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Chemist 900 - Industrial emissions analyser MADE IN ITALY

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EMISSIONS INDUSTRIAL ANALYZERS Industrial Analyser for Emissions The Chemist 900 industrial analyser can measure and store values of gaseous emissions during the operation of industrial machinery and it can also calculate combustion efficiency . MAIN APPLICATIONS Industrial gas and diesel motors Marine motors Cogeneration groups Industrial Gas Turbines Industrial Burners Emissions measurement of combustion gases post-treatment Industrial glass, ceramic and cement furnaces Furnaces for thermal treatment of metal Chemical and Pharmaceutical process industry Industrial analysis laboratories...

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CHARACTERISTICS AND PERFORMANCE ■■ Measurement of up to 12 gaseous emissions simultaneously. ■■ 9 gases measured with individual sensors: electrochemical, pellistor, NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra Red), FLEX series, identical to those used in the hand held Chemist 500 analysers. ■■ Pre-calibrated FLEX-type gas measurement sensors which can be replaced in the field by the user. ■■ 3 gases (CO, CO2 and CH4) measured simultaneously with NDIR bench and dedicated anti dust filter. The NDIR bench ensures maximum measurement accuracy for the 3 gases, because there is no interference from other gases,...

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EMISSIONS INDUSTRIAL ANALYZERS Command Panel CONNECTOR PANEL Mains power Electrical power supply indicator Connector for gas heated probe Battery charging indicator 7-pole DIN connector for sensor with heated head Auxiliary temperature connector TcK female connector for flue gas temperature sensor TcK female connector for combustion / external air temperature sensor Auxiliary sensor connector Flue gas input connector Pressure connector IN positive Clean air input (zero air) Pressure connector IN negative

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KEYBOARD / PRINTER PANEL 4.3” TFT colour backlit LCD display (480×272 pixels) Thermal printer (for indelible printing) Handle for extracting tools from case Check Firmware Update LED Polycarbonate keyboard with touch buttons Configuration Menu Measurements Menu Print Menu Memory Menu Confirm Data Exit screen Type B USB connector for connection to PC with Win 7 or higher Integrated Bluetooth Select and Modify SmartFlue Mobile New Android App to monitor and save analyses and send via e-mail with smartphones and tablets. Available on the Google Play Store. Function activation Analysis menu

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EMISSIONS INDUSTRIAL ANALYZERS Composition: central unit and gas sampling system The Chemist 900 industrial analyser is made up of two parts: ■■ the central unit ■■ the gas sampling system Central Unit Version Anti condensation cyclone cooler with Peltier cell Anti condensation trap N.B. A gas sampling probe with heated head and tube, powered by mains electricity, must always be installed together with the Chemist 902 central unit. GAS SAMPLING SYSTEMS ■■ Passive Type: utilises sensors with different tip lengths and fittings, made of different materials, with flexible tube connection to the...

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Chemist 900 Models CHEMIST 901 ■■ Pneumatic circuit to connect from 1 to 9 FLEX series gas measurement sensors: electrochemical, pellistor, NDIR; the sensors are the same type used in the Chemist 500 portable analysers. They are pre-calibrated and can be field replaced by the user. ■■ Sampling suction pump. ■■ Shut off solenoid valve to perform auto zero cycle with gas and preassure sampling probes present in the stack. ■■ Second dilution pump for CO cell extends measurement field up to 100,000 ppm. ■■ Two external anti-dust filters connected in series with anti-shock protection. ■■...

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EMISSIONS INDUSTRIAL ANALYZERS Chemist 900 with passive gas sampling probe and air temperature sensor Chemist 900 with active heated gas sampling probe

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Gas sampling systems PASSIVE GAS SAMPLING PROBES Cod Sensor Hose length Maximum operating temperature ACTIVE GAS SAMPLING PROBES Cod Sensor Heated head gas sampling Electro-heated flex tube Carry case N.B. The expansion case storing the heated sensor can be connected to the housing of the Chemist 900 analyser. (The tip of the 1000mm version cannot be inserted in the case because of its length) Connection Expansion case for storing the heated senso

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EMISSIONS INDUSTRIAL ANALYZERS Measurement ranges and accuracies MEASUREMENT MEASUREMENT RESOLUTION RANGE with dilution CO Low range with H2 compensation with dilution ±100 ppm 0 .. 2000 ppm ±5% measured value 2001 .. 4000 pp m ±10% measured value 4001 .. 20000 ppm with dilution Sensor Pellistor NDIR sensor NDIR bench NDIR bench NDIR bench

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MEASUREMENT RESOLUTION RANGE Auxiliary sensor temperature Pressure (draught and differential) Sensor Piezo electric Differential temperature Stack heat loss Efficiency (condensation) Smoke index External instrument Note: *: The NDIR bench always measures the 3 gases CO, CO2 and CH

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EMISSIONS INDUSTRIAL ANALYZERS Technical Features Power: Battery charge: Recharging time: Instrument battery life: 100 .. 240V~ or Li-ion battery pack with internal protection circuit, rechargeable With mains cable with IEC C14 socket. 8 hours for recharging from 0% to 90%. 10 hours of continuous operation (except printing and Peltier module group). 2 hours with Cooler active. 4.3" 480×272 pixel backlit TFT graphical colour display. Connectivity Communication port: Bluetooth: TYPE B USB connector. Communication distance: <100 metres (open field). Autozero: Dilution: Automatic autozero cycle...

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Carbon black: Tightness test (where required): Condensing boiler efficiency : Ambient gases: Draught test: Working temperature: Storage temperature: Humidity limit: Protection level: External dimensions: Weight: Using a manual external pump; the smoke index can be input and printed. Gas piping tightness test with separate receipt printing, using AAKT04 accessory, subject to UNI 7129 (new installations) and UNI 11137: 2012 (existing installations), with automatic calculation of the piping volume. Automatic detection of the condensing boiler, with calculation and printing of the boiler...

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