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MAK 4 Evolution The MAK 4 Evolution and the MAK 4 Evolution UD are our solutions for complex tasks involving industrial sheet metal forming – powerful, precise, and extremely efcient. The new Evolution series combines the Schröder group of companies‘ many years of experience in the area of folding with pioneering innovations: precise linear drive, graphical programming, and an automatic tool changer. The type MAK 4 Evolution UD enables you to work more productively thanks to „up-and-down“ technology. All of this opens up new opportunities to your company for processing sheet metal – for...

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Working lengths Width with U shape 1,700 mm Width with U shape Machine height Basic machine weight Clamping beam Geometry Stroke Drive power Speed Clamping force Folding beam Drive power Speed Folding beam adjustment Folding centre adjustment Efciency in detail: exible back stop and operating panel Worry-free equipping: automatic tool changer Error-free and extremely fast: Just one click on the controls, and the fully automatic tool changer converts the clamping and folding beams for the next order in just a few seconds. This option effectively allows you to reduce preparation times for...

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MAK 4 Evolution UD - 4

Every rotating unit of the tool changer features three gripping arms. The right tool is the key to success: If required, we can add customer-specic developments to the wide range of tools we offer. Equip quickly and safely We have the remedy for long tool changing and machine downtimes: our fully automatic tool changer The MAK 4 Evolution may be equipped with a fully automatic tool changer. In just a few seconds, the clamping beam (and optionally the folding beam) can be equipped with tools. Two rotating units operated via highly precise linear drives remove the tools from the magazine...

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MAK 4 Evolution UD - 5

Variable tools for any requirement Drives, tools, stops... Quality is present right down to the details. The tools and options open up even more possibilities to you Special accessories - Motorized crowning device, central adjustment - Z-axis drive Speed Optimizer (up to 120 mm/s axis speed) - Tool cart for blades, rails and segmented tools The right tools and accessories for any requirement The MAK 4 Evolution was conceptualized by our engineers as a exible platform that you are able to expand into your individual solution using tools, options, and accessories. The extensive equipment...

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MAK 4 Evolution UD - 6

Programming top performance Visualize quality: POS 3000 3D graphical controls with simulation Numerous possibilities: “up-and-down” technology and large opening heights create new possibilities. POS 3000 3D graphical controls: see the results with your own eyes, from the rst steps up until the simulation Only the correct software makes hardware into a exible, easy to operate solution. With their POS 3000 3D graphical controls, sheet metal folding specialist Schröder has developed one of the most powerful controls on the market, and because both the hard and software come from a single...

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MAK 4 Evolution UD - 7

Clever: Front stop feature via retracting ngers in the clamping beam tool Highlights 3D graphical controls including a schematic depiction of the machine, tool, and work pieces Special feature: Program graphically with the POS 3000. The machine, tool, and work piece are all clearly displayed. Since ultimately, we know that: operating staff and preparation employees have a better eye for products and not for IT programming lines. That‘s why your employees bend visually beforehand on the screen and check the result in the 3D bending simulator, which means they can be sure that the sheet metal...

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MAK 4 Evolution UD - 8

Schröder Group The Schröder Group consists of Hans Schröder Maschinenbau GmbH, which is located in Wessobrunn, Germany, and SCHRÖDER-FASTI Technologie GmbH, which is located in Wermelskirchen, Germany. Founded in 1949, Hans Schröder Maschinenbau GmbH unies traditional and modern approaches in machine building: Successfully managed as a quality and customer-oriented, family-owned company, Hans Schröder Maschinenbau is specialized in the development of modern machine concepts for bending and cutting sheet metal. All information provided as a guide only and subject to change at all times....

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