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INDEX GROUNDWATER Water Level, Quality, Sampling & Telemetry SURFACE WATER Water Level, Quality, Flow & Telemetry Mobile Monitoring Devices: Stationary Sensors & Monitoring Systems:

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GROUNDWATER Water Level, Quality, Sampling & Telemetry 1 Mobile Monitoring Devices Electric Contact Meter - KLL, KLL-T, KLL-Mini, TLG -- KLL-Light -Water Quality Dipper - KLL-Q-2 -Flow Fluid Logging - KLL-M1, KLL-Q-M1 -Groundwater Sampling System

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HYDROMETRIE Electric Contact Meters Type KLL / KLL-T / KLL-Mini and TLG Easy groundwater level and temperature measurement • Measuring of water level and total depth for groundwater • Quick and digitale temperature indication (LC-Display) • Optical and acoustical signal when probe touches water level • Low power consumption

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Water level measurement Ground water sampling KLL with electrical drive Contact Meter Type KLL Principle of function The SEBA-Electric Contact Meter type KLL is a portable, reliable instrument for measuring the water level and total depth in boreholes, wells, reservoirs etc. For the measurement the probe is lowered to the water level. When touching the level, a sensor effects the illumination of a signal lamp. On request, an additional acoustic signal will be released by a buzzer. The depth is shown on the cable in metres and centimetres. If the measurement of water level and total depth is...

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Power in the pocket: small, light, easy to handle and precise With the KLL-Mini a full contact-meter in pocket-format has been developed. In quality regards it's equivalent to the existing KLL-family. Generally it is equipped with optical and acoustic signal, which enables the exact measurement of the water level. The two 1.5 V batteries are sufficient for approx. 250 measurements. For convenient transport and safe storage a protection bag is available, made of textile with zip, carrying strap and belt loop. Cable: 2-core flat cable, polyethylene with V2A- leads, black cm-division with...

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KLL-Light Electric Contact Meter For Measurement of the Groundwater level • Affordable, portable hand-held device for determining the current water level to a depth of 200 meters • Optical and acoustic signal on contact with water • LED battery status indicator • Robust support frame with a handle made of polycarbonate

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Product description and operation mode The new SEBA-Electric Contact Meter type KLL-Light is a portable, reliable instrument for measuring water level and total depth in boreholes, wells, reservoirs etc. It especially stands out for its fast and reliable data logging. The cable drum of the KLL-Light is made of lightweight, shock resistant polycarbonate, which is perfectly suited for field use due to its solidity. The corrosion resistant probe is connected via an anticorrosive polyethylene cable with two steel cores to the battery-powered signal unit in the cable drum. The KLL-Light Electric...

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Water Quality Dipper Type KLL-Q-2 Multifunctional Water Quality Measurements in Groundwater or Lakes • Mobile field laboratory with electric cable contact gauge for measuring the water level, temperature and other water quality parameters (e.g. oxygen, pH, conductivity, redox potential, turbidity) in groundwater and surface waters SEBA Plug-in System for coupling with SEBA multiparameter sondes of the MPS-D3/D8/K16 Printed tubular cable with cm/dm/m-scaling, available from 30 m to max. 400 m in length 3-line backlit LCD display Integrated logger for manual and / or automatic storage of...

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Quality Measurements with KLL-Q-2 The SEBA-KLL, type KLL-Q-2 is a unique mobile field laboratory for measurements of water quality at groundwater or surface water measuring sites. Suitable for 50mm (2") diameter wells. The instrument has an extremely compact design, easy operation with fast and precise acquisition of many water quality para meters. The current measured values are clearly displayed. Optionally, the instrument can be equipped with an integrated data logger with a storage capacity of up to 1,120,000 values for an automatic or manual data recording. By default, the KLL-Q-2 is...

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Connection: SEBA-plug system (stainless steel) for multiparameter probe of the MPS-D3/D8/K16 type

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Parameter: Measuring ranges: Total suspendid approx. 5 fold measuring range Temperatur: 0...50 °C Pressure: 0...100 bar with wiper 0...200 bar without wiper For further information on Multiparameter Sensors please see separate brochure on Water Quality Monitoring. The right is reserved to change or amend the foregoing technical specification without prior notice. Contact: SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co. KG • GewerbestraGe 61 A • 87600 Kaufbeuren • Germany Telefon: +49 (0) 8341 96 48 - 0 • E-Mail: • Web: www.seba

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Flow Fluid Measuring Systems type KLL-M1 and KLL-Q-M1 for vertical measuring of flow velocity and water quality • Flow velocity • Water level • Temperature • Conductivity - Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - Salinity - Density

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Field Test KLL-Q-M1flow measurements in boreholes & water quality logging Flow Fluid Logging with KLL-Q-M1 The SEBA flow/fluid-logging system has been designed to measure the vertical distribution of groundwater in flow from the tapped aquifer into the well. In addition it is possible to record depth dependent relevant groundwater quality parameters such as electrical conductivity, groundwater temperature (and others). The system can be implemented for two different procedures: a static- and dynamic-log. For a static log, the unit is lowered into the well to automatically record a...

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Groundwater Monitoring Technical data Data Logger Function: Electronic System: internal power supply: 8 V (4 x 2 V Lead gel akku), external char ger, power consumption in power-down Mode: 140 pA, Flash-Controller M16C 16-Bit with integrated Watch-dog, IC-Clock, serial Flash-Memory with 16 MB (approx. 1,120,000 measuring values), channels: maximal 32

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The SEBA Borehole flowmeter type KLL- M1 serves for determination of the current velocities e.g. in boreholes (starting from 4" to 12" diameter). Special advantages: • universal application • low starting speed • frictionless contact transmission • non-corrosive materials • unit composed system Description: A complete equipment comprises the electrical current meter type KLL, the current meter M1 as well as the signal counter Z6 for indication of the measured values. Propellers and measuring ranges: Determination of the current velocity propeller- propeller- Vmax. start- diameter pitch...

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