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Technical data, main dimensions Rated outputs at UN=3 - 6,6 kV (Basic design) s To relevant standards: IEC, VDE, DIN, ISO, EN s Degree of protection IP55, cooling IC411 s Type of protection Exe to EN 60079-7 Rated output in kW s Rated voltages from 2 to 11 kV s Rated frequency 50 or 60 Hz s Number of poles 2p=2 to 8 (higher number of poles on request) s Construction IMB3 and IMV1 (others on request) Higher outputs on request Main dimensions at: 6kV, IMB3, Anti-friction bearings Dimensions in mm Frame Size 2p=2 with sleeve bearings only

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Frame and corrosion protection Frame Frame and endshields are made of cast iron. Motor feet are cast on. For each shaft centre height only one frame length is used. To ensure optimum use of material, the finite element method was used for the design. The frame design ensures the highest possible strength, torsional rigidity, and vibrostability. Segmental ribs and asymmetric arrangement of the terminal box make for a larger heat-radiating frame surface. In addition, cooling ribs are arranged on the frame inside around the endwindings. Main and auxiliary terminal boxes are arranged on the...

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Anti-friction bearings Our motors in basic design are fitted with Series 3 (medium) antifriction bearings. Exception: 2-pole frame 500 motors are always fitted with sleeve bearings. IMB3 motors in basic design are provided at the D-end with a grooved ball bearing (locating) and at the N-end with a pre-loaded grooved ball bearing (non-locating). Space for spent grease For particularly high radial loads, all motors are provided with a cylindrical roller bearing at the D-end. Felt rings For lubrication, lythium-soap grease is used. All motors are fitted with standard lubricators M10x1. Outer...

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This is characterised by the shape of the fan, the fan cowl, and the arrangement of the ribs, all combining to provide an optimum flow of cooling air. The uni-directional external fan is arranged at the Nend and is protected by a sheet-steel fan cowl. For internal cooling of core and endwindings, vanes are provided on the short-circuiting rings. In view of ever more stringent regulations concerning protection of the environment and safety at work, the noise reduction of electrical machines is of particular importance. The ventilation system ensures a uniformly low temperature level in the...

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V-CELASTIK®-VPI winding insulation Developments in the field of insulation led in the 80’s to the introduction of the V-Celastik® insulating system. This is a system using the VPI technique which also corresponds to Class F. VPI means that the complete stator (core and windings) is impregnated with artificial resin in a vacuum/pressure process. The result is a winding with excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical properties. The constantly high quality of the high-voltage insulation is ensured by the latest in manufacturing equipment. Wound stator prior to impregnation Impulse withstand...

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Active part Squirrel-cage rotor In the basic design, the deep-bar squirrel-cage winding consists of copper bars, brazed to shortcircuiting rings. Depending on rotor stresses, either butt or grooved bar-to-ring joints are used. The comparatively low resistance of the copper winding results in low current/heat losses and, consequently, in high efficiencies. The copper bars are driven into the core slots and peened to ensure absolutely positive seating. This prevents any movement of the cage winding and makes for optimum heat transfer, essential for long acceleration or locked-rotor times. For...

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Terminals and Terminal boxes Operator protection Terminal boxes have a high short-circuit strength (terminals) and are highly short-circuit-proof (shatterproof). In the event of a fault, the internal pressure is vented in one direction only. Injuries due to flying debris are prevented. These properties have been verified in a neutral test laboratory in numerous internal fault tests on an infinite bus. Electrical and mechanical design Pressure relief joint Ample dimensions of the terminal boxes make for simple and safe connection of the supply cables. For the connection, either cable lugs...

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