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Configuration Test & Recall Method Libraries Fig. 1. Introduction screen and launch page for Horizon. Help Desk Reference Center What would you like to do? Tinius Olsen Horizon Software Tinius Olsen is proud to introduce you to the next evolution of testing software with our Horizon package. As part of our development process, we have taken the best features of our existing software offerings, including Test Navigator, QMat, and EP600 software, added a host of report writing and data manipulation capabilities and in the process, created a new, unparalleled testing platform that...

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If your testing regimen follows a quality control analysis to a variety of international standards, then going to the Test Method Library is, most likely, the first place you want to visit; here you can select your desired test method that we have written in accordance with different international test standards. So, for example, if you need to test for the melt flow index of incoming resin, to ASTM D1238 procedure B, simply select that routine from the list in the library. Similarly, if you need to determine the pipe crush strength in accordance with EN802, or the tensile strength of steel...

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Notable Features of Tabbed Test and Recall Area • Examine test results from previous tests while performing live tests. • Ability to test multiple machines and machine types. • Multiple graph types can be used for each test. i*1ih fiJwjrT Iw* Ttmfaiuraton Ltea The next feature you may notice is that Horizon can perform multiple tests at one time, controlling and gathering test data from multiple machines (provided your pc has the necessary hardware to control multiple machines). This is true whether you’re controlling and gathering data from multiple melt indexers, hydraulic tensile...

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Up to three different graphs can be produced per test, using different measurement axes. Once all the data has been gathered, Horizon can consolidate it into reports that you can customize to your, or your customer’s, individual needs. The output editor allows unprecedented formatting of your data. You can select what live data can be shown during the test; the acceptable limits of the results; the graphical representation of the test -in multiple formats; the layout of the report including the use of your, or your customer’s, logo on the report; and also if you need the resultant data...

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■SF o at biobyttenv bwttdtv in the 7&aJfe2r, Tbs nW Open a burton to the rgiir of the row of < went tabi button H !l» martnno re conrwcfaaci th» •ppifrtwr.re-J iwnhln ■ a M maOunr j«bw«l till Atfk2. II Ch2 button. C2 Wave ttvaCooITgurMionisecDen orf The apfftci&M and when utM if you would Uce CO IAMC cuct Fig. 11. Statistical options on selected results. I button. Or, !3.• rh2 CcnfiguaBhon section

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Horizon is one of the most technologically advanced testing software suites, but throughout the design process two key criteria of value and simplicity were maintained. If at any time you have questions on the operation of the software or how to make different reports, the program has built-in tutorials, on-line help, and Tinius Olsen Help Desk access. 3 Testing Concrete Dedicated to the subject of testing in the civil engineering and construction field. . Testing Metal f Explains different methodologies for metalwork testing. Testing Plastics Covers different ' ■ methodologies for plastics...

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o 2 GHz Pentium Dual Core or better o 8 GB RAM o Using multiple testing machines may require additional memory and/ or a faster processor o 32-bit systems are limited to a maximum of 4GB of which only 3.25GB is available due to system overheads o 512 MB DirectX 10.0 capable video card or better o 40 GB of available hard disk space o RS232 Serial Port o 1 integrated serial port (not USB) where possible per testing machine o If RS232 Serial Port unavailable, then 1 USB Serial Port with RS232/USB adapter is required (per machine) o USB Port o 1 USB Port for use with the software key o...

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