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Chemist 500 Be Green

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Innovation Technology USE AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL Respect your environment: think before printing the full manual on paper

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SEITRON S.p.A. a socio unico - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Total or partial reproduction of this document by any means (including photocopying or storage on any electronic medium) and transmittal of same to third parties in any manner, even electronically, is strictly prohibited unless explicitly authorised in writing by SEITRON S.p.A. a socio unico

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Oseitron Innovation Technology TABLE OF CONTENTS1.0 IMPORTANT INFORMATION07 1.1    Information about this manual07 2.4    Precautions for the usage of the Li-Ion battery package08 4.1 General Description of the Combustion Analyzer10 4.2 General Characteristics of the Combustion AnalyzerIQ 4.3 Overview of Flue Gas Analyzer Components13 4.3.5 Serial connector (Mini Din 8 poli)15 4.3.6 Pneumatic connector inputs / TC-K15 7.3.2 Use with external power pack20 9.1.3 Simultaneous measurement of pressure, O?, pollutants23 9.2 Flue gas analysis - Preliminary operations25 9.3    Performing...

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Oseitron Innovation Technology

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 12.3.1 Print=>Printer=>Pairing 12.4 Print=>Printer 12.5 Print=>Header 12.6 Print=>Measures list 100 13.1 Measurements Menu 100 13.2 Measurements=>Draft 102 13.3 Measurements=>Smoke 103 13.4 Measurements=>Ambient CO 104 13.5 Measurements=>Temperature 105 13.6 Measurements=>Pressure 106 13.7 Measurements=>Tightness test 107 12.7.1 Connecting tightness test kit to the instrument 108 13.8 Measurements=>Tightness test=>New piping (UNI 7129) 109 13.8.1 Configuration of tightness test according to UNI 7129 112 13.8.2 Performing tightness test according to UNI 7129 116 13.9...

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Oseitron Innovation Technology 16.1 Troubleshooting guide163 17.0 SPARE PARTS AND SERVICING165 ANNEX A - Data management with “SAMRTFLUE LITE MOBILE” APP168 ANNEX B - Total example analysis report170 ANNEX C - Coefficients of fuels and formulas174 ANNEX D - Normative references175 ANNEX E - Optional measurements list178 ANNEX F - Declaration of conformity181 WARRANTY CERTIFICATE183

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION 1.1 Information about this manual  This manual describes the operation and the characteristics and the maintenance of the Combustion Analyzer CHEMIST 500 BE GREEN.  Read this operation and maintenance manual before using the device. The operator must be familiar with the manual and follow the instructions carefully.  This use and maintenance manual is subject to change due to technical improvements - the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any mistakes or misprints. 1.2 Danger levels and other symbols The magnets in the back of the instrument can damage...

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O seitron Innovation Technology 2.0 SAFETY 2.1 Safety check • Use the product according to what is described in chapter “Intended purpose”. • During the instrument operation, comply with the current standards. • Do not use the instrument if damaged on the outer cover, on the power supply plug or on the cables. • Do not take measures on non-isolated components / voltage conductors. • Keep the instrument away from solvents. • For the maintenance of the instrument, strictly comply with what’s described in this manual at the “Maintenance” chapter. • All the interventions not specified in this...

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Oseitron Innovation Technology 3.0 WORKING PRINCIPLE 3.1 Working principle The gas sample is taken in through the gas probe, by a diaphragm suction pump inside the instrument. The measuring probe has a sliding cone that allows the probe to be inserted in holes with a diameter of 11 mm to 16 mm and to adjust the immersion depth: the gas picking point must be roughly in the centre of the flue section. The sample gas to be analysed shall reach the measurement cells after being properly dehumidified and purified from the residual combustion products. To this purpose, a condensate trap is used,...

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4.0 DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT 4.1 General Description of the Combustion Analyser The design of the handheld combustion analyser "CHEMIST 500 BE GREEN" is clean and ergonomic with an extremely clear and user-friendly keypad. "CHEMIST 500 BE GREEN" immediately suggests just how even the most sophisticated engineering can give life to an incredibly comfortable and easy to use work instrument. Devised to analyse flue gases, monitor the pollutants emitted and measure environmental parameters, "CHEMIST 500 500 BE GREEN" uses two electrochemical cells that provide the oxygen and carbon monoxide...

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Simultaneous measurement of pressures, O2, pollutants The instrument, to obtain boiler’s perfect combustion parameters, allows to measure simultaneously the input and output pressure of the gas valve, the level of O2, the levels of pollutants and all the calculated parameters needed to obtain the correct value of yield. See section 13.1.3. Measurement cells The instrument uses precalibrated gas sensors of the long-lasting FLEX-Sensor series for measuring oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide CO (compensated in hydrogen H2), nitrogen oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulphur dioxide (SO2). An...

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acquisition and analysis operations, with remarkable advantages for many applications. Available Software and applications SmartFlue PC Software is provided with the instrument or downloadable from the web site web, with the following features: • Displays the label data of the instrument. • Configures the instrument. • Remotely displays the real-time analysis coming from the portable analyzer and to save the acquired data. • Displays and/or exports (in csv format, which can be opened with excel, and/or pdf) or delete the stored analyses. SmartFlue Mobile This APP for devices...

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