. Many factors beyond Sensata’s control can affect the use and performance of a Sensata product in a particular application, including the conditions under which the product is used and the time and environmental conditions in which the product is expected to perform. As these factors are uniquely within the user’s knowledge and control, it is essential that the user evaluate the Sensata product to determine whether it is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for the user’s application. Sensata Technologies products are sold subject to Sensata’s Terms and Conditions of Sale which can be found at: AIRPAX ™ POWER PROTECTION CATALOG ©2013 Sensata Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Literature # 2455005000, printed in the USA, April 2013. Sensata Technologies Inc. 529 Pleasant Street Attleboro, MA 02703, USA Phone: +1 508-236-3287

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* Consult factory on conditions for approval acceptability * Consult factory on conditions for approval acceptability LEGA Series • Sub-miniature bimetal thermostat • 8-PIN DIP package configuration • Snap-acting trip mechanism increases operational life • Sub-miniature bimetal thermostat • TO-220 package configuration • Snap-acting trip mechanism increases operational life • VDE approved “P” version • 1U (1RU) hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker • Low-profile design • Auxiliary switch options available for alarm signaling • Compact magnetic-hydraulic circuit protector • Aesthetically...

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* Consult factory on conditions for approval acceptability Sensata Technologies Maximum load bus rating per position is 100 amps, 125VDC Modular Distribution System provides unprecedented flexibility “Hot Plug" modules allow for equipment expansion without power shutdown Unique alarm conductors simplify signal wiring Modular load terminals available with front or rear access GFCI sensing module designed to operate in tandem with the LEL series circuit breaker with a shunt voltage trip and auxiliary switch Manufactured by North Shore Safety, Ltd., a leader in innovative safety...

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Guide to Power Protection Guide to Power Protection

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Choice of Circuit Protection • 2 How Magnetic Circuit Breakers Work • 18 How to use Airpax™ Magnetic Circuit Breakers • 22 Designing for the International Market • 25 IEC Classes of Electrical Equipment • 28 Classes of Insulation • 29 Combinations • 30

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CHOICE OF CIRCUIT PROTECTION SENSATA'S PHILOSOPHY OF PROTECTION AVAILABLE CHOICES OF PROTECTION Typically, four principal options are available to the electrical engineer specifying protection devices. Fuses, still the most used device, operate by melting a shaped metal link. There are many types of ingenious thermal mechanical circuit breaker devices where a piece of metal is warped by heating to trigger a release mechanism. Also available are electronic breakers. Example: Devices with silicon controlled rectifiers in their output, which will open on the next zero crossover on alternating...

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When a fuse operates, the current of melting and the current of circuit interruption may vary greatly. Fuse-clip size and condition, and the size of the conductor attached to it can have a considerable influence on fuse performance. (Figure 1 shows effect of ambient temperature on fuse performance.) In addition, corrosion of fuse and connecting clip causes fuse heating problems. Silver-link semiconductor fuses are fast-blow devices designed to protect SCR’s and power diodes from the damaging effects of heavy short circuits, reversed polarity and the like. When semiconductors are subjected...

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Thermal circuit breakers function to protect the power wiring, and the power grid behind it, from the mistakes of the power user. As such, they do a good job. A high quality thermal circuit breaker, from sources such as Sensata Technologies and others, will open a 10,000 ampere fault at 250 volts AC in about 40 or 50 milliseconds. It probably will even do this more than once. In contrast, a magnetic breaker will open a similar fault in about 10 milliseconds, and also probably more than once. Thermal circuit breakers are dependent upon temperature rise in the sensing element for actuation....

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MAGNETIC CIRCUIT BREAKERS A magnetic circuit breaker, sealed or nonsealed, provides manual switching, opens automatically under overload conditions and carries fullrated current. Sealed circuit breakers, which have an advantage in that they are less affected by adverse environments, typically are made only in ratings below 20 amperes. Nonsealed circuit breakers provide for higher power requirements, but most are restricted as to environment. The magnetic time-delay circuit breaker operates on the solenoid principle where a movable core held with a spring, in a tube, and damped with a fluid,...

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Guide to Power Protection 1000 PERCENT RATED RATED CURRENT PERCENT CURRENT SLOWEST TRIP Coil current within rating. Coil current above rating, moderate overload. FASTEST TRIP Fig.7 (a) hermal breaker T characteristics. TRIP TIME IN SECONDS 1.0 TRIP TIME IN SECONDS Moderate overload, armature operates after delay. CURRENT IN AMPERES CURRENT IN AMPERES 14 GAGE 18 GAGE 14 GAGE Current far above rating, armature trips without delay. 1.0 10 100 TRIP TIME IN SECONDS 1.0 10 100 TRIP TIME IN SECONDS (b) ime current limits for T copper wire. Fig. 9 Mechanical time delay used in Airpax magnetic...

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