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Schröder Group The Schröder Group consists of Hans Schröder Maschinenbau GmbH, which is located in Wessobrunn, Germany, and SCHRÖDER-FASTI Technologie GmbH, which is located in Wermelskirchen, Germany. Founded in 1949, Hans Schröder Maschinenbau GmbH unifies traditional and modern approaches in machine building: Successfully managed as a quality and customer-oriented, family-owned company, Hans Schröder Maschinenbau is specialized in the development of modern machine concepts for bending and cutting sheet metal. The successful integration of the Fasti Company in 2006 and its worldwide presence make the Schröder Group one of today‘s leading providers of machines for bending, cutting, beading, flanging, and circular bending all types of sheet metal. The company‘s precision machines range from proven solutions for craftsmen to innovative, high-performance machines for automatic industrial production processes. Overall, the Schröder Group currently employs more than 230 people at various locations at home and abroad. All information provided as a guide only and subject to change at all times. HSM 170927EN SWAGING MACHINES Schröder-Fasti Technologie GmbH Elbringhausen 1 | 42929 Wermelskirchen | Germany T +49 2196 96-0 | F +49 2196 96-90 E info@schroedergroup.eu www.schroedergroup

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S Swaging wheels V Wiring wheels Universal set for wheels Swaging machine 416 - with manual adjustment of upper roll and three alternative motor drives. Swaging machine 417 - with hydraulic adjustment of upper roll and three alternative motor drives. Technical data * Only valid for machine type 417 Schroder-Fasti-wheels are precision turned parts of our own production in hardened steel. The dimensions and the center distance between wheels are in accordance with DIN 55211. We advise on the selection of the right wheels whether these are existing standard types or special developments to...

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